Written by Julie

25 Sep 2008

The company I work employs a team of contract cleaners who pop in after hours. Recently staff changed and there are four men. Young around 25 -35 all Polish. Very hard working. On monday after a busy day I was still there tidying up and was being send some risky emails to a male friend and was rather horny. So I was there at the desk with my hand down my pants playing. I was very turned on and didnt realise anyone was there. Suddenly one the cleaners was there and said someting to me. I was embarrassed and jumped. He waved his hand at me and smiled its ok he said. Looks like you need help. I felt uncomfortable and shaky but he got on his knees and pushed my skirt up and opened my legs. I was so surprised I didnt stop him. He then start to finger my very wet pussy. Wow it was so good. First one then two, three fingers pumped in me and then he put his head between my legs and started to lick me. He stopped and suggested we went someone more comfortable, the staff room where there are couches. We did and he took down his trousers and pushed my head to his hard cock. I took it in my mouth and sucked and licked it. We were well into this now. He was on the phone talking in Polish while I was sucking his cock and then said to me to strip and not be afraid I was going to have a good time. The other cleaners came into the room. I grabbed my clothes and he said no, this is for you. He pushed me on the couch and they stripped. He entered me fucking my pussy with his cock, another guy put his cock into my mouth while straddling me. The other two guys just seemed to wank and grab my boobs occasionally. All talking away me not understanding. The first guy came in me and they swapped over. The guy I was sucking cum over my face and boobs, I opened my mouth to tast his spunk, there seemed to be loads and went on forever. Soon I was sucking another and another was fucking me. I cum an awful lot over this time as I was nervous and the mix of this was making me cum more. Then it stopped and they all dressed and left me there. i was covered in cum over my pussy and legs. My hair had cum in and I had it dripping down my boobs. When I left they were all cleaning as they should have been. What I had forgotten was that there is CCTV and until today hand t thought anyone would know until the security guy called me into his office. Hes about 45. He asked me to look at some cctv footage. I did and there was me with staff room door open and you could see inside me naked having sex. It left little to the imagination. He said he should tell our bosses. I said it hadnt happened before and asked in to keep it quiet. he said ok, but you need to do something for me ..........he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. He said I was to give him a blow job. So I did. It wasnt pleasant as it was smelly and tasted funny. But he cum in my mouth quickly. I thought I was gag and vomit. He didnt seem to be bothered when i spit it out to a tissue. I said there you go we are done. He said well we are for today luvvy. He grabbed my boob and squeezed it. No doubt I now will have to do this regularly.