Written by DangerAddict

18 May 2007

This story is long but true. It contains certain details that might give the game away to people that know us, but I needed to include them for authenticity.

About three years ago, my wife and I returned home from a wedding do where I drove and my wife drank all evening. She was getting very frisky in the car on the way back, so I knew we were in for some good sex, but little did I know that this was to be the first step in fulfilling my greatest fantasy.

We got back, and started having sex on the sofa. The usual stuff happened - sex toys, porn on the tv, I even got to video us - but the most important thing was that I managed to get her to reveal a fantasy of having sex with someone else. She was a virgin when we married and she's always been pretty horny and flirty, so I had suspected this for a while.

From that point on, it has become my life's work to ensure that the fantasy became a reality, and it finally happened last week.

Over the last three years, I have encouraged R to become more sexually open (her religious upbringing has left her with lots of guilt) and be more forward with other men. I started by encouraging her to contact the ex-husband of one of her friends, as she'd always fancied him and we suspected it was reciprocated. That never got beyond a fumble in a car, and he got cold feet because he was in another relationship by then.

Each time we've been on a skiing holiday (when we leave the kids at home and let our hair down), she's had some level of sexual contact with another man. First in Courmayeur with a 21 year old in a nightclub (she even met him a few weeks later and was fingered in his car), the next year in Sauze D'Oulx with a 19 year old in his single room next door to ours (she wanked him off and he made her come with his tongue), finally this year in Tignes with a 25 year old who was staying in our chalet. He fingered her on a chairlift, and they were all set to have sex on the last night only for other members of his party to suspect and block the events.

She's flirted with various men at her work, but in the sober light of day she daren't take the risk.

Four weekends a year, R travels to London for a girlie weekend, and last year she was sat at a table with three aussie rugby players. They were trying it on for the whole journey, and although she was tempted to go with them after the train arrived at London KX, she had to meet a friend, so bottled it. We agreed that if this ever happened again she would grasp the opportunity with both hands - and she has.

Three weeks ago, on another weekend trip to London, she got chatting to a guy who was travelling home for the weekend from our home town. It turns out he stays in our home town during the week and goes home at weekends. On the tube ride in London, she managed to exchange mobile numbers and promised to meet up the following week.

The following Monday, she got a text. Left it until Tuesday to respond, and by Thursday he was desperately trying to get her to meet him at his hotel. She couldn't meet then, but agreed to the following Tuesday.

So, last Tuesday I got back from work around 8. The kids were already in bed, and R asked me to shave her for her new man. She dressed up in very sexy clothes to show off her lovely long legs, gorgeous arse and slim figure. Armed with condoms, she then left in a taxi with a glint in her eye, promising me she would be home by 11.30 for seconds!

She got home as promised, looking tipsy and bedraggled. They'd met for a drink, flirted for an hour, and then gone straight to his hotel room. They then spent the next hour and a half having sex in various positions. As soon as she got home, she got onto the sofa, spread her legs and told me to fuck her. She was absolutely sopping wet, and while we were fucking she told me the all the details while rubbing her clit.


In the last three weeks we have had more sex than ever before. R has become absolutely filthy, and is now going on the pill so that she can let her new man cum inside her. Then I can have sloppy seconds for real.

She's sent him dozens of filthy texts and promised to suck him off and let him finger her in a bar. She wants to fuck him in her car, on his hotel balcony and also let him take lots of pictures of her and both of them together. She's also admitted that now she's taken the plunge she'll be doing so with other men too.

I'm totally relaxed about this, and am thoroughly enjoying the change in lifestyle. I'll add more stories as she becomes even more adventurous.