5 Apr 2017

For those who read my first piece the word should have been licked not kicked.

So there I was naked after a thoroughly enjoyable fuck with a total stranger. My friend John said it was now time to go, as he'd booked a couple of rooms at a nearby hotel. Marta let me borrow her coat to cover up for our taxi journey. When we arrived at the hotel John and Marta went up in the lift first whilst my new lover Bob and I waited for our key card. We got in the lift and Bob had me in his arms kissing me hard and skidding the coat off my shoulders onto the floor. The lift stopped and Bob picked up the coat, took my hand and led me to our room. Goodness knows what I'd have done if we met somebody. Inside the room Bob pushed me backwards onto the bed and pushed my legs apart, telling me to keep them there while he undressed. He the proceeded to lick me, his tongue working wonders on my clit and giving me my first orgasm, which was followed by many more during the rest of the night until I fell asleep, totally exhausted but with a love hole still pulsating with all the attention it had received.

I woke up at 9.00am to find myself alone in bed. I got up and had a shower removing the debris from a night if passion. I then found a note from Bob thanking me for a great night and under the note we're 3 £50 notes, to buy he said some ne underwear and clothes. Until then I'd forgotten that all I had to go home in were stockings, suspender belt, heels and a borrowed coat. So after handing in the key it was off to Debenhams to buy some clothes. I bought a new thong, bra, black skirt and black opaque blouse and then it was off home for a good sleep.

That evening I received a call from my friend asking if I'd like to go round to his place for a meal the following evening. Needless to say, because hubby was away, I said yes.

I hadn't asked if anyone else was going, but assumed there would be other people there. I showered in the afternoon and shaved as I live a silk feel to my skin and my husband likes it. I dressed in my new all black purchases and drove over to John's. Marta came to the door and took my coat, as I walked through to the living room. John was sat down on the settee opposite and to my surprise Bob and another guy were sat on the other settee. We had a few drinks before moving into the dining room. Bob had brought his boss with him to sign the deal with John. John had brought in outside caterers which made things much easier for him. I was seated between Bill, the boss, and Bob. Throughout the meal the wine was flowing and I was getting tipsy and was a little flirty with Bill, which seemed to go down well with his underling Bob. As we chatted I felt Bob's hand on my knee, which I ignored and kept chatting to Bill about everything and nothing. Moments later it travelled under my skirt and onto my thong, which he started to rub. At this point Bill whispered in my ear that thecdeal was being done that evening, but was subject to one thing. Bob's fingers had now moved under the thong and into my love hole. I whispered in Bill's ear what's the subject. He whispered back, you. I was now coming on Bob's fingers and I was quite drunk. I smiled at Bill and asked him what he meant. Bill smiled back and whispered I want you like Bob.

I stood up from the table and said that I wanted to show Bill the new extension upstairs. I took his hand and led him up the spiral staircase into the extension. This was John's sexual playroom and was well kitted out with a variety of toys and accessories. I asked Bill what he wanted me to do. He told me to remove his clothes and then my own. There we both were now totally naked. He lay on the huge bed and told me to give him a blow job first. I went down on him immediately. He wasn't as big as Bob, but was longer and found him trying to push up and deeper into my mouth. As I started to gag he grabbed hold of my head, pushing it further down onto his cock. He finally let go and told me to ride him. I sat up and straddled him, sinking onto his cock which penetrated deeper than any cock had done before, which wasn't difficult. I started slowly but increased the pace when he put his hands on my thighs and pushed me up and down. The pace increased dramatically as I felt him growing inside me ready to cum. And cum he did with massive spurts inside me. I kept bouncing on top of until he started to shrink and I fell on top of him. We lay there for a good ten minutes without saying a word, until I asked if the deal was now complete. He answered, almost. What do you mean I asked. I want you to fuck Bob next. I told him it wasn't part of our deal, but he insisted that if John wanted the contract then it was Bob or nothing. I reluctantly agreed.

Bill sent a text to Bob and within minutes he was upstairs. He saw us both laying there and started taking his clothes off as Bill stood up from the bed. Bob parted my legs and buried that fine piece inside pushing in and out at an intense speed, bringing me to another orgasm. He must have been driving into me for at least 5 or 6 minutes before he eventually came and I was once again pulsating following numerous orgasm. We dressed and returned to the lounge where the others were drinking champagne. So is the deal done I asked John. The deal? That was signed this afternoon. This evening was the celebration of that deal. I looked at Bill, who smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Although feeling a little used I had to smile myself.