Written by Lucky Me

14 Dec 2007

I\'m a mature Bi male and a couple in their 40\'s contacted me to see if I was interested in a MMF session but in which I would mentor the Hubby in having anal sex with a guy for the first time. He\'d done the odd mutual sucking but wanted to go further and shag a bloke whilst his wife watched and helped out. They felt they would be more comfortable with someone a lot older and experienced .I duly turned up at their home for a morning meet. I\'ll call them Mike and Lynda(not their real names)

After an introductory chat over a cup of coffee we retired to their bedroom and stripped off\' Lynda took charge and had Mike lying between the two of us initially whilst we both gave him oral, Lynda presenting herself so we both could finger her clit and tits., Then Mike and I changed positions and they both gave me oral and we continued working on Lynda until she was all juiced up and wanted me to fuck her, bareback, from behind doggy fashion with her legs bent up so Mike could watch me shagging her from the front, turning into a \'69\' position so Lynda could suck him whilst he watched. I duly obliged shagging her for about two minutes or so when she said \"I think Mike\'s ready to take you\".

So I got into the kneeling position over the end of the bed whilst Lynda started to open me up with her fingers and working KY in to lubricate me. Mike was stood by the side obviously rampant. He had about a 7\" cock, cut, and about average girth.I\'d had bigger so I knew I could take him.

Then erotically Lynda took his cock and guided him into me, bareback,which I prefer. He got fully in and then started to shag me - his first taste of arse- Lynda sat on the bed watching but also wanking me, and encouraging Mike to \"go for it\". He had his hands on my hips drawing me onto his thrusts until I felt the customary \'tightening of grip\' and then the \"Aaaah\" vocal expression as he shot his spunk deep up my arse.

\"Our turn now to cum off\" said Lynda \"he\'s had it\" so I buried my cock into her more than ready juiced up cunt taking her in the missionary position with her legs bent up against my shoulders. Fingering her arsehole using her own juices I managed to work two fingers in easily and knew she\'d had anal before, so I turned her over into the doggy position and started to shag her arse where in due course I unloaded my spunk.

On dressing afterwards I put a wad of toilet tissue between the cheeks of my arse as I knew the remnants of Mikes spunk would dribble out whilst I was undergoing the return train journey home.

Changing trains at New St station(B\'ham) I went into the Gents to check for \'leakage\' and change the tissue pad. As I started to enter a cubicle I caught the eye of a guy blow drying his hands.He gave me an \'arched eyebrow\' look, a smile and the slightest nod of the head at the cubicle. I knew he wanted me so I reciprocated the smile and an affirmitive nod and went into the cubicle with him behind me. a brief \'Hi\' and his slacks were down presenting a nice uncut cock, rapidily getting an erection. I sat on the pan and sucked him deeply into a full 7-8\" He was quite thick too. Cupping his hands behind my head he face fucked me for 30 seconds or so, then said, \"Can I fuck you properly?\".

On getting up and dropping my slacks, I had to remove the wad I\'d placed to catch Mikes spunk. I told my new found friend that I;d been shagged once that morning all ready and the reason for the tissue pad. This seemed to excite him tremendously as he \'Oohhhed\' and \'Aahed\'as he bent me over the pan. I was still well opened up from Mikes shagging, ad what with the last drops of his spunk I was relatively well lubricated. He entered me in one thrust and well and truly shagged me. There was no doubt that unlike my previous shag, it was not the first time he\'d fucked a bloke\'s arse!Then the customary actions etc, as he built up his climax and unloaded his balls deep inside me.

I was still \'dead\' from shagging Lynda, so he tidied himself up and slipped out the cubicle, whilst I remained inside trying to do something about this new load of spunk that was sure to dribble out over the next hour until I got home. So I replaced the initial wad of toilet paper, with yet an even bigger pad.

But hey! what a morning. You go for weeks struggling to make one shagging session, then get two in as many hours.