Written by Matt Harrington

20 Dec 2015

My wife ,Susie, is a shy 33 year old who is 5ft 2 tall with long blonde hair to her shoulders and is slim but has 36dd breasts..She has only been with the one guy me and was a virgin when we met. My best friend from work Wayne is a tall well built black guy who has always fancied Susie and who kept boasting he could get her into bed. At our pre Christmas works do last week Susie and Wayne were dancing together and I could see that when the slow numbers came on they clung to each other.I had drunk too much and was feeling sick so went outside to recover.When I came back Wayne and Susie had gone and I was told by a friend that Susie had been feeling ill and Wayne had given her a lift home.

I was rather drunk but took a taxi home. When I got home there was no sign of Susie or Wayne but I heard a noise from the bedroom and as I crept upstairs I found Wayne and Susie in bed fucking.

It was very clear Susie was loving a good fucking and I left the house for a drink at the local pub. I came back after closing time to find Susie in bed alone.We kissed and as I was very aroused I tried to fuck her.Her normally very tight pussy felt very loose and Susie did not seem to enjoy me at all.

I came much too quickly and fell asleep. Now Susie says I cannot satisfy her and just wants Wayne who is virtually resident in our house. What should I do? I want her back in my bed