Written by Sissy Boy

23 Jul 2007

There she stood split skirt black seemed stockings,Claire had finally agreed to fuck a stranger in front of me ,what I did not expect was how good looking he was and how big he was,we arranged to meet at our house he was one of those guys who looked good in a sack cloth he smelled like a greek god ,she melted when he entered the house totally ignored me kissed the back of her hand and led her through to our bedroom,This was not how it was meant to happen they where meant to get to know each other in the lounge,she melted he took over ,I follwed in to the bedroom and was ordered to get them drinks Christian said to me take your clothes of for some reason I did as I was told ,Claire was on her knees sucking his monster,beleive me what she is used to he was a monster in length and girth ,There I stood naked my small cock looking even smaller and shrivelled ,Christian spoke out is that it ,Patheitic its a good job there are sights like swing heaven to make contact as your wife must be bored like hell i just nodded like a sissy boy, he told me to come over and watch ,I got closer as she gagged on his large manhood ,christian reached out grabbed my cock and my balls and tugged on them as if he was weighing them in his hand he then took my hand pulled away from my wife and placed my hand on his cock and balls and said this is waht a real cock weighs and feels like,he told me to go and stand in the corner and play with my pathetic cock he then lifted my wife into his armms kissed her put her on all fours looking at me and slowly took her ,Claire gasped no no its to big but slowly Christian worked his magic when he was finally balls deep he drew back and then like a stallion continued to pound Claire 's what used to be tight pussy her knees buckled under him he said he was going to come he pulled out called me over I was mesmorised he ordered me to suck it I was compelled he grabbed my head and face fucked me shooting his load I tried to do what I had asked my wife to do so often and swallow but it kept shooting and as fast as I swallowed more came it was running out of my mouth he pulled back laughing and whispered something to my wife they both laughed,she then pulled Christian in to her he was solid still, she looked amazing G string pulled to the side stockinged legs over his shoulders there i stood wanking my cock she looked over and I said is he good she repied fuck off outside and don't come back in until your told ,I stood outside trying to imagine what he was doing to her wanking my small cock turned on by the humiliation I had received ,When he finally left 6 hours later she lay there open and I was told to lick her clean she explined that christian was a Cuckold teacher and explined that he comes in to relationships where the husband is lacking ,Now he just rings up when ever he fancies a fuck and Claire now obliges he some times brings a freind with him and they both humiliate me I have now felt what Claire felt in my man virgina and strangly understands the pleasure a big cock gives ,be careful what you wish for.