Written by Amazedbuthappy

1 Sep 2009

We are a couple in our mid-50\'s. We are both in good shape, being keen hill-walkers and swimmers. Our idea of weekend fun is a twenty mile wander amongst our local hills followed by an hour or two in the pool to loosen up the following day. (I should add, that we don\'t actually swim together, my wife goes on the women only sessions).

She is 5 feet four, blonde, and could pass for 10 years younger than her years. The only down side is that my wife has always been very reticent about sex, refusing to show any cleavage, wears only tights and usually, trousers rather than skirts, etc.

If anything appears on TV that contains even the slightest hint of anything sexual, she immediately either turns the programme over, or leaves the room. She would never even discuss such matters and the whilst the relationship hasn\'t been celibate, our love-making sessions have always been infrequent and talk free, or at least just a monologue on my part.

Of course I have been trying to encourage her over the years to loosen up and fantasies of any sexual adventures, let alone threesomes have been completley in vain. I have been an avid, if jealous reader of the stories on this site for several years, never expecting in my wildest dreams to be able to join in the fun.

Recently we have taken a long-term rental on a studio in the Med & last week we were there for a spot of maintenance and to get some sun.

We were expecting an ex-pat friend to call round the next day and, ever the optimist, I suggested she should dress in a short sarong for him. (She did buy one for a holiday, some years ago, but it remained unworn, in the back of a cupboard all this time). Feeling like pushing my luck, I continued to suggest she should wear white knickers and go bra-less for the visit.

Come the morning, I could not believe my eyes as she came into the living room, dressed in said sarong and without a bra under her sweatshirt top. To confirm I was not dreaming, I lifted the sarong to find a pair of bikini bottoms, looking as if from the Bridget Jones collection.

Still, I truly could not believe what was happening.

Just prior to the arrival of the friend, however, a transit van rolled up the driveway and out step two local tradesmen who had been sent to do some repairs to the property. We had known they were going to call, but not when - it was the Med, after all.

Quick as a flash, my wife rushed back into the bedroom and slammed the door, refusing to come out. The workmen had almost finished the job, or at least as much of it as they felt like doing, what with siesta time being only a couple of hours away, when our friend\'s car pulled up outside. I called to tell her he had arrived and she said she was getting changed and would be out when the workmen had gone.

Needless to say, my sense of euphoria had been replaced by the more usual one of same old - same old.

As us two old codgers sat on the terrace drinking a couple of cold ones, the workmen said their hasta-la-vistas and went. My wife came out, this time dressed in those 3/4 trouser things and a heavy, loose top, buttoned to the neck; but wait, I swear to you I was gobsmacked, she had left off her bra!

Now she is quite a big girl up top, only slightly lessened by a long, long diet and her breasts were quite clearly swinging loose. We have been together for almost 30 years and nothing like this has ever happened before. She got a chair and sat along side us, arrms folded and out of line of sight, which was probably just as well for my blood pressure, and joined in the conversation, keeping her chest well covered by her arms. It was, of course too late as both us blokes had clocked the liberated breasts straight away.

Now my pal is a confirmed batchelor, well at least since his live-in woman friend of several years ditched him about eighteen months ago, and he knows how to play the game, so he studiously avoided any attempted eye-contact with the below-kneck area and carried on the conversation as if nothing had happened.

I don\'t know what was / is going on in my wife\'s head at this point, but after a few moments, up she got and walked to the terrace steps, going down them and into the garden. She had her back to us for a while and was busy sorting out one of the flower beds.

After a while, she came back towards us and I immediately noticed she had undone three or four buttons of her top. Another first. What happened next might well be very mild compared to the experiences of some of you lucky folk, but I can tell you, I was - and still am - astounded. She stood on the other side of the low wall, opposite our guest and deliberately leaned over to pick up something from the tiled floor of the terrace. Her top fell open and he had a clear view of her breasts, from no more than a few feet away. I am pretty confident, as much as any man can be, that he is the only other man to see her breasts in over 30 years.

I was so excited, I almost came there and then, but he kept his cool and simply smiled appreciatively. I am sure had he done anything else, she would have dashed back indoors, but as it was, she sat back next to us and again crossed her arms over her chest.

The conversation continued as if nothing had happened and after a while he got up to leave. My wife got up and kissed him on both cheeks, in the local custom, but holding his hand whilst doing so. This is something she never, ever does, until now.

After he had gone, she simply walked back indoors, went into the bedroom, put on her bra and we went shopping. She never mentioned the events that had just transpired. This all happened four days ago and she has not mentioned it since.

I do not know what brought this on, whether or not it was just a one-off event or whatever. All I do know is, we are going back out there in around six weeks time, when hopefully the weather will still be warm enough for outdoor living.

Will anything else happen? I honestly have no idea, but I am certainly looking forward to the trip a lot more than usual.

If anything does occur, I will post about it when we get back.

Wish me luck!