Written by sharon

27 Jul 2007

My best friend was due to get married but was again working away so asked me to pick up her dress. I arranged to drop the dress off at lunchtime with Pete her husband to be. I carefully carried the dress to the door and intended to just hand it over but Pete wanted me to check it first, we carefully carried it upstairs and removed it from the bag, it was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen and Sarah looked gorgeous in it during her fittings. Pete asked if I could try it on – I knew we shouldn’t but it was too beautiful to resist. Pete left the room as I slipped into the dress – Sarah and I are a similar size but I have a bigger bust – it fitted perfectly except for my tits bursting from the top. I was about to take it off when Pete came back into the room he pulled me towards him and rubbed against me – I could feel his erection and I too became very turned on. He gently lifted my breasts just a little higher so my nipples were now revealed and kissed me passionately. Pete then got on his knees and crawled under the dress, he slipped his fingers inside and furiously poked making me come several times as he sucked my clit. When he eventually came out he asked if I would fuck him, he lay on the bed with his cock out ready as I mounted him still wearing the dress. I slowly lifted myself to the top of his huge cock then slid all the way down as he fondled my breasts. When he had eventually shot his load deep inside me I got to my knees and sucked him clean. This was the most exciting sex ever, and we now see each other regularly as Sarah works away so often – we even get the wedding dress out occasionally to have more fun.