Written by JM06

14 May 2014

The sand was hot on my feet as I walked down to the sea front. Although the beach was empty I laid down my towel behind a sand dune. I could feel the heat from the sun burning my skin already. I slipped out of my hot pants leaving me in just my bikini. I reached into my bag for the sun lotion. I started to rub the sun lotion all over my body removing my bra to expose my breasts and rub the sun lotion into them. The thought of exposing my breasts in public along with me rubbing myself all over with sun lotion made my nipples erect. I blushed as a man came passed selling drinks. I caught him looking at my hard nipples and at this time I was still tweaking them. I couldn't stop! He seemed to like watching. He offered me a drink which I refused and he carried on. As I laid back I could really feel the heat warming my skin all over. The fact that my breasts were out for all to see, which I wouldn't usually do was making my clit start to throb a little. I tried to ignore the urge to rub it as after all I was on a beach! However it didn't take me long. I couldn't ignore the urge. Besides I was behind a sand dune, who could see me? I had been there over an hour and had only seen the one man selling drinks, who was actually quite attractive. He was broad toned and tanned. The thought of this made me throb more. I had a little look up and around and I could see no one about. Before I knew it I was tweaking my nipples and I couldn't help myself but my hand had slipped very easily into my bikini bottoms. My pussy was wet and my clit was throbbing. I started to rub my clit trying to be discreet. I carried on and slipped a finger into my pussy. By now I was getting really turned on. I reached into my bag for a little something to help me out as I ended more then a discreet finger. I always kept a little toy handy just in case and this was one of those times! Again I had a little look around. No one was around. I pulled my bikini bottoms to one side and slipped my toy in. It felt so nice. The urge to let out a little moan came over me. I'm not sure how long this went on for but I was broken in thought by the sound of the mans voice selling drinks! I opened my eyes and the man from earlier selling drinks was back. What could I do? There I lay, sweaty from the sun obviously masturbating and the fact that by now I was so turned on I wanted more then the toy. I wanted a real hard cock to enter me. He asked me if I wanted a cold drink. Embarrassed I said no thank you. The man then asked if he could get me anything else. I had a little look at his shorts which by now I could see his cock growing in his shorts. I had not realised but I had not stopped inserting my toy in and out of my dripping wet pussy. I asked if he would be so kind to rub some more lotion into my breasts. He agreed. He was straddling me using both of his hands to caress my breasts. His cock was right there I could clearly see it throbbing. It wanted to be inside me as much as I wanted it to be teasing my soaking wet pussy. I was so turned on and I was gagging for his cock. I could not resist. I had to rub his manhood. Feeling it pulsating I peeled back his shorts to reveal it standing to attention. I had to do it. I put it straight into my mouth. The man threw back his head in pleasure. It was throbbing, filling my mouth. By now I didn't care who might see us. All of a sudden I could feel my bikini bottoms being peeled off. I was so excited I was letting out lots of little moans. Then I noticed something. It was not the drinks man peeling off my bikini bottoms but another man. I didn't complain. I wanted it so badly. The second man took off his swimwear to reveal the biggest cock. He was wanking over my hot wet pussy. I had gone into overdrive. With that I felt him rub the end of his hard cock against the entrance to my wet pussy. He entered me. With a big cock in my pussy and another in my mouth I was in heaven. I could hear both the men groaning so I knew that they were both happy. The fact I was making two men groan was filling me with delight. I wanted more. I wanted them both inside me. I pushed the first guy to the ground and sat on him, slowly easing him into my wet pussy. I could feel my juices flowing. I then pushed out my bottom hinting for the second man to take my arse which he seemed to have no objections too. I had two men in me, fucking me for the first time in my life and it felt so good. I liked it, in fact I loved it! I could feel my clit swelling I was getting near, enjoying it so much. I lost control. I cum squirting all over the man underneath me. This sent both the men wild and within seconds I had hot cum dripping from my pussy and my arse. We all collapsed in a heap. Soon we went our own ways. I did however go back to my spot on that beach several times.