Written by Mark

31 Jan 2009

I'd been joking for a few years with B** (hubby) and C**** (wife) about lusting after C and B didn't seem to mind too much when I occasionally cuddled and kissed C. She didn't mind at all, enjoyed and appreciated the attention, my guess being that as old marrieds there wasn't much sex in their marriage. I had also correctly guessed that C was in a (low key) relationship with a work colleague, C asking me not to say a word to B when I made my guess, she admitting the relationship was just sex, not that I would tell B, her extra-marital activities only happening abroad when she and her colleague were away at conferences in exotic places like Rio, Sydney, Bangkok and Tokyo.

I wasn't surprised, C was a very attractive lady, looking ten years younger than her mid-sixties, a trim figure, shapely boobs, shapely legs and ankles. Whenever I met her she was always very smartly dressed, on special occasions she was always in high heels, expensive sheer black tights and above the knee lbd and confident of showing some thigh.

I had been out with them on four occasions, two at their favourite restaurant, and twice at theirs when C had prepared dinner, both times affording me a quick cuddle and kiss with C, a soft kiss on the neck in the kitchen as I helped clear away plates. Once, as she prepared coffee and liqueurs, I was behind her, arms around her waist, my prick fully erect, locked away in my chinos but she feeling it, pushing her bottom back onto my hardness, me whispering in her ear 'I'd like to fuck you...' she replying, 'That would be nice...ask B**...if he says yes....' I didn't of course, totally unsure of how to play things, even when C sat alongside me on the sofa, chatting, her leg pressed against mine, her skirt riding up along her legs to reveal a lovely expanse of black sheer nylon, B opposite us on an armchair, but not a sign he'd be relaxed if I made a move on his wife, no risque comments or word from him that would have opened the door, allowing C to subtlely unzip me, pull my prick out and drop her head, take me in her mouth, B looking on at his sexy wife satisfying another guy. So frustrating for me and I'm sure C.

Then, mid December, almost a year after I had last been out with them, an email from C inviting me to dinner with them at theirs. Normally it was B who emailed me so one from C was an interesting change and allowed me to be a little risque, knowing B would probably see my reply. C's reply responded to my risque remark with one of her own and over a couple of days we exchanged emails, each more sexier until I found myself offering to trim her pussy hairs to a landing strip, B then sending me an email jokingly telling me I was leading his wife astray, ending with the enigmatic remark '...too late, she is fully timmed...'.

I ordered flowers over the Internet for delivery to C with a sexy note, and arrived at theirs at 7 p.m. with bottles of very good red and white wine. In my jacket pocket I had optimistically put three condoms. C looked stunning. Her hair was different, longer, sculptured and great looking bronze colour, purple velvet choker around her neck, blouse open to reveal her cleavage and hint of a flowery purple and black lace bra, purple skirt, good few inches above her knee, what I thought were sheer black tights but turned out to be lace top stockings, purple high heels. I really felt this was going to be the evening I'd have B's OK to fuck his wife and as I was welcomed at their door I let out a genuine, 'God, C****, you look absolutely fabulous...so sexy...I could take you right now!' kissing her on both cheeks. C replying, 'Only if you are a good boy..' To which I added, 'I hope I'm not too good tonight...I feel like being very naughty!' and, getting up some courage, me blurting out, 'Jeez C****, you've given me a big hard on already, and I've only just arrived!' That got B going, chiming in with, 'Steady now...' but it was the glint in C's eyes as I made my 'hard on' remark that gave me the distinct feeling this was going to be the night she and I were going to fuck

We chatted for half an hour, caught up with our news, C thanking me for the flowers, sittting on the sofa alongside me, legs crossed to reveal very sexy lace top stockings. As our conversation developed I found it increasingly impossible to either say nothing about the sexy sight of her stockinged legs, or not touch them, stroke them. When I finally got up courage to pass a comment while also touching the lace top of one stocking she made no attempt to stop me, just a not-very-serious warning, "don't you dare snag them!" turning to look at hubby, laughing, me looking at him, he lifting his glass in a 'cheers'. I took that as his approval to let things develop, as did C who uncrossed her legs, lent forward and fingered my neck chain, 'it's a bit girly Mark, you need something heavier, more manly than that...' opening my shirt to take a closer look at it. I smiled, lent forward, kissing her quickly on the lips, she slipping a hand inside my shirt, a finger stroking a nipple, our lips meeting again but this time in a much firmer, more passionate kiss, her finger squeezing my nipple, her other hand behind my head, pushing my mouth onto hers.

I slid a hand inside her skirt, all the way until fingers reached the front of her knickers. She was wet, my fingers stroked, her body shook. Then I felt her hands at my belt. She unclipped the buckle, unzipped the fly and brought out my cock, now fully erect, a hand squeezing my balls. She looked at hubby, just to make sure he was still happy, and he raised his glass, again in a 'cheers'.

She lent forward, took my cockhead in her mouth, its warmth giving me an instant, fantastic erotic feeling, her fingers stroking my shaft as she sucked. As the ecstasy grew I lent back and closed my eyes but not before checking B. He looked very happy, smiling, engrossed with his wife sucking off another man. As she sucked, she unbuttoned her blouse, eventually pulling it off her shoulders, her rounded breasts in a purple and black lace bra.

I started to moan, C stroked harder, hand squeezing my balls and it was only another minute or so before I could no longer hold it, I let go, exploding in C's mouth, her gurgling as my cum filled up her mouth, opening my eyes, looking down on her neck as she sucked long after my last shot of cum. She looked up, shaking her hair, she lent forward, we kissed, her tongue transferring the cum she hadn't swallowed into my mouth.

Then B got up came over, unzipping himself, C turning to take his long, hard cock in her mouth. As she sucked him she gave my cock a slow wank and as I watched C suck hubby I wasn't surprised my own cock got hard very quickly, my hands back inside her skirt, playing with her stocking tops and, eventully, fingering her pussy, labia very aroused, very large, her knickers very wet, she opening her legs to ease my access. She lent back, B following, beginning to slow fuck her mouth, placing both hands on his hips as his cock sank right into mouth, down her throat, then back out again. I lent forward, pushed her legs wide open, skirt back and brought my mouth down on her wet knickers, sucking hard her grossly enlarged labia, tongue sliding inside the thin nylon of her undies, on into her pussy, licking her clit.

Then she slid further down, not losing hubby in her mouth but re-positioning herself on the sofa. I could now ease her purple and black lace knickers away and brought my mouth back again this time to kiss her naked labia, glistening wet, kissing her little landing strip of blond hair, biting on her clit, she letting out a low, long moan as I did. I raised myself, then moved forward an inch or two, my cock now at her lubricated pussy. I teased her with my cockhead rubbing both labia, she dropping a hand to push me, guide me, into her wetness. I slid inside her without any further delay and, as I did, she must have bit hard on hubby's cock, he letting out a 'loud 'jeez!' and as I watched I saw her cheeks puff out as hubby's cum filled her mouth, she sucking it all away, swallowing it without any delay.

I dropped my head and kissed her nipples through the thin nylon of her bra. I thrust my hips in and out, gathering speed until after about three or four minutes, I let out my own 'jeez!', froze inside her, and shot my spunk deep inside her pussy, her hand stroking my nipples, neck, chain, face, my kissing her fingertips as they passed across my lips. 'That was great Mark...your stuff feels very warm inside me...lovely feeling...' she then kissed me very passionately, breaking off to pull her knickers on to soak up my spunk

It took another five minutes or so but C got up, went off to freshen up. When she got back she was fully dressed, went to the kitchen and got on with preparing the dinner. B and I chatted like nothing had happened and after dinner I expected no more than coffee, after dinner mints and small talk before leaving but C wanted more, took my hand and we walked upstairs to the guest bedroom. She closed and locked the door, just the two of us...