Written by BiLondonMan

28 Jun 2017

I've been coming to this site for years so I figured it was about time to submit something myself.

Me: I'm in my twenties, Irish and living in London. Although I do not like saying it, people have always said that they thought I was good looking and I've never been short of attention from both girls and guys. As the title suggests, I'm bisexual and frankly if I was to describe my sexuality it would read like a category page on a porn site. I love nearly everything especially women of all shapes and sizes and nationalities.However it was only since I was 22/23 that I've explored my attraction to men. Prior to that it was strictly girls.

My first ever experience was when I was coming home at 3 in the morning from a formal party I was invited to. I was walking through central London near Piccadilly and saw an attractive couple kissing intensely. He was holding her legs around his waist whilst she wrapped her body with all her strength around his. I knew then I needed sex and decided it would be with another man this time.

I walked to a famous bar close by which was closing with the people pouring onto the street. I lingered very briefly outside before being tapped on the shoulder. Upon turning around, I found a man probably in his late thirties smiling curiously back at me. He was conventionally attractive, he even had a action star look, masculine and extremely confident bordering on cocky. It seemed to good to be real.

He was around 6 foot 3, with a light tan and had his hair shaved tight. He would most likely be described as a rugby playing kind of man. We could see girls checking him out as well as me, which put a smile on both our faces. We chatted and laughed and I could tell immediately that he was intelligent, educated, professional but most of all interested in me and wanted me to come home with him. It was almost surreal to have met someone that attractive that fast. It came as no surprise that in a moment of madness and horniness I jumped into a taxi with him following his suggestion of getting "another drink". On the journey to his place he covertly put his hand on my leg and my arm - away from the view of the curious taxi driver's front mirror; all whilst telling me about where he was from and his job as a lawyer.

We arrived at his large Victorian home and went to the kitchen for a drink. He poured them both and as we drank them simultaneously, we looked at each other and began to smile. We both knew what was coming, just the logistics of it where unclear. We both couldn't wait much longer. The blood in both our bodies was racing like we were on cocaine or something even more potent.

Quickly and roughly we grabbed each other and began smashing our faces against one another. We felt each other's hard cocks rub against one another which made us do it even harder.

"Come up stairs with me"

I followed without hesitation. He had a large bedroom with a Kingsize bed. He tore the tuxedo I was wearing off me in seconds so that I was completely naked whilst he was dressed and still kissing my body. Now it was my turn to undress another man.

First the t-shirt revealing a smooth gym built chest which I ran my hands all over. Then the jeans which I rolled down to the ground. His leg were also smooth and thick like the athlete that he actually was. Finally it was the briefs left. I could even see the pale coloured pre-cum that had soaked its way through from his bulge. I wanted to savour this moment of coming face to face finally with another mans cock. I got down on my knees and slowly rolled the briefs down only to find a rock hard cock glistening with precum staring back me.

It looked so fucking hot.

I stood up and as we pressed our faces together we fell onto the bed and rolled repeatedly over and on top of one another completely naked, grabbing each other's asses in the process. I wanted to bite his. We couldn't rub our pulsing cocks together hard enough. We were both like insane feral rabbits, desperate to come all over each other.

He then slid his tongue from my neck down to my chest before making his way to my upper legs which he bit hard into. Finally he reached my cock, which was ready to erupt at any moment. He then slid his tongue all over my sack and up to the top of my cock. Before taking all 6 inches of me into his mouth. It felt incredible!

He sucked it harder and faster than anyone had ever done before. Needless to say I was close, so got him to stop. Now it was my turn on him.

I didn't bother running my mouth down his body like he did to me, instead I just rushed down there as fast as I could. I just wanted to taste him. I opened his legs as wide as possible and frankly just smashed my face in between them. I licked his sack and kissed the shaft of his cock. Finally I held his warm hot fat cock in my hand before placing it slowly into my mouth. I loved how salty it tasted and how it heated my whole mouth up. At this point I could hear him start to moan which turned me on even more. I sucked and licked and kissed and sucked over and over again. Before long he wanted to 69 which I did and found myself loving every minute of. However one of the fantasies I had always had was making and seeing a man come. I then got on top of him again and put his cock between my ass cheeks and grinded it hard and slowly whilst rubbing the top of my own cock. Again the moaning that ensued drove me insane. I then start jerking his cock and mine and told him that I wanted to see him come. He then put his hand on my cock too and helped me along too. I was jerking his like a maniac on acid before I could see his whole chest panting uncontrollably and his breathing getting quicker and quicker. There was sweat pouring from his face and neck. His head kept pressing back and forth onto the pillow.

"Fuck, yeah, don't stop, keep going, fuuuuck... that feels so good", he kept saying like he was delirious.

This just made me so harder on him.

"Fuck!!! Im going.. I'm going to cum..." and believe me he did.

He came this long stream of thick milky white hot cum high into the air and all over both my his bodies. I quickly came momentarily after this, also an unstoppable endless stream of hot come all over my chest which ran rapidly down to his cock.

We were both gasping for air and collapsed like corpses on top of one another come drenched chests. After several minutes of trying to regain a normal breathing rate, we both turn to each other and laughed. We knew how brilliant that shared experience was and also knew it was never going to to be the last and it wasn't!