Written by Allison

19 Dec 2011

I'm a 57 yr old woman who should know better,even now I've had a few drinks and probably should not be writing this,I'm living on my own and I get a bit lonely.I was married for 31 yrs and the bastard was cheating on me,I put up with it for too long but then we ended up divorced earlier this year,He's fucking around with some young tart now,no doubt no problem getting a hard on but for the best part of ten years in our relationship he could'nt keep it for more than a couple of minutes and that was when he could get it up at all.Up to recently his was the only cock I'd ever been fucked by and I'd had a few offers but I believed in being faithful,I used to even feel guilty when I masturbated,it was all about him,we did anal sex early on and he used to like me to suck his cock off,I did it all willingly,not knowing that he'd it inside some strange cunt.

A couple of months ago I met this chap in a pub,he's well into his 60s,I'd had a couple of drinks but I would'nt say I was drunk,we got talking and I suppose because I was feeling a bit down and he thought I should'nt drive my car even though I barely knew his name I ended up going to his house nearby.We had another drink at his place and he was telling me how pretty I looked and things like that and how I did'nt look my age,it was so nice to be told them things.

He was behind my chair getting another drink but without saying anything he leant over and kissed my cheek,I suppose because I did'nt object and I was wearing a slightly low cut blouse he put his hands over my shoulders and in a lovely way moved his fingers very gently down inside the blouse onto my breasts.I don't know why I did'nt stop him but I did'nt,he put both his hands inside my bra and for the first time in too many years I felt a mans fingers touch my nipples,I would have thought they no longer knew how to harden,they did'nt only harden I felt that old familiar tingle travel through my body to that spot between my legs,he leant over and kissed me and I kissed him back.

He came from behind me and knelt in front of me,he looked into my face as I let him move my knees apart,pushing my skirt up my thighs,I don't know why it was happening but I almost lay back onto the armchair,I sholud have been stopping him but instead it seemed I was encouraging him.I was'nt wearing tights or stockings and like the touch of his fingers on my breasts now the touch of his fingers on my bare thighs was in danger of sending my whole body into an orgasm.I let him push my skirt fully up exposing my knickers covered fanny,even at my age I still like to wear sexy undies,he shared his looks between my face and recently unused fanny.

I raised my bottom off the chair to allow him to take my knickers down and off,he moved his fingers bck up thr inside of my thighs and like my nipples hardening I knew I was lubricating,that had'nt happened for years.Gently,with his fingers,he moved apart the lips of my moistening fanny,I felt myself move forward on the chair to spread my legs wider apart,I wanted him to have full access.He knew exactly where it was,expertly touching my swollen clitoris with the tips of his fingers,which instantly brought a moan of complete delight from my other lips.

He opened my fanny lips wide apart and took my clitoris between his forefinger and thumb and litterally masturbated me.He lowered his head down between my legs and I could feel his hot breath on my now completely sensitive fanny,his hot tongue licked the lips before finding its way to my enlarged clitoris,flicking it as my whole body went into the most powerful orgasm I'd had in many many years again,again and again.

I was still in orgasm as he stood up and began to undress,I did'nt know what I was expecting,up to that point his cock had'nt entered my head,it was a magnificent beast,time and a half that of my ex,nothing much short of eight inches with a girth to match,he stripped naked in front of me,the eagerness of his manhood evident by its throbbing and jerking,the mere sight of it sent more and more orgasms through my body.

He stood me up and needing very little assistance undressed me,then pulled our naked bodies together,taking a thight grip on the cheeks of my bottom as he rubbed his soon to be sated cock over my tummy,we sank onto the carpeted floor.His lips were kissing mine in utter passion,he slipped back along my spreadeagled body to get his cock in position between my legs,his fingers opened my fanny lips wide to let the beast between his legs invade me,it reached parts my ex had never explored,I could feel its enormous power as what started as a slow pumping action increased with each thrust,my body was'nt mine it was his and how I needed that,it was his to satisfy his animal need,to satify the bull in him,to satisfy the ram in him,his mans need to fuck and my need to be fucked,and fuck me he did.

I was'nt counting but surely he came ten times inside me,but I came a hundred,even after he,d stopped spunking he continued to fuck me and after he withdrew it from me it still remained erect and proud as we both needed a drink.As we sat naked and chatted it took a littlt time out limp but needed very little encouragement to return to further duties,he fucked me again.