Written by tinkerbell6469

10 Oct 2012

My hubs had started a new job and seemed to be working away alot onsite while having to prove himself at the small engineering company he worked at.My hubs told me some stories about what some of the guys there got up to, he said the foreman Jason and a machine operator Ossie (Oz) were in their 20s & devils for the women. He told me that Jason had screwed highly polished stainless steel panels onto the inside of his passenger car door and also on the passenger glovebox.

I asked why he said well when a girl got in or out of his car he gets a view right up her skirt, i laughed, but told hubs what a good idea tho ! The weeks passed and hubs came home to tell me that 2 weeks time on a saturday there was a meal at a pub near us to celebrate 10 years of the company being in business.

Hubs said we could do with a night out with all the times away i have had, i went out that weekend to buy some undies and shoes for the meal , when on the Wednesday before the meal night hubs told me he had to fly out to Ireland for 6 days to complete a job so he would miss the meal. I said ok , but he said you can go it sounds like it will be a good night.

I wasnt sure but on the Friday night i got a call from Oz who asked if i was going to the meal by the end of the call he had made my mind up for mr and told me he and Jason would come round and pick me up at 7.00 pm. On the Saturday i washed my hair had a bath in readiness but could not decide what to wear i tried a few things on before i decided to wear something hubs liked me to wear for him it was a body hugging black semi see thru patterned top, no bra, short skirt which just covered a pair of hold ups with some 4" heels.

As i knew i was being picked up in Jasons car i tought i would tease them and not wear anything under my skirt except my smoothly shaven pussy, it was soon 7 pm and Jason was on time as he pulled up in the road in his small sporty car, Oz came in for megave me a kiss and helped me on with my jacket saying how nice i looked patting my bum as he went to the car while i locked up.

I opened the car door to see the shiny panels now to get in i had to put 1 foot in the footwell as the other foot was on the path so i had no choice but to spread my legs wide apart as i was in this position Jason grabbed my head to kiss my mouth i could see him looking past me as we kissed and i had no doubts that Oz was getting a eyeful up my skirt as well i did get my other leg in and it was similar when it came to getting out as the lads stopped to chat to me.

We made it to the bar had a drink and sat down for the meal there was lots of banter as there were only 3 women there and remarks were made towards me like "when the cats away " etc. I got upto go to the ladies and Oz followed going to the gents i assumed but he followed me in the ladies steering me to the end cubicle, locking the door. I thought he just wanted a kiss as he turned me around he lifted up my top over my tits and clamped his lips onto my already hard nipples sending shivers to my sensitive clit.

I held onto his shoulders to hold me up, Ozs head came up and he kissed me while 1 hand played with my nipples,he slipped his other hand up my skirt ran a finger along my wet slit then putting it inside me. I said Oh dont please, you will make me cum ! Oz kissed me as his finger hovered on my clit i held him tight as i could feel myself cum over his fingers. We stepped apart he put my hand down on his trouser zip i pulled it down to free his hard cock,Oz sat me on the toilet to stand in front of me.

I held his cock gave the head and the length a good licking covering it with saliva as i looked up at his eyes i took it all into my mouth trying not to gag as it hit my throat and varied the sucking as my head pumped up and down on it. I Saw Ozs face smiling down at me as he held my head, he pushed even more into my throat as he filled my throat with his salty cum juice i swallowed it down.

Then Oz pulled me up kissed me, saying you liked that didnt you! I did admit to Oz that i did like to suck a guy and taste his cum and that hubs hadnt fucked me for awhile so i had felt horny tonight when he touched my nipples. Oz said you can do that to me anytime we tied ourselves and went back to the bar.Jason came over said thought we might have to come and find you 2, they chatted as i fetched my jacket and said my goodbyes.

Jason said we off then, i told them i would be ok getting home, but jason and Oz said we will take you home i left with jasons arm around me as i held Ozs hand to get to the car. It was the usual routine as i got in-out the car pausing to chat as my legs were spread apart - not that i cared as i knew i was teasing them, they both got out the car and walked me to the door.

I turned to say good night to them and they invited themselves in for a coffee as they said they didnt want to be seen kissing me good night on the front door with hubs being away. I took my jacket off showed them the lounge and went to put the coffee on in the kitchen, Oz followed me out to chat he asked me how old i was i told him 25, he told me i was a looker and had a fab body he asked about my bust size i told him 34E he told me he loved my tits and the way my nipples stuck out ready to suck and chew on.

I told him he was naughty in the pub, he answered you know you loved it, i nodded in agreement, he added and you are one hell of a cock sucker as Jason walked in to say can anyone join this party. We sat down in the lounge on the sofa me in the middle of the 2 lads jason said do you have a film we can watch , i knew what they meant went to fetch 1 and put it to play it started with a girl getting undressed in front of 2 guys.

They looked at me said look familiar and Jason put a hand under my skirt as Oz pulled my top up and over my head, i told them that my hubs had warned me what you 2 lads were like , Jason said you dont mind tho do you ? i said no that it was 1 reason i let Oz talk me into coming along tonight. I said to Jason i love your idea of the polished panels in the car i told hubs what a good idea it was.

Jason said your old man told us your reaction, i guessed you loved it tho when you turned up in your short skirt with no nix on, Oz stripped off sat on the sofa as i kissed Jason as he felt my tits. Oz told me to get on the floor and suck his cock again as Jason stripped off, the next i knew was Jason rubbing his cock between my wet pussy lips i tried to turn my head to see it but Oz held me there .

Then i felt some slaps on my face as Oz let go of me and i saw Jasons cock for the 1st time, the only words that sprung to mind were F##K me ! I said to Jason hubs never told me you had a big dick as well at my last word he pushed it into my open mouth he held my head fucking my mouth causing me to gag a couple of times. Then Jason stopped said wheres your bedroom i said follow me i led them upstairs into our room ,Oz said you got any condoms or dont we need them!

I pulled a box out i told them to wear 1 as we were trying for a baby, Oz rolled 1 on, lay back on the bed telling me to ride him i squatted over him holding his cock and sank down on to it to ride him Oz felt my tits and nipples and pulled me to him to kiss me he pulled and sucked my nipples making me cum 3 times before he shot into the latex cover on his cock. While we fucked Jason was looking thru my draws and outfits in my wardrobe he found my selection of toys i had he pulled a couple out then told me to go on my knees head in the pillow as he climbed between my spread legs i gave him a condom to wear he told me to shut my eyes his tongue licked my arse and pussy .

I heard him rip open the condom,a short pause then i felt his big dick run over my pussy covering it with juice , he held it and pushed it until it was all the way inside me i think it helped with the wetness from Oz fucking me. Jason held me slowly sliding so it was nearly out before pushing it home again for quite a few strokes before he sped up thrusting harder i had cum once already the bed was rocking i was shouting for him to fuck me harder i was sweating so was Jason, i looked at Oz he was getting hard once again.

I kept telling Jason to fuck me cum in me you bastard cum ! cum ! i had cum again shouting to tell them what he was doing to me with his big dick in me, he managed to gasp out he was cumming just as i had cum again we fell flat on the bed,my insides of my legs were soaked with cum juice. We lay there awhile until Oz tol me to roll on my back he climbed between my legs i felt his cock it was hard and throbbing again putting a condom on he took my legs spread them wide and knelt watching his cock sliding in and out of me, Jason knelt at my head gave me his cock to lick clean even when soft it was still big .

Jason made me suck the head i could taste my juices on the head of it and along the length it slowly got bigger as Oz fucked me he kept rubbing my exposed clit as i lay there sucking Jason i had to be careful not to bite him as Oz made me cum again and again. Then Oz said he was going to cum pulled out of me and shot spurts of cum over my chin, neck, stomach and even over my pussy then Jason handed him our digital camera and Oz took some pics of me there with his cum running down my pussy onto my arse and pics of my front covered with cum and also me with Jasons cock in my mouth.

Jason told me to go on all4s on the bed this time he ripped open another condom knelt behind me as Oz took some pics and filled my pussy with cock once again, Jason was so horny i could hardly move after cumming on his cock several times, it was relentless fucking he was certainly fit and could fuck. There was Oz shooting off pic after pic then Jason stopped to tell oz to get ready with the camera as he was about to cum. Jason pulled out of me i felt a spurt of cum land on my back then he was back inside me grunting he was cumming.

Oz said that was a good pic showing Jason spurting on my back, he showed Jason then me, i held the camera to see a close up of Jasons cock in me my pussy lips soaked with juice spread wide sucking on Jasons spear between my thighs as if welcoming it in. We lay there me between the two lads chatting awhile Jason was saying how he wanted them to fuck me on my marital bed, he looked at me saying had i enjoyed myself i told them both i had never been fucked like that before.

I said you 2 bastards have made me cum so many times tonight, Oz said would you like a next time with us both i said YES please! he added well we would like it again you are a ***********(name of the company) company slut now.We drifted off to sleep to wake in the morning where upon they spit roasted me and they both fucked me again my bed was soaked with cum i had to change the sheets and dry the mattress after they left at lunchtime on the Sunday. They paid me another visit Monday night and bought a disc with the photos on , we sat down to view them before we started again ,which is another story if you want to hear let me know and would love to hear your comments XX Wendy XX