Written by Katie

7 Oct 2012

For those of you that read the first story,Just over a week ago you will know the situation I am in.Although I still have no way of knowing if I am pregnant yet,I have spent the whole week,Not so much worrying more concerned about the outcome.And why I did nothing to prevent it.As you are aware if I am the baby will be mixed race.And as I admitted at the time that will cause problems.

As I said in my first part,Although he came in me the first time,and I can understand why,I really have no excuse for allowing him to do it again.So I have spent this week I suppose trying to put the blame solely on him.It has caused rows indoors with my partner,not that he knows but because of the mood I have been in.And on saturday it all became to much for me.I decided to confront my lover and let him know if I am pregnant he wont be getting away with it scott free,

As it will obviously mean I will be alone.And its not right he dont give us some support.I dont know where I got the courage to even knock at his door,But somehow I did.He opened it just wearing white jogging bottoms,and must have thought I had come for some more.But as much as I promised myself to remain calm,I just let it all come out.At first he listened and when I had finished,He reminded me even though we was both silly the second time I wanted him to ejaculate in me,I could not really argue with him,and he went back to being the funny guy that got me into bed the first time,

By now I had calmed down as really I knew the blame lay solely with me,He must have noticed how I was looking at him and I must admit thoughts of just how good it was.Not in a nasty way,he said after all I had plenty of opportunity to get the morning after pill.And I could not argue with that.He then said if I was after money for a termination he could not help.Then smiling he said but if your really after a black baby he could.

Its so hard to explain,That was the last thing I really wanted but I knew I did want sex with him again,And he must have sensed that,I am no silly teenager but somehow he seemed to have a hold on me.And as much as I wanted to fight it,I just did not seem to be able to.He sat next to me and put his arm around me and next thing we were kissing,As he only had joggers on his erection was easy to see,I have to admit instead of pulling away it was me that was taking the lead,I knew how good it had been and wanted it again.He motioned for me to get undressed,which I duly done,We moved to the bedroom and I sat on the bed he dropped his bottoms to reveal his large black dick that had given me so much pleasure the week before.I moved to take him in my mouth,But he motioned for me to move over so he could lie next to me.He then began kissing me and caressing my body,I could feel his erection pushing at my thigh,I dont know how but somehow just his touch was making me tingle.I really was putty in his hands,I was begging him to put it inside me,

By now I was not in control of my own mind,He moved so he was just nudging at my lips,Then gently said you really do want my black baby dont you,but I was so turned on I could not think straight,I just wanted him in me,He kept whispering between kisses tell me,you want my black swimmers more than anything.And at that moment I did,I had never been so turned on and when he asked again,I could only say yes,I must have been so wet as he easily slid into me,I can best describe it as being a out of body experience,I knew by the pleasure I was feeling it was happening to me,But it was like I was watching someone else,He was saying how he was going to give me that black baby and how the world would know I had been impregnated by a black guy,This sounds strange but at that second I wanted that more than anything.And with one final thrust he emptied himself deep into me.And for the second time with him I was truly satisfied,And in a way I was praying his sperm had got through,As I lay back in his arms I did not want to be anywhere else,As we lay there kissing,he was saying things like we are going to be mummies and daddies,As unromantic as it sounds it was exactly what I wanted to hear.So when he was erect again I was more than willing for him to enter me again. Again the sex was mind blowing,And again I was more than willing for him to fill me with his sperm,which he did.Only this time there was no anger just a happy feeling,of complete contentment,As I lay back he looked into my face and said if we got away with it before we wont now.and we just kissed.

Even now a day later,I dont feel any remorse,if I am to be really honest I am praying he has made me pregnant.I know it will mean the end of my relationship and I know there is no future with my lover,But whereas last week I was full of how I would explain a mixed race baby to others.I now feel I will only be explaining a baby,my baby.

I cannot get into the debate on if you go black you never go back,As I really cant say.What I can say though is I am sure it wont be the last time we end up in bed together.Nobody can predict the future but what I can predict is even if I have not fell this time by him,It will happen