Written by kAZANDRA

4 Aug 2015

Hello to you all I would like to start by telling you that that I am an ordinary wife with an ordinary life as in the title. This of what I am telling you is genuine fact as you will see I am not an accomplished writer or story teller. My name is Kazandra but people call me Kaz and I am 44 years old and married with a grown up daughter. I am five feet 4 inches tall with dark brown hair and I am a size 12 but I think my bum is to big but my husband says I look hot. My husband Derrick is 52. my husband and I met at a dance and fell in love and we got married six months later when I was only 19. We lived in Macclesfield in Cheshire for many years where I grew up. I had a couple of friends that went to school with and we would meet up once a week. My friends are Janet and Mo now we had been visiting each other for years and on one occasion We were at mo,s house when Janet,s husband arrived to give her a lift home but she had already left. Mo had nipped to the shop and I was washing some cups and plates at the sink for her. Then Dave janet,s husband came up behind me and pushed himself up against me. He then said I can see your knickers and your arse through your skirt. I realised then that I had made a mistake because I was wearing black knickers and I had a white skirt on and the sun was shining through it. Then I froze on the spot has he put his hand up my skirt and started rubbing my pussy through my knickers. I went to close my legs but he had his feet inside of my legs. He whispered in my ear dont struggle Kaz iv,e always fancied fucking you, then I felt a finger slide inside the gusset of my knickers. I stood there like a rabbit in the headlights and I don’t know why I did not stop him. He was now finger fucking me when he withdrew his finger and put to my lips and said suck it bitch taste yourself. I did,nt open my mouth but he kept on pushing his finger until it was in my mouth. It was then that the front door closed and he backed off and left me stood there. He then said to Mo that he had come to pick Janet up but she had already gone and then he left.

When I got home I felt ashamed and guilty of what I had just let Dave do to me, but at that moment in time I kept thinking I must have been enjoying it. I was apprehensive from then on every time I saw Dave but he never did try anything again. Now some years later when our daughter graduated from uni she moved to Australia. So at that time my husband got another job off shore on the rigs so we bought a house in Dumfries and Galloway. The house was one of three in a small hamlet about six miles from town. To the left was an elderly lade who looked to be in her eights and to the right was an elderly man called Davie who told us he was 74. There was a bus service but not very frequent it went into town at 10 am and came back at 2. 30 pm . So that meant when I had to shopping I had to hang around for around three hours before I could come back home. As the bus service was inconvenient my husband asked Davie if I could go with him when he went shopping which was miles better for me. So I went shopping twice a week and did not have lug shopping around with me. Davie was a big help and I used to make him some lunch on the days that we went shopping. It was on one of these days I was putting cans away in the wall cupboard when he came up behind me and said here let me help you with that. He then put his left arm around my waist and his right hand reach up to mine and placed the can on the self. When the can was on the self he dropped his right hand on to my breast. I said what do you think your doing and his reply was helping you out like your husband asked. I managed to push his hand away but I only made the situation worse because he had me pressed up against the kitchen unit. His hand then went up my skirt and found my knickers. I told stop in now Davie stop it but he took no notice and his finger slid inside my knickers. It was a flash back to all those years ago when Janet,s husband did the exact same thing but this him I said no Davie stop it now. But I suppose I was nor firm enough as his finger found my pussy. Davie no please, Davie no but I could here my voice softening as he was now dry fucking my bottom. Davie no no Daaaavvvie no nooooo nooooo, ooooorrrr Davie,, I was now past the point of objecting. He had removed his left arm from around my waist and I could feel him shuffling about behind me. He removed his finger from my pussy and spun me round to face him and he had dropped his trousers and his cock was stood to attention. I remember staring at it and it looked about the same length as my husband about six inches but much fatter. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down, I new exactly what he wanted.

I fell to my knees and took the tip of his cock in my mouth and slowly began to suck it, here I was a married woman sucking a man’s cock who is old enough to be my father. I was sucking faster and faster. when he suddenly pulled his cock out and said take me to your bed. I took him by the hand and took him to our bedroom where he laid me on my back. He become very authoritative and said open your cunt. I have never experienced this kind of talk in my sex life as my husband is very quite and says very little. I pulled my pussy lips open as Davie put his head between my thighs and started to insert his tongue into my pussy. I lay there with this old man eating my pussy and before long I had my first orgasm and came all over his face. Davie liked up al my love juice then said its time to fuck and lay on top of me and with one thrust he was deep inside me. I was laying on our bed with an old man fucking me and he was as hard as iron. I am lay there letting him fuck me and from the start i gave very little protest. I have never cheated on my husband so why now it was like being in a trance but I was loving every second of it. I could feel his cock much more than that of my husbands who cock is thin. Davie began to thrust into me with long hard strokes and I felt him tense up and he unloaded deep inside just as I had my second orgasm. Davie said I knew I could fuck you just ooozzz sex its written all over you. With that Davie gathered his cloths together and said I will see you later. After he had gone I felt so guilty how could I have let this old man be intimate with me, a happily married woman. But once again I kept thinking did I encourage him in any way and I have to admit I loved every minute of it. Well I am afraid that this was only the beginning of my affair with Davie and I have so much more to tell you and the outcome of it all.