Written by Failed Pete

18 Apr 2018

We are a mid 30’s couple and been together for 10 years. Our sex is good, no it is better than that, and it’s great. My wife has always wanted lots of sex and had quite a lot of experience before we got together. We have fun and role play a lot. I also tease her about other men flirting with her which adds to the games.

I have told her she can have sex with other men if she wants and I encourage her. She knows I would like some threesomes with her and another man. I just want her to have fun. She has had a few threesomes with a couple of boyfriends before we met. She has told me about them and she definitely enjoyed the experiences. But she says we don’t need to do that as we are married and have family and responsibilities.

But recently she came home and told me she had met someone that she had known when she was single. This guy is called Brady and he was the boyfriend of one of her friends. Her friend hurt herself badly while playing net ball and was hospitalised and was operated on. My wife and Brady waited at the hospital while all this happened. She had always liked him and they nearly went home and fucked when they got the all clear after the operation was over. They didn’t as they both felt the guilt it would cause between them and her friend. Anyway they need not have worried as her friend dumped the boyfriend for the physiotherapist that helped her recover. They eventually married.

Anyway my wife had run into him when he came into her work on business. They got talking and he told her he was single again and asked her to have coffee soon to catch up. She talked to me again about the time they nearly got together. She told me more how they had been all over each other in dark hospital waiting room in the early hours of the morning. She regretted missing the opportunity and thought he did to. I told her to go ahead and met him and see where it went. I also went on how it may lead to a threesome with him and I. We fucked that night talking about it.

She had coffee with him and set a date to meet at his place 2 nights later. She was truthful with him and told him I knew and he was ok with it. He was ok with meeting me and was happy if we all got together. I could not believe my luck how it was working out.

She met him and she got home about 10pm. She told me that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and fucked as soon as she got to his place. He then asked her to go out for a snack. They showered together where the soaped each other and he got her off again. After they went to a Tapis place they went back to his and fucked again. This time it was slower.

When she came home she told me about it and asked if I wanted her. I did and we had a fantastic fuck.

The next morning when we did it again she told me how good it felt to have 2 men wanting her. The sex with him wasn’t better just “very naughty” which made it good. She also said he wasn’t bigger than me which was pleasing. I am a good size at over 7 inches.

She met him 3 more times, each time on a Tuesday evening. She looked forward to seeing him and I could see her excitement seem to rise from about Sunday. She would talk about it and ask if I was looking forward to her getting home. She would say “don’t worry I won’t be too late”. All this made it hot for me having such a sexually enthusiastic wife.

When she came home on the last Tuesday she told me that Brady was coming over on Friday evening and I would get my wish. She I fucked into the early hours of Wednesday. We made arrangements to have the house to ourselves and Friday arrived.

I let Brady in when he knocked. We shock hands and he told me what a great wife I had and that I was an amazing husband to let her enjoy herself so much. My wife made a grand entrance dressed in some very shear lingerie. You could see everything and she looked so hot. I made us all a drink but as soon as I handed them out we put them down and headed for the bedroom.

Brady and I lost our clothes and the lingerie hit the floor. We were all over her. Soon Brady was between her legs eating her out. She clawed at his head as the sensations hit her. She came over and over. He was ready to fuck her and as he raised himself up she grabbed his cock and sucked him fully in. He asked me if it was ok to continue and I told him to. You see my cock was still limp. His was as hard and stiff as could be.

He handed her a condom and she rolled it on and he entered her. I then watched as he rode her. I massaged and tugged at my cock to make it hard but nothing happened. My wife told me to lie next to her and she sucked my limp cock and balls trying to make it stiff but nothing happened. After a while I told her not to worry and just to enjoy herself. I watched her cum on his cock and he eventually cum into the condom.

As they rested my wife said not to worry but I was embarrassed. Brady said things like “It happens to all of us sometimes”. This was good but I just wanted to disappear. My wife had prepared cheese and champagne and we tidied ourselves and talked as we ate and drank. After a few champagnes my wife said she wanted it again and asked if I wanted to try. I told them to go ahead and just watched them. My cock still did nothing.

After he had fucked her he said he had better head home and left us. He said we should try again. Anytime was fine with him.

My wife and I then cuddled and she told me she loved me and not to be upset and my cock stood straight up. We had a big fuck. We fucked again in the morning, no problems. Brady phoned on Saturday and my wife told him I was ok and that we had fucked. He called again on Sunday to see if she was going to his on Tuesday. She told him she would see. She asked me and I told her to go. In fact I insisted.

I had no trouble fucking her when she returned. Now I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to fail again, it was so embarrassing. My wife wants to try again. Brady had suggested to her that I fuck her first and he would wait. I would have to wear a condom which is not appealing.

I can’t help feeling I have failed and I don’t want to again. My wife has said also she is now happy to stop seeing Brady. She was really looking forward to the threesomes and if we aren’t going to do it then she doesn’t need to keep seeing Brady.