Written by lucnchtimetease

8 Jun 2007

I was busy watching a porn movie having a nice leisurly wank when I noticed a refelction in the screen standing in the doorway. I froze looked around quickly and saw my son's 19 year old girlfriend just standing there blushing.

Oh shit I said as I tried to stand trying to cover my very erect cock with one my hands. Sorry she said I didnt mean to walk in. As I looked for my trousers my cock started to go down at a rate of knots. How long have you been standing there I said as found them and started to put them on. Long enough to know if you hadnt seen me I would have seen you cum she replied suddendly in control.

I stood still for a moment looked her in the eyes and said would you like that?

Oh yes was the reply.

What about Peter? I wont tell if you dont she replied.

The porn movie was still playing as she stood in front of the TV, make yourself comfortable she said as she started to unbutton her blouse.

I returned to the sofa and eased down my trousers my erection returning with speed and vigour.

I stroked gently as she stripped for me gyrating like a lapdancer.

Make yourself cum she said I want to watch you. Only if I can watch you I said Oh I'll give you something to watch she replied but no touching.

I stared straight into her eyes as I wanked furiously her eyes transfixed on my cock. She was lifting her breasts one at a time licking her own nipples to send me over the edge.

And boy did it, I groaned leaned back a shot a load so high and far it literally went over my shoulder up my chest and all over my body.

Wow she said leave it like that.

I just layed there breathless as she sat on the floor in front of me licked her fingers and started to play with her clit, legs about as wide open as was humanly possible.

She opened her pussy lips with one hand and probed herself with herfingers long and deep strokes every now and then putting them in her mouth.

My flagging cock started to stir ( unlike many claims of getting an instant re erection) my cock began to grow slowly but surely.

After about 5 minutes it was back to full strength and she was loving it she sat and masturnbated in front of me as we started to syncronise our excitiment levels.

I want you to cum over me she said.

So I stood across her and just wanked as she played with herself wildly and as she stiffened and moaned and was very clealry and loudly cumming I released another load of hot spunk this time all over her. It landed on her tummy breasts and face.

As we finished she looked up at me a simply rubbed it all into her skin and said I'd better get back to college I only popped in because I left a book about the Romans last night.

Veni vidi vici