Written by Rosie

7 May 2014

Thank you for your kind comments and encouraging me to continue with my story.

I guessed that Angie was going to fetch a vibrator to show me, not really expecting anything more than to hold it and switch it on. I lay in the bed for a minute or two but needed a pee. I'd just sat on the loo when I heard her return and called to say I was in the loo and I'd be out in a minute. She just walked straight in on me, not batting an eyelid at me sat on the loo pissing. “Do you mind. I'm having a wee” I asked. “Don't be such a prude” She laughed, leaning against the basin watching me. I couldn't stop so had to continue. I finished, stood and wiped my pussy. The en-suite was small, hardly room for both of us, she moved to let me use the wash basin. In the mirror I could see she'd sat on the loo, then bending forward, her hand stroking my bum. I dried my hands, but didn't move. She moved her hand higher and turned me around to face her.

She put her hands on my hips, pulled me a little closer. Her hands slid down to my thighs, then between them, pushing my legs apart. She moved her hands away, leaning closer and I felt her breath on my pussy, her tongue flicking against my clit. I sighed, leant back against the sink, almost involuntarily parting my legs further. She continued licking me for about a minute, before sitting up, taking my hand and guiding it my pussy. Pressing my fingers into my cunt she told me to play with myself. Her fingers began to move, making me move mine, two of my fingers, two of hers, sliding in and out of me as my cunt quickly became wet. She murmured encouragement, telling me to relax and enjoy, before removing her hand and sitting back to watch. Self-consciously at first, I began to masturbate in front of her.

Excited by my behaviour I could feel myself becoming aroused, my juices flowing, a sensation of freedom. I looked down at her, she had her legs open, a hand between them, fingering herself. The sight of her masturbating too, increased my excitement and I began to finger myself faster, bending my knees pushing a third finger inside, pushing them deeper into my cunt. She smiled up at me, pulled her sticky fingers from her pussy, licked them, then slid them back in to her sodden hole. She opened her legs a bit wider, I noticed a dribble of liquid, then a stream as she started to piss, still fingering herself. I couldn't look away or move. Even when she began moving her hand faster, her fingers flashing in and out of her cunt, piss spraying and splashing my thighs, running down my legs, pooling around my feet, I carried on masturbating.

We both continued masturbating. I climaxed first. She'd emptied her bladder, fingering herself vigorously until she came. Her hand, pussy, the tops of her thighs, my feet and legs were soaked with piss. I stood in a pool of urine, still recovering from cumming, my legs feeling to weak to move, until she stood, reached around me for a towel, dropped it on the floor to soak up the liquid. “I need a shower” I said shakily. “Me too” she replied, opening the cubicle and turning on the shower. “Do you want to go first?” I asked. She replied that we could shower together.

The shower enclosure was quite small, but we squeezed in, though the door wouldn't close. We washed, exploring each others bodies. I soaped her breasts, feeling her nipples hardening as I caressed them. She took my hand, put it between her legs, placed her hand on top and pressed my fingers into her cunt. She began moving her hand, compelling me to move mine. My fingers slid in and out of her sex. I felt her remove her hand from mine and I continued to finger her. She pushed back against my body, my tits squashed against her back, she slid a hand between us, touched my pussy and pushed a couple of fingers into my hole. She began to finger fuck me, fingers slipping in and out of my pussy. I did the same to her, I must have been doing it right because after a couple of minutes I heard her moan, felt her shuddering as she came. I stopped fingering her, held her tight. My pussy felt super sensitive, every touch amplified, my feeling of excitement heightened by my debauched behaviour as she brought me to climax again.

I leant against the cold tiled wall for support as she washed the soap off me, then helped me out of the shower. She led me back into the bedroom, picked up a towel and dried me before sitting me on the bed. She dried herself, then picked up a bag off the floor and took out a selection of vibrators, dildos and a tube of lube. She handed them to me one at a time, letting me feel the size, shape and texture of them all. One dildo was so large, about 15” and thicker than my wrist, I couldn't imagine any woman wanting to, let alone being able to, take it in their pussy. I know different now. She switched on the vibrators, demonstrating the different things they did. The first just vibrated, the others had various pulse settings and speeds or the rabbit with the rotating tip, and the ears to excite the clit.

I watched as she demonstrated using a black one, about 8 inches long, quite thick and modelled on a penis. She parted her legs, used her fingers to open her pussy and slowly pushed the vibrator into her hole until virtually all that was showing was the control dial on the base. I couldn't believe how easily she'd taken it as she turned up the speed and began to fuck herself with it. I watched for a couple of minutes until she stopped, pulled it out and put it to one side. “Your turn now. Which do you want to try? She asked.

I pointed at the smallest, about 6 inches long, about an inch in diameter, made of a soft jelly material. Angie squirted some lube on it, gave me the tube to lubricate my pussy. While I lay back and lubricated my hole, she spread lube over the vibrator. She told me to spread my legs wider. I did as I was told, propping myself on my elbows to watch. She turned it on, rubbing it along my slit, slowly turning up the speed, before holding the tip against my clitoris. I jumped as the powerful vibrations, surged through my cunt. “Do you like that?” she asked. All I could do was nod. “Are you ready to try it in your cunt?” I nodded again.

I felt her push two fingers into my pussy, then parting them, opening my hole. The tip of the vibrator entered me, the soft jelly covered in lube sliding into my slippery hole easily. I'd expected some sort of resistance or discomfort, but all I felt was increasing pleasure. She slid most of it into me, then began moving it in and out. “I bet you've done this before with something” she said. I don't know why, considering what she was doing and what had happened earlier, but I felt myself blush at the memory. She laughed. “Go on, tell me what was it” I hesitated before answering “A roll on deodorant bottle. I accidentally pushed it inside and panicked when I thought I couldn't get it out. I had visions of going to hospital, but got it out eventually. I was to scared to try again” I admitted. She laughed and continued to fuck me with the vibrator, pulling it out and rubbing it against my clit until she'd made me cum.

There was no denying that I'd enjoyed both having sex with her and my first experience of a vibrator. I was curious to know why she'd watched me peeing and about pissing while she was masturbating. She said it turned her on. She'd had an older boyfriend and they used to piss on each other. She occasionally met up with a guy who paid to watch her piss and to urinate on him “Easy money when I'm short of cash” she told me. I already knew she took money for sex, but it had never crossed my mind that people did such things. I realised I had an awful lot to learn.

We talked about sex and the urgent need for me to overcome my inhibitions with guys, “We need to get you fucked. We're going to a party next weekend, there'll be loads of guys. Until then we'll just have to practise with the toys. By the time I've finished with you, you'll be gagging for cock” she confidently predicted. Before she left I accepted her offer to lend me a couple of her vibrators and to help me use them and prepare myself, though she didn't specify exactly how. “If you're still a virgin by this time next week I'll never speak to you again” she joked as she went out the door. Moments later she stuck her head back around. “Oh by the way, most guys prefer a smooth pussy. I'll be back later to shave you” Before I could reply she'd gone, leaving me plenty to think about.

After she'd gone I cleaned the en-suite, showered again, before laying on the bed naked, thinking about what I'd done. The vibrators were next to the bed so I fingered myself, got my pussy nice and wet, then spent a pleasurable hour, trying them out. I had an assignment to work on so decided to concentrate on that. I spent longer than I'd realised working. It was dark outside when Angie returned, bringing with her everything needed to shave my pussy.

I'll stop there and continue another day. That's if you want to hear more of course.