19 Mar 2018

I have been married for twenty years and never strayed or had an affair. However last week a very sexy black plumber came round to fix a broken tap. It did not take him long and so I made him a cup of tea. We got talking and I told him how my husband was often away a lot for work and I was often lonely. He put his arm round me to reassure me and his hands wandered to my 36dd breasts .It was lovely being held ,and I did not mind when he unclipped my bra and his hands caressed my 36dd breasts. He kissed me gently and his hands moved to the top of my jeans which he swiftly unclipped, and moved towards my newly waxed vagina. He quickly found my clit and I became very aroused as his fingers explored my vagina. He led me up stairs where he laid me on a bed a pulled down my jeans and panties . He kissed my vagina and licked at my clit. He then removed his jeans and pants to reveal the biggest cock I have ever seen. He forced it into my tight vagina and my God it felt so good. I Felt so stretched and loved it when he started to fuck driving me into a massive organism . He came so much my bed was drenched ,but I wanted more.. He wiped his cock clean and entered me again swiftly taking me to yet another organism. He then turned me over a fucked my bum.

Later that night my husband tried to fuck me but my pussy was so stretched I could not feel him at all. I so want more black cock my pussy demands it let me know if you are interested . Barbara