Written by Shirley.

19 Mar 2013

My boyfriend and I and I have been together for a couple of years we are both 20, he has always done the business in the bedroom so to speak so I have never had cause to stray except for a bit of feeling up and kissing at parties etc.

I have always been fairly highly sexed, my first boyfriend Pete who to be honest was crap and after a painful fingering just stuck it in there and after a couple of grunts came and that was it.

Between that sad introduction and meeting my present boyfriend Steve I had a couple more so/so experiences so it was great to meet a guy like Steve who really wanted to please me and was as ever ready as I was to get between the sheets. Steve is a serious runner and is in great shape.

Like I said before I am a pretty horny girl, I am a 5'4" natural blonde with a good figure and always try to dress nice, I do not wear jogging pants or any of that shapeless crap and Steve's mum always said if he didn't marry me she would murder him.

This episode starts one day a while ago when I get a call from Steve saying that while out on his usual early morning run he felt a bit of knee pain which he had never had before, it had apparently forced him to stop and walk home, I thought nothing of it until we met for our usual midweek drink at our local, I work most evenings at a small hotel nearby so sometimes we only get chance for a glass or two a couple of times a week before I leave for work.

Steve said that he had been to the doctor who was 100% sure it was a slight meniscus tear which was easily fixed but he would be off the road for a while, he said that as Steve was a private patient they could do the surgery within a couple of days, I said great until he said but one thing is I will have a light cast on and we won't be able to have any of the other, my attitude changed from being supportive to downright disruptive, I asked him how long and he reckoned five or six weeks, now Steve and I are or were having great sex on average four times a week so the thought of going from that to bugger all just didn't fly with me, I left the pub to go to work seething.

Like I said I have a good job at this hotel which caters mostly for businessmen during the week, and as it is really nice but fairly small all the staff have to do several jobs, for instance I started at the front desk but more recently have moved to the small but comfy executive lounge. My main job is to serve drinks and snacks to the guys who's company's pay for them to stay a grade higher that the normal rooms.

Some times the lounge is busy but most times kind of quiet, the guests are for the most part very nice and just want a couple of drinks before either going out to dinner or calling it a day. Once or twice a guy has give me the eye and even flirted but for the most part they are genuine.

The day Steve told me about his knee thing was a Monday so although I was angry we had been at it all weekend so I was feeling okay, by the time it got to Thursday though things were different, I have never liked masturbating so that was out, I thought what a good opportunity to see how long one could remain celebate so steeled myself.

Thursday evening was fairly quiet, an early rush but after six thirty nobody, we closed the lounge at seven so I was just tidying things away when the door opened and a man came in, I remembered him slightly as one of the guys who always was friendly and chatty, and usually no problem to me had a sly look at my legs and boobs.

I said sorry we are done, he said oh I fancied a glass of wine before turning in, I'm tired and have an early start in the morning, he asked if there was any chance of getting the drink in his room if the lounge was closed, I said that as I was almost done yes but I would be half an hour or so, he replied no problem, he turned to leave but through a reflection in the glass door I could see him having a good look at me as I was clearing away.

So once I had finished I got a bottle of wine and the glass and tray and headed to his room, I rang the bell and he opened the door, the half hour had given him chance to have a shower and he was dressed in a bath robe, I went inside and I don't know if it was him in his robe or me having gone without all week but I could feel the familiar wanting coming on, I thought steady on Shirl hes just a stranger who likes the look of you.

I set the wine down and was trying to open the bottle, I was struggling with the stupid bloody opener when I felt him close behind me, he said that he always drank wine so could help me, he placed his hands over mine and went through the motions of taking the cork out, his touch had me a little bit shaky and I think he could sense it, I tried to turn away but it was like there was him in his robe and me in my hotel clothes, I said I should go but I had that familiar feeling in my panties,he must have sensed something and said no need to rush off.

He touched my arm and pulled me towards him, after my poor attempts at saying please no I felt his mouth on mine, I opened my mouth and his tongue was inside, I sucked on his tongue and at that moment felt his hand come up under my dress, He stroked up my leg and over my stocking tops to touch me through my panties, by now I had pulled open his robe so I could get my hand on his dick, it was swollen but I wanked it try and make it bigger, he pulled me over to the sofa where he started to unzip my dress, I helped him all I could and in a second he had me down to bra panties, stockings and shoes, my bra didn't last long neither did my panties, he was naked by now and I was begging him to fuck me, he positioned me on the sofa with my legs in the air and gave me best fuck and orgasm ever.

No need to go on but that night sitting at my desk in the lounge trying to adjust my stockings and suspenders I thought to myself, I hope it will always be as good as this.

The guys semen was by now soaking the tops of my dark brown stockings.