Written by pubtable

24 Mar 2010

this happened last summer . i am 35 and my husband 45 he likes me to look after myself , i have long blond hair, a good firm figure and 35dd breasts , i tan and keep my pussy as smooth as glass.in the past we have done a few kinky things. anyhow last summer i saw a coat that i really liked ,it was quite expensive ,so he said he would buy it ,on one condition ,so i said OK.

Saturday night came and he told me the condition was that i wore the coat that night ,with very little underneath , i asked what and he said your little g string , flimsy nightie and high heels .the coat only came to mid thigh but i said ok. we went out , but went to another part of town a bit of a rough area ,the pub we went to turned out to be a bit quiet,there was only about 10 people in it mostly in pairs or alone.

we had a few drinks when i went outside for a cig , as i was smoking this old man came out , he was a big man over 6 foot and a good 18 stone , we got talking and i found out he was 77 and had used this pub for over 40 years , he said excuse me asking love but how come you have a coat on when it is this warm , i told him about it and what i had on under it and his eyes lit up, he said lets have a look , i said no but he kept on so i gave him a quick flash. we went back inside and i told my hubby what i had done , he glanced across the pub at the old man , he said next time you go for a cig see how far he goes , i had another drink and 30 mins later went outside, it was dark now ,i lit up and a few mins later he came out again . as we talked he said lets have another look so i said you show me yours and i will , he said come on and led me round the back to a secluded seating area . he lent back on a table so i crouched down and opened his trousers ,i pulled down his shorts and a big cock sprang out, it was semi hard and as i touched it it grew to a hard 10 inches and very fat, i started wanking and sucking it but he said no i want to see you. so i sat on the table and undid my coat , he said wow and started playing with my nipples which were rock hard now as he did i slipped my g string down and played with my pussy and his cock, he stepped back and said take it off so i stripped naked , he was wanking himself then he knelt down and as he wanked he licked me to orgasm ,then he turned me round ,bent me forward and fucked me from behind , he fucked me hard and we both soon came together as he came he stopped moving and i could feel his cock pulsing as he shot loads of come in me , we dressed and went back in. my hubby said he had seen what happened ,i told him my pussy was still full of come so he said come on ,we went out side back to the table and he licked the come out of me. i came and he came ,we went back inside and this time we sat with the old man , when the pub shut the three of us went to his house.

i will tell you about that later