18 May 2018

I'm vick and wife is ashivna ..im married to her for 5 years.She is been working there for 3 years in a new place. i never doubt of her . we had the talks of fantasy and with whom you have sex before. we are quite open.

one day i called her she talk me that she is doing over time..after two hours i call her back she answered the phone by mistake and that when i heard all of it. she was with two other guys. they were maybe in a parking lot . she was kissing the guys. and one of them was smoking. after a bit i heard her moaning i knew she was fucking them both and heard her telling " fuck my ass" the sex was hot and rough. i could imagine how she was fucking one and sucking the other one.i could heard her pleasure.she let them both fuck her all the way. after that i cut the call.

she had return home after one hour and i did not tell her that i heard all. And i guess she still meet them ..since that day every time she is later we fuck hard. maybe i should tell her . what say?