Written by tinkerbell6469

10 Jan 2013

Following on from Part 3 i had a call from Jason & Oz on Friday night asking me if i was still up for some fun on the next night my Tony,s house (my Hubs Boss) which had some great views over the sea they had told me about. They told me to wear the bikini that Oz had bought over for me and not much else, well as we were nearing Xmas i put a body hugging Wool dress on which i would usually wear without undies on but showed the shape of the bikini under. After my previous fun with them both i guessed i wouldnt be in my dress for long anyway.

Jason & Oz called to take me off to Tony,s house early Saturday evening i had bathed, washed my hair and was ready (or so i thought) for the nights events, also i was looking forward to meeting the handsome Tony (as have always had a thing about older men). We arrived Tony came down to let us in to his spacious lounge he gave me a very warm hug & kiss saying he hoped he would get to know me better! he got us some drinks as we chatted another guy Tony introduced as a friend he had staying with him from France David walked in the room well after another kiss & hug from a over 6 feet tall man who was probably in his 30,s attractive with his coffee skin also a charmer as he commented on me to the others.

I was feeling warm under all the attention as Tony told us all he had his Jacuzzi bath all ready for the evening, as Jason whispered to me i might like to take my dress off to cool off a little. He gave me a hand to wiggle out of it to leave me there in my heels and bikini with me suddenly feeling a bit shy as it didnt cover anything really, i looked around to see the grins on the mens faces and the bulges in their trousers as they looked at the 3 diamond shapes that barely covered my nipples and pussy all held in place by strings.

The 1st to move was Tony who came to me kissed me running his hands over me as he led me away from the others, i found myself in his bedroom a huge bed in the middle of the room,the room had a big window wth a balcony looking out over the sea as i stood looking out he came behind me put his arms around me to lift my top to feel my boobs. He whispered to me you are gorgeous Wendy your old man is a lucky guy i reached behind me to feel his hard cock thru his trousers he pulled me over to fall on the bed, he tore his clothes off as i watched to see his slim toned body (he was fit for a late 40,s man), Tony,s cock now stood erect as he eased my legs apart undoing the bikini ties to pull it away from my pussy as he buried his head between my pussy lips.

I was pulling him tight to me his face covered with my juice, i told him let me taste your cock Tony as he knelt up to put it between my lips i licked & sucked it greedily, he said stop i want it in you Wendy! I agreed as he rolled me on top of him holding his cock as i slipped my pussy down on to it,Tony told me he loved my round firm boobs & big nipples as he pulled, sucked and nibbled on them with his hands & teeth. I was going crazy with lust as he turned me on my 1st cum was seconds away as he bit my nipples my pussy pumped his cock as i had another cum almost straight away .

Tony was thrusting his cock up inside me when he suddenly shouted Yessssss! as i felt his cock pumping his cum up inside me, he pulled me down to kiss him, he said it had been wonderful & also along time since he had such a attractive and young woman on his cock. I told him he was welcome as i had enjoyed myself as well, i rolled onto my back as he held me when the thought suddenly hit me that he hadnt used a condom either & consoled myself by thinking Jason hadnt either & had fucked me several times.

We lay there a minute when the moment was broken by the sight of 3 Men (no it was now 4 men) stood in the doorway grinning as David said that looked fun as Tony lifted me up to carry me down to his Jacuzzi. It was a 6 seater and we all climbed in Oz got in behind me to say Tony certainly creamed you Wendy!, as i bent in front of him as he put a finger inside my wet pussy. Oz pulled me down on to his lap & said to me you havent met Pat yet have you as he wasnt at the meal as he was away with your old man, i said no as he came over to kiss me as he got out the water his cock was semi hard but i almost gulped at the width of it. Pat said i have heard a lot about you tho i think i blushed, nothing bad i added no all good so far, Oz said Pat was the oldest guy in the company at 59 his body was still good for his age as i looked at him and Oz said hes a mad swimmer at any time of the year.

After the intro i was passed around like a parcel my body was touched all over until there were 5 hard cocks surfacing above the bubbling water & i was once again horny as hell. Jason called me over to sit on his cock i sat with my back to him as David stood in front of me i reached out my hands to feel his balls & pull his cock against my lips, i licked the bell end realising that Davids cock was as long as Jasons but not quite so thick when out the corner of my eye i saw some flashes as Tony began to rattle off some photos & from another corner of the room i saw a bright light just making out a video camera on a tripod.

I was lost in the moment tho, not really bothered about the cameras i was having fun i was enjoying sucking on Davids cock as Jason lifted me up an down on his big cock, Jason said to me he wanted me to suck him off now so i stood now bent my head down to suck on Jason as David held my hips Jason told him to wear a condom as Oz threw him one. I think Oz was amazed at Jasons condom remark but i was glad he had told him as i didnt know how i would explain a coffee coloured baby to my hubs as we had been trying for a baby the past few months without any luck so far.

David held me pulling me onto his rubber covered cock his cock was so hard like a iron bar as he banged against my arse, i was in for a surprise as Jason came 1st filling my throat with his creamy cum as i swallowed it down,he pulled my head up to kiss me tasting his cum as well.David was pumping into me like a machine i had 2 cums before he finally lifted me of my feet as i felt him throb inside me filling that condom.He let me down i turned to pull the condom off his still hard cock lifting it up to see how much he had filled it and tipped my head back to swallow it all, i licked my lips as David grabbed me to kiss me as well.

As we had a drink i looked at Oz who nodded in Pat,s direction i went over to Pat i asked how he wanted me, Pat said i want your sweet mouth around my thick cock Wendy so i stood up again wriggling my arse at Oz who came behind me his cock already in a condom bending me forwards as Pat pulled my head down i could see some pre-cum & licked it off the fat bloated head of his cock as Oz slid his cock into me. I had just finished licking Pat,s cock when he thrust up pushing my head & lips down over his thick cock until i had taken it all down to the back of my throat, luckily it wasnt the longest as i think i would have choked but i still gasped for air now & again.

I felt Oz hammering my arse knowing he wouldnt last much longer, as Pat was determined to get all his cock down my throat & was quite rough doing so, my jaws ached stretched over Pat,s cock ,when he suddenly began to fill my throat with his thick cum it almost clung to my throat as it went down, i took a gasp of air as Pat let go of my hair. Within seconds Oz collapsed over my back as he to began to cum with me as he eased hammering against my arse and filling that condom inside me i sunk to my knees with Oz still inside me.

After both Oz & I got our breath back, Tony said i think its time for a break for Wendy!, Guys!, Tony helped me out the bath and got me a gown to wear leading me into the kitchen he had some food prepared & some wine and beers for the Men. We all made our way into the lounge as Tony said i have a short film to entertain you as he sat down Tony pulled me onto his lap, flicked the remote and up came the film he had just taken in th bath room.

I nearly choked on my glass of wine as it showed me sitting back on Jasons cock with David,s cock coming in to view as my tongue licked it, everybodys eyes were glued to the screen as i looked around me. I felt Tonys hand slip inside my gown as he played with my nipples, cupping my boobs and kissing my neck & mouth as i turned to him. He whispered to me to follow him upstairs to his bed again as we got up the others glanced at us but returned to looking at the screen.

I looked out at the sea thru his bedroom window as Tony stood behind me pulling the gown off me onto the floor, i could feel his hard cock pressing against my arse as he in turn pressed the front of my hot body against the cool glass. I felt him move his body & the next i knew was his hard cock pushing up inside my juicy pussy with me on tip toe my boobs pressed hard against the glass i put a hand behind me to grab his arse clawing at it as he thrust up & down.

I asked him to have me on the bed he pulled me on to the bed told me to kneel on all4,s as he told me your arse is fantastic Wendy, then added i could fuck you all day & night. He was grabbing my boobs & nipples pulling on them as he had me from behind then he stopped,pulled back & rubbed a finger in my wet pussy covering it with my slick juices he began to rub my juices over my tightest hole, my pussy was getting wetter as i had a cum with him playing with my tight hole.

He made sure my arse was covered with my slick juice before he slowly eased a finger into me i felt some pain before his finger eased in deeper covered in my coating of juice. He slipped a slick finger in my tight hole i could feel his cock against my arse leaking fluid onto my skin, i soon had another cum as he stretched my hole pushing another finger inside me i was telling him he was making me cum with his fingers & touches, he whispered back thats good!,that is just what i am trying to do!I was biting my lip as he worked his fingers in an out of me, he was really making me so wet an horny.

I then felt his thumbs opening my arse wide for him as i felt the head of his cock dribble even more of his lubrication on the entrance to my tight hole, Tony pushed forward my head raised gasping for air as he pushed deep inside me. I said, i dont know why! but your inside me Tony your lovely hard cock is inside me, your so big & hard as he moved slowly back an forth. He fucked me like that for what seemed like hours but was probably only just a minute or two, he began to speed up an soon i was cumming under him, i screamed Tony just as he gave a final thrust and finally cum deep inside my arse as we colapsed on the bed.

The light came on as the other four men came into the room to see what the scream was for & to see Tony laid on top of me .TBC