Written by Carol

3 Jun 2017

About a month ago,my 61 year old wife and mysef was at a wedding if you use the keywords holiday spain and the title ,is couldn't believe it, and it's on the first page .and it's about my wifes first time , fucking a young bloke with my encouragement

We were sitting at a table for 11 at the wedding meal,and we didn't really know many people there, and we got chatting to the odd man out at the table his wife was ill and she couldn't attend,and she worked with the mother of the bride and that's how they got their invite.

His intention was to get a few pictures, not to drink,return home that evening and share picture's with his wife, and he didn't know many there like us

When the music started he took every opportunity to dance with my wife

And on one occasion after a slow dance he returned to our table and had a horn, and while my mirs when to the toilet

I said you must enjoy that dance Tom, he replied that his wife has her womb removed and he hadn't had sex in 6 month, and said sorry

I told him to keep dancing her, keep giving her lots of attention , we are book in here at the hotel and you might be in with a chance

and you don't mind

No I said, in fact I would love it if you have her, and if you want to have a drink you can stay in our room

I don't believe it ,he said again and again

He then left to ring his wife to say that he was having a drink,and he was offered a place to stay. My wife returned and ask where tom was and I said he is having a drink and I offered him a chair in our room and he is phoning his wife in which she replied a poor woman, she had a big operation

Tom was in great form when he had a few drinks, lots of chat and told my Mrs she was the best dress woman here and she looked great, and she loved it, and in fact asked Tom what age did he think she was, He replied same age as himself round 45 and we laughed then took her out for a slow dance, been careful not to draw attention

When they returned, and while Tom was at the toilet I said to my wife you have twice left Tom with a horn,

I know could feel it against my belly,

Why don't you gave him a rub when dancing

Am not a whore she said

When Tom returned he whist her out for a dance, when they returned they where laughing obviously something happened during the dance

Awhile later when the band finished and the disco was setting up,Tom asked could he put some tools from the car up to the hotel room, they were expensive and didn't want to leave them in the car.

I when out with him, the misses when up to the room to open up, and on the way back in i asked what happened during that slow dance

I got a horn again, she gave me peck in the cheek and said I will have to sort you out

When we got back she kiss me and said do you want me to sort out Tom,

Yes I said she replied , you know I don't like you watching, see you in a hour

When I returned, Tom was dressed, my mrs was asleeping

Let's buy you a drink Tom I said

I can't believe it, after screwing your wife your getting me a drink

You can screw her regular while you wife is out of action, all I want is a bit of feedback I said

He went on to say that when I gone, they kissed .lots,but when he was taken her black knickers down and the red hair underneath was lovely ,turned him on, he went down on her for ages, the she shouted ,screw me Tom,,he said When he entered her it was the warmest cunt ever, he came quickly, and he is not a repeater

When we went back up, she was still asleep with her night dress on, I told Tom to get into the bed and he could get a fuck in the morning and I settled in on the large chair

In the morning I woke up to the sound of laughter Tom was tickling her with feather, which he found at one of the table, it was so loud that I thought the manager would call,it was soon replaced by kissing and suckling she suckered the top of Toms cock and put his cock on her Tits then started shouted, screw me, screw me Tom, I watched as Tom entered and will always remember her painted finger nails pulling his bum close has he fuck her,

Soon afterwards my Mrs got up to go for a wee, kiss me and said did you enjoy, as I put my hands on her dripping fanny and said I love it

Tom and mysef went down for breakfast, while the Mrs done her make up, and I told him again that I wouldn't mind if he wanted to fuck her regular, but not at my place nor mine he said, but he added he does trade shows and would I mind if she done overnights with him.

No problem with me and she now only works part time,so she would have the time, ask her and see i said

When she came down Tom was all over her,stating how well she looked, tucked in her chair ,waited his chance and Ask her, what do I have to wear was her reply

Just smart clothing he said, but some woman wear seam stockings

In the last few days the Mrs got her hair, eye browse done, taned,and hands and feet nail varnish, all ready for the two nights away trip with Tom tomorrow, she also pack her sexy nightly,