Written by Johnthe rep.

29 Mar 2010

I have posted quite a few experiences here that I had while I was working as a Domestic Appliance rep years ago. This is another. I had called on the woman I shall call Elaine some three or four times, anyone who signed our service contract had their appliance serviced every six months. Elaine was a lovely woman, she had dark auburn hair with green eyes and, apparently, a good figure. I say 'apparently' because experience had taught me that what was underneath a woman's clothes did not necessarily agree with what she looked like dressed! She was, I guessed, in her mid-fifties, at least twenty years older than I was. Anyway, as usual I had accepted a coffee from Elaine after I had finished servicing her cleaner and washing machine. We sat at the kitchen table on high stools, she was showing a great deal of thigh which I had never known her do before. In truth there had always been a frisson of sexual excitement in the air whenever I called.

Obviously I looked at Elaine's lovely legs, she noticed, 'Like them then?' she asked. I laughed and apologised, 'You have such lovely legs, Elaine, but I have never noticed you showing them off before!' Now I knew that Elaine was married and I was always a bit careful although I was attracted to her, so I was surprised when she said, 'Well, since I saw you last, John, I've lost my husband.' I immediately said how sorry I was. She went on, 'Yes, it was a blow, Leonard and I had a very active personal life, if you know what I mean? Truthfully, and whatever anyone might think, I miss that more than I miss him, sounds awful, doesn't it? But I can't help it, I haven't had it since. Now you're here and I have always found you very attractive, on past visits I've felt that you were attracted to me physically. Would I be right?'

I had to admit that she was right. 'So why haven't you ever made a move on me then?' Elaine asked. I shrugged, 'Two reasons really, first I always felt that you and your husband were really close and in that situation I keep my feelings to myself, and secondly I am in a very vulnerable position, if I made a move on a woman who didn't welcome it, any breath or whisper to my company and I'd be out and would find in very difficult to find a comparable position.' 'I hadn't thought of that,' Elaine said,' I see that you're still looking though! Look they go right up to here!' She pulled her skirt up so far that I could see a bit of her knickers. Then she continued, 'Believe me, I have all the attributes of every women ever born, in good working order too! And you certainly wouldn't have to worry about me saying anything, I wouldn't dream of it!'

She rose from her stool and came towards me as I stood up, she kissed me passionately, I couldn't help responding. As she drew away, she said, 'That's just a sample!' I noticed that her nipples were pushing out her blouse. 'Another thing,' she went on, 'I've never had children, my fault, I'm unable. Obviously I'm not a virgin but I'm everything a man could wish for! Come on.' She closed with me and we kissed again, 'You really don't have any doubts, do you?' I shook my head, 'No.' 'How much time do you have?' She was beginning to breathe hard. 'Actually nothing, that I have to do, I was going to do a bit of canvassing, which is what I do if I have no appointments.'

She took my hand, 'Come along then.' She led me to a bedroom. We kissed and hugged, she pressed her body against me and I stroked her bum. 'Mmm, I like that, but I like it better with nothing on,' she told me. We parted and she started stripping, blouse, skirt, bra and shoes, I noticed that she had hold ups on. She had on neat, white, stretch cotton knickers that moulded to her pubic mound. I followed suit, stripping to my 'Y'fronts. Elaine said, 'I must say that lovely bulge looks promising!' She pulled me to the bed and we lay down kissing and caressing each other. She had small to medium sized breasts that were a joy to look at and, as she pushed her hand in my underpamts and grabbed my rapidly hardening cock, I kissed her prominent nipples.

Besides kissing, I sucked her nipples while caressing her bare bum, her skin was like silk. She murmured 'You have a lovely cock, darling, let's get rid of these,' she pulled my 'Y'fronts off, then kissed the swollen knob. 'Mmm, I think I ought to tell you that in matters of sex, I'm not the lady you might have taken me for! At the moment all I want, to put it crudely, is a nice hard cock thrusting as hard as possible up my cunt!' I turned her onto her back and removed her knickers, I looked at her cunt for the first time, she had a nicely shaped mound, the lips of her cunt already parted and glistening. She spread her legs and pulled me between them,'Come on, I can't wait!', she panted.

I took my weight on my arms then took my cock in hand and rubbed it in the mouth of her cunt, she was almost gasping for air. There was plenty to rub against for her inner lips were quite substantial, as I looked I could see that she had a large clit too. I rubbed my cock against it. She gasped, 'Oh God!', continuously as I continued rubbing, she was so wet too. The little hole at the entrance to her love canal was tight, a few gentle pushes soon sorted that and my cock was easing up her. 'Oh, darling, push it right up, it feels wonderful after all this time!' When I had it right up as far as I could get it she asked me to stop for a moment, 'Just so that I can have a really good feel of it,' she told me. Then, 'Now! Now,John, fuck me! Fuck me as hard as you can!'

I gave her what she wanted, I knew that I wouldn't last long like that, but I don't think she cared and I was secure in the knowledge that later I'd be able to fuck her for as long as she wanted. I came soon enough, firing my spunk deep inside her willing cunt each time I spurted until I finished. She was crying out all the time as she felt the hot spunk filling her cunt. Then I flopped on top of her, she kissed the back of my neck and caressed me gently, 'Oh, oh, that was so nice, I haven't been fucked like that in years!', she told me.

As I recovered I turned on my side and looked at her, her breasts had taken a slight flush and, looking down, I could see that her whole pubic area was the same. She had no pubic hair at all. She guessed my mind, 'Never had much there, John, what there was, was absolutely colourless, it looked horrible so I've always kept it shaved. I have to be honest and tell you that my natural hair colour is ginger! I don't suppose you would have liked it any more than I do, I've dyed it ever since I left school.' I smiled, 'You must know something, I hate ginger hair, in fact I have never made love to a woman with it! So you've scored one Elaine!' We laughed, she said, 'How do I get you hard again?' 'Suck my cock!' I replied.

The next moment she had slid down the bed and had my cock in her mouth, she took it out to say, 'I love doing this!', then popped it back in again. Five minutes later I was hard again and she was kissing and caressing it. I turned round so that she could continue doing what she was doing and I could kiss her cunt. Of course 'kiss' is a bit of a euphemism, I kissed, licked and sucked it. I adored all that beautiful, soft, delicate and sensitive flesh and I had her cumming in seconds. I lifted my head, 'Do you like spunk?' I asked. 'Love it!' she replied.

I gave her clit a big sucking knowing that she was cumming all the time, then I filled my mouth from her cunt, turned, slid up her body, and transferred my mouthful into hers. She swallowed, licking her lips afterwards, 'You lovely fucker!', she panted, 'Fuck me again!' So I did.

She was some piece of work that woman, if ever I had a soul-mate for sex, she was it, I could never give her enough. And she loved it in every position we could think of, although she liked doggy-fashion best. God knows how many gallons of spunk I put into her cunt and mouth, or over her body and face during the next couple of years, but I know one thing, it was never enough for her! Not that she ever complained, as she said, she'd fucked a lot of men when she was younger and no-one else had even cum close, forgive the pun!

Well, Elaine was a mature woman who knew exactly what she wanted, over the years I made full use of older women's desires and, believe me, there were plenty of them!