Written by david

14 Apr 2008

i ve been married to lynne for 28 years and our sex life has been ok sometimes better than others but we have a strong relationship, i know she has been unfaithful a couple of times , but she denies it , i on the other hand have never been unfaithful, but over the past few years i had a great desire to se her fuck another man . i dont know were this craving came from but it was a real strong desire to watch her taking a large cock, after years of trying to talk her into it , she finally gave in , when a bussiness friend of mine , whom i get on very well with invited us to , a golfing day , my friend is single and for his age what i would decribe as handsome, before he had met lynne we had spoken and i had confided in him that i had this secret desire to watch her being fucked by another guy, well we met at the golf coarse, and we were introduced to every body lynn always looks great and she had managed to look sexy even in her golfing attire well , derek had paired himself off with my wife lynn and i was paired off with one of his co workers, i didnt see lynne all day until we all met in the bar later that afternoon, sue said she had agreat day with derek and that he was great fun , we all had a couple of drinks and went and then went to our rooms at the hotel to get ready for the dance in the evening , when we got back into the room lynn was gagging for it she had my cock out and was teling me to fuck her hard now , whilst fucking her i asked her if she liked derek she said yes my heart was pounding, when i asked her if she would like to fuck him, she was sat on my cock grinding her arse into me when she asked would i like her to fuck him i on a instant replied yes,at that we both came, it was a great fuck ,whilst she was getting ready i went over to her and said did she mean what she said whilst we were fucking and she replied, that she would see how she got on with him tonight, we arrived at the dance and derek came right over to her , kissed and asked us both if we would like a drink, i went to the bar to help him he looked at lynne and said god she looks great, lynne had a litle black number on, stocking susspenders and high heels,i said she looked even better a hour ago sat on my cock he replied you lucky bastard, i then said well derek just think how nice and moist she will be for you , he said are you seriouse i said try her, i then went to talk to other people and left derek and sue to get on , as the evening progressed i watched lynn and derek get more and more intimate i have never been so turned on in my life, when lynne started to snog the face off derek i knew that derek was going to be sliding his cock up my wife to night,

lynne came over to me and asked if i was alright she said im thinking of going up to dreks room, do you mind my heart was almost coming through my chest i took a large dry swallow and said no not at all, my legs were shaking lynne smiled at me and went over to derek , i watched them dissapear into the corridor, i felt like i might faint with excitement, through the coarse of the night one or two people asked me were lynne was but eventually they put two and two to geather and before long every one was talking about the fact that derek was banging the arse off my wife.they both eventually came back into the dance hall , sue sat down on her own derek went over to some of his mates , i was stood at the bar just watching lynne my cock was hard as hell she just looked so fuckin horny i caught her eye and she smiled at me ,i went over to her and she asked if i was alright with it i replied yes i was but i really need to fuck her, she that i couldnt to night ,so i accepted that, i was in gents toilet in one of the cubilcles when i heard two guys talking one of them was derek he was bragging to his mates that he had fucked my wife every wich way and shot his load up her about three times in a hour and that she was a really dirty bich in bed he also mentioned that whilst he was fucking lynne she had told him that dave her husband has a tiny prick and that she had been longing to try a bigger thicker cock,derek then suggested that his friend should try and pull her because she is well up for a fuck, when i returned to the dance flor lynne was sat down with three guys

trying to tap her up, the word had obviousley got round that my wife was up for a fuck, i stod at the bar once more and watched as lynne left the building and went outside, i followed and watched in amazement as this guy took her to a dark corner of the car park and fucked her up against the wall ,i couldnt help myself i had to have a wank,since that night derek picks lynne up most weekends and they go to dereks and fuck or i go out and they fuck in our bed, lynne has also told me about to other friends of derek who fuck her

from being a one man women lynne has become this fantastically horny sex mad women who cant get enough cock , i have got jealouse on occassion but this maked lynne very angry as she always points out it ws me pushed her into it so now i have to live with it or leave her because she isnt going to change now but now and again she lets me watch and wank derek rings sometimes to tell what she was waring or what they did, hes planning to fuck her with one of his black mates , now that is something i would pay to see my lovely wife getting poundedby two large cocks well i can only hope