Written by Spud Murphy

1 Aug 2019

This happened a few years back, but still tickles my juices. We are a very happy couple with our kids away several years ago. The occurrence I mention was when they were both at Uni. The sex scene was still high on our agenda but had taken a hit with the Aids scare. We had been far more cautious for a while, but as with most people in this lifestyle, we yearned for the shackles to be released.

We were at friends, Alex and Paul's, my wife Liz and myself, it was a lovely relaxed evening with the two guys who live together in a big house, perfect hosts as ever. They are a pair of fun loving guys who literally live together because they were able to afford a mortgage on a house of far better spec than if they lived alone. Their plan was to pay off their debt to the bank and then move either together abroad or separately with a decent nest egg each. The joint income neatly allowed the amount owing to be paid off within twelve years, clever lads.

The variety of discussion was huge and scintillating, the wine of good quality. Alex and Paul both have plenty of company (female) so Liz was relaxed with them both and enjoyed their witty and sometimes smutty tales of their exploits. At the end of the evening, just before we were preparing to leave, I caught sight of a book on hypnotism in a bookshelf. Don't ask me why, but I picked it from its place and flicked through it. Alex watched me and I asked whose book it was, he said it was a great hobby of his and he loved practicing it, saying you needed to be careful as it was powerful. I showed an interest and he suggested I borrowed it rather than him boring us with explanations. Tucked under my arm we left for home, thanking them both for a superb evening.

We see each other more or less every three weeks or so. When we got home I left the book for a few days but left it on my pile of 'To read' books next to my side of the bed. I picked it up idly one evening and took it downstairs and began reading. It was an American publication and I hate the way they have butchered our language and even worse, ignore the correct pronunciation. However I found it a fairly good read despite the spelling errors. I arrived at a section which had pencilled lines in the margin where reference was made to hypnotising people, mainly women with sexual problems. The main topic was for treating depression but touched on lack of orgasm. I read on and was soon several pages deeper into the question of people using the system to 'persuade' a woman to indulge in sexual acts without the need for drugs. I read it twice and grasped the idea but did not understand some of the wording. However when my wife returned home I mentioned the book and she said she would have a read herself later. So I settled and waited, running the wording through my mind, wondering if a typo was my reason for not understanding.

In bed, I was fairly whacked so turned over and dropped off to sleep. I awoke to find my wife rubbing herself in the time honoured way, stroking me into life rapidly as she whispered in my ear whether I wanted to play. I was ready far sooner than expected and we had a frantic and exhausting shag, me coming probably a bit too soon for her but my bolt was well and truly shot. After cleaning up, I was now awake and after a long passionate kiss, Liz said the book had been rather thought provoking, saying maybe we could use it for some fun if I was up for it. Now wide awake, I sought her reasoning. 'Alex has a bit of a thing for me' she said then explained that maybe we could arrange for her to seek his help in getting her an orgasm, something I had not fulfilled for her due to a bit of premature ejaculation for the last three years. I love sex, but get far too excited far too soon for us both. She said she understood what the book was saying and that it was a simple act of hypnotism which the receiver really needed to believe in rather than a magic bit of mumbo jumbo. I asked the plan.

It was simple, she goes back to return the book when Alex is home alone (Tuesday nights), asks his advice and then confesses she would like him to try the 'therapy' she has read about. She is confident that them being together is the ideal time, but suggested she sent him a message saying she needed to confide in him and he ring her so that she could ask him something private, that way she would not risk overloading things too soon.

So it was that she had a conversation with him, mentioning the pencil marked segments and saying she hoped he might be able to help. Alex invited her round, two days later, asking that they be just her and him as he needed no distractions during 'consultation' and that Paul was away that night too (already known). I was delighted as I knew what was likely to happen and her look said it too.

Tuesday arrived and come seven that evening, she was dressed to kill. Summer dress with halter neck, no bra for her 36DDs to be supported, tiny white thong and stockings and suspenders, wet cunt, shaved and ready. I kissed my beautiful wife and wished her a lovely evening and she left in the car. It had been a long time but maybe the Aids curse was being laid to rest after far too long. My hard on was strong and relentless and I was not going to encourage it for as long as I could resist. However after a very long hour, my cock was being caressed by my right hand very gently nursing my mind with imagined scenarios.

What happened? I discovered just after midnight when a dreamy wife returned in the car. I was downstairs, anxious to know what she had done. We had agreed between us that she would play along with Alex's hypnotism and to make it as natural as she could despite our deeply inground doubts of the true effectiveness of it all. She said it had been a very interesting experience. Alex had welcomed her and said how lovely she looked. They went into his office which he and Paul shared, a chaise longue was offered for her to sit on while he took the office chair. He said alcohol was not recommended so no dutch courage. He explained what would happen and asked if she was prepared for a prolonged session and that if she felt unwell at any time, to just say a special word. Then he suggested she sat back and relaxed with her eyes closed while he spoke to her for a while.

His voice was sort of monotone and he kept repeating words and using the safe word regularly saying for her to use it if things felt wrong. Nothing was happening for a while but then he said something she could hardly hear so waited for the next instruction. Alex was close by and she said she felt her dress being lifted up at the hem and her stockings exposed. He then said she looked very special and that she needed to relax and concentrate on his instructions now that they were moving on to the next phase. The room was quiet, just their breathing breaking the silence. He then said she should think very sexy thoughts which might be a bit naughty, but were really the things her body needed. Liz was aware all the time what was happening and she was not in the least under any influence. He then asked her what her naughty thoughts were if she wanted to open up about them.

After a short while she said she loved cock and fucking. Alex was quiet for a moment then said was there anything else that she wanted to say, like a memory of an orgasm she had in the past, or a sexy memory she recalled regularly. Knowing he was very fond of her, she revealed a couple of times when she had been fucked by other men rather than saying anything about us and how she loved being naked outside and fucked in places where she might get caught. Alex said that was good and perhaps she would like to remove her dress if it might help her raise her level of sexual emotion. Keeping her eyes closed as Alex had said, she reached round and undid the halterneck, then as her dress flopped forwards her breasts came into sight for him and she stood and removed the dress. He took it from her and laid it across his desk. She sat back on the chaise longue as instructed and he said how lovely she looked and how she must be looking forward to having that long awaited orgasm which was going to be hers quite soon but only when she was ready. She felt her nipples were highly elongated and she wanted to open her eyes and look at his face, but knew she needed to continue to play our game.

Sitting in her white thong with matching suspender belt and black fishnet stockings, her wet cunt seeping sex juices, eyes closed but now feeling a tingling eroticism snaking up her spine, she was wanting contact but could not break the spell, this was working better than she anticipated and she knew Alex was staring at her body and that it looked very sexy. Alex asked if she felt good and got a long yesssss. He asked if she minded him looking at her and got a 'no' and he said she was giving him great pleasure and he hoped he could give her the same in return. A short while later he asked if she would like to take her thong off and remain standing for him. She stood up again and removed her thong quite slowly as he purred approval. Then she felt his breath close to her skin as he came really close, almost touching the tiny fine hairs on her body, her shoulders, all of her soft skin felt alive . He asked if he could touch her and repeated the safe word if she felt she was going too far again but she whispered that she was fine with it all. The first touch was to her breast and made her jump and then exhale, his next touch was to her bum, which gave another slight jolt to her senses, then her thighs over her stockings, her tummy, her back, the suspender belt, each touch tantalising and very erotic. He said she was wonderful and to ease her feet apart and then she felt a finger slide down her slit and get covered in her sex juice. She said to him that she was very worked up, he asked if she was ok and he said he was just going to touch her a few times and then go to the next phase.

The touching continued and every now and again something warm touched her too, his hands were on her breasts and the warmth against her abdomen, then she realised it was his cock flicking against her body above and below her suspender belt and she could hear his breathing increasingly heavy. Alex spent quite a while quietly talking and asking her for more sexy details of her exploits with others and frequently asked how these events made her feel, she knew this was like oral voyeurism but it made her feel good. As she revealed the details, she heard clothing being removed and deduced he was stripping ready to fuck her, which made her even hornier and when he took her hand and guided it onto his cock, she said it reminded her of fucking a different cock again. He asked her if that was what she wanted and she said she was ready and needed it. He laid her back gently onto the chaise longue and asked her to open her mouth, then fed the cock in between her lips. She told me this was the most difficult time for her to keep her eyes closed because she wanted to see what she was sucking, but knew her senses were ultra heightened.

Alex was breathing long and hard and unable to prevent deep lustful lungs of satisfied exhalation to belie his excitement. After a prolonged suck, she felt him go down on her and give her cunt the pleasure she deserved after being the perfect hypnotist's guest. She felt like laughing and letting him know she wanted him fucking her but she kept the pretence perfectly as he brought her to the very edge of the orgasm she longed for. Then with a twist of the tongue, he did it. She erupted over his face and gushed and quivered with sheer joy. Being the perfect guest she came down to earth a little but felt his cock nearing her waiting cunt as he slipped neatly inside her and filled her with his meat. He then said to her that her orgasm was very near and that she was now being fucked by a cock which has wanted to be inside her for a long time and she could come as soon as she felt the urge. His strokes were proudly deep and she was edging towards the end. With a cry she came and begged for his spunk and he delivered, wads of white cream deep inside her, her legs round his back and her fingers digging into his shoulders. She said 'Thankyou Alex, thankyou' as she came, dribbling their combined cum from her filled fanny.

They finished with Alex 'bringing her out' of her trance and they went through to his bathroom where he showered while she said she was saving her scent for me, admitting she had told me where she was going and that he was a friend for life of course as she was a lucky girl. Alex asked if they might meet again and she said yes, probably on a Tuesday when Paul was away. So the scene was set for a repeat, but not hypnotism next time as she wanted a session she could see.

Alex sent me a text next day saying he was very grateful for my understanding. If only he knew.