Written by Jill

25 Jun 2018

Firstly many apologies for all the spelling mistakes in my last confession ,but I was getting turned on by the memories . This confession is known to hubby as he was present and in part it was his idea .

We had been clubbing and I was giving lots of oral , but I could not swallow and some of the guys didn’t like that . We spoke about it on the journey home and hubby said the only solution is to do it until you get used to it . With a feeling of failure and the effects of a lot of alcohol it seemed quite logical to me ,so I said O.K. no time like the present , let’s go for it .

We lived near a very popular dogging site and pulling into it , we could see that despite the late hour there were a lot of blokes there .

I stripped off got out of the car and climbed into the back . A chap in his mid twenties tapped on my window and I opened the door and let him in . I told him that I wanted to learn to swallow and that I wanted to be made to do it . The idea appealed to him because when he unzipped he was rock hard . Though I say it myself , my oral is good and I knew I would bring him off quickly . I told him to get a good grip on my hair and don’ t let me move away. A fist struck the top of my head hard and a voice said there would be more if I spilled any .

I set to and he soon came .he did hold my hair and forced his prick down my throat .I swallowed and it came up again and so I swallowed again .after several swallows it stayed down and I managed to clean him up .He left without a word .

I wanted to go home but hubby said about half a dozen like that should get you sorted . The next was very similar and went better. The third tasted foul for some reason and I gagged again only just managing not to spill anything .

I was over the worst and took another six ,with aching raw my only prorblem . The last was an old boy who handn’t washed for a while and had a lot I believe is called smog under his foreskin . However he left perfectly clean !

Hubby took me home then and I gave him the benefit of my new skills . xx