Written by jan

13 Mar 2010

my name is jan ,i am 39 with a good figure ,blonde hair and a tan. we have been having some work done in our house by george and oap he is smaller than me, going bald,and a beer belly he is 74 years old , he had been working at our house for a few days and i noticed that if i had a skirt on he would look at my legs. anyhow one night me and the hubby had a row and it carried on till next morning when he went to work . i was still in a mood and was in the bedroom when george knocked on the front door ,i opened the window and said let your self in i will down soon. i got dressed in a very short skirt ,a t shirt, heels and no underwear. as i was walking down stairs he was knelt down at the bottom doing something ,he looked up and nearly had a heart attack . he saw up my skirt and i knew he had seen my smooth pussy .

as the morning went on i was getting aroused ,so i thought of a plan to get him going.i went up stairs , got some step ladders out and climbed up them to the loft hatch, as a was over 4 foot high ,i called to george , he came upstairs saw me up the ladder and i said can you hold me steady while i am looking up here , he took hold of the ladder but i said no it is still shaking you had better hold me . he held me by my hips , i knew he could see up my dress ,so i turned round to face his way and doing so his hands dropped to my thighs on top of my skirt so i reached higher and as i moved up his hands moved to my bare legs ,i was getting going so i bit my lip and went for it, as i moved down the ladder his hands slid up under my skirt and he touched me , i got wet straight away, i took his hand and pulled him to our bedroom , i sat on the bed with him in front of me i could tell he was aroused so i unzipped him pulled his trousers and pants down and his cock sprang out ,it was about 6 inches ,really fat and uncut ,i started sucking him and as i did told him to undress ,he was soon naked so i lay back and got him to lick me out.i had an orgasm ,got him to lay down, and got undressed myself. i got back on the bed ,lay back and soon george was on me fucking me. we had sex for a couple of hours ,stopping to let him recover then going again i even let him do my ass. by the time he went home we had had sex 5 times. we shall see what happens again if it does