Written by Gareth100

13 Dec 2013

it was a lovely summers day back this august, I had been to town do some shopping and popped in to a good local cafe that I use when in town, sat there scrolling through my phone, I heard the sound of heels on the tiled floor, I watched as a tall slim lady walked to the table opposite me, her back to me, her legs bare disappeared under her short skirt, above the slirt a short white cottton coat, she placed her bag on the chair, then turned slowly taking her coat off, she smiled at me and i smiled backed, her kacket now pulled back over her shoulders as she removed it showed off a magnificent pair of tits in a tight top, there was no bra to stop the lovely nipples showing them selves through the thin material, i could not get my eyes from them, i finally raise my gaze to her face again and smiled, she gave a little giggle and sat down, I tried to carry on reading my magazine but the draw of another glance at those tits was forefront on my mine, my cock was already in swell mode lol, I raised my eyes, she was sat looking through the window, so it was easy to get a full look, they rose and fell with every breath she took and my stiffness grew, what a devine lady she was. Over the next few minutes I stole glances when ever I could. After about 10mins I looked up to steal another glance of her and what a suprise I got, the buttons of her top had been opened and her lovely cleavahe was now on show, we caught glances again and she smiled, taking a sip of her coffee, my cock now stiffening. This carried on over the next 20mins with more buttons being opened and more cleavage on show, and her nipples were now stiff and straining the material. I so wanted to feel those ripe tits but did not want to spoil the show by being pushy. She got up to go when she had finished her coffee, bending over to pick up her bags, the view was superb her full tits hanging down and the cleavage ripe for a feel lol. When she got to my table she stopped and asked if i had enjoyed the show, before i could answer she looked at my crotch and said 'i can see you did'. Do you want to sort that out. My eyes lit up and I followed her outside. We went to the park near by where we found a private spot. She opened her coat and undid the remaining buttons of her top, at last a full view of those lovely tits, they were so lovely and her nipples lovely and hard. 'Is that cock coming out then' she asked, i did not need asking twice and my cock was free in the warm air, she walked to me and run a finger alone the underside of my stiff shaft, i like ur cock she said, she slowly wanked it. I could not stop myself and run my hands over her tits, 'would u cum on them for me pls she asked'. Why would i refuse i thought to myself lol. I started to wank my cock with her help, and she was running her fingers over my wet tip, my load was building she knelt in front of me , she pushed her lovely tits together, 'lets have your load hunni' she asked, I felt my load rise and spurt after spurt splattered her lovely tits,' mmmm she mumured' and licked the end of my tip. She then cleaned her tits of my cum. Popped them in her top and did up the buttons and left. I have often visited that cafe since, but never ever seen her there again, but I often do think of that day and it always gives me a very stiff cock. Maybe she might read this if so please mail me hun.