Written by Tom

7 Feb 2009

I have been a cum eating cuckold for 30 years. My first wife Pat was 22 when I meet her and already sexually experienced. It all started when I found a copy of Forum on the train on the way home to our married quarter in Portsmouth to take a week’s leave. In the stories section there was a story by a guy who loved to watch his wife get fucked bare back by other guys. Reading this gave me an instant hard on and I could not wait to get home and fuck Pat. She was always horny and although she said she was faithful I had my doubts. Thinking about this made me even harder. I was imagining her with another guys cock in her cunt a her bucking and begging for cock.

I got home. Our 3 year old son was still awake so I played with him for a bit. Pat went to have a bath and whispered she was dying to get fucked. My son feel asleep, we put him to bed and started to fool around. I got her panties off and was rubbing her pussy lips. She was very wet. We began to fuck. I then started to tell her what I had read. She went crazy. I had never known her so turned on. She made me tell her sever\\\\al times coming like a train each time I told how the guys wife loved to fuck big cocks whilst he watched and wanked off. Finally we were spent and slept.

In the morning I was a bit concerned I could have upset her. I told her this and she just laughed and said she loved it. She said that our son normally slept in the afternoon and she wanted another session. She said she had something to tell me which she thought would really turn me on. I could not wait and was hard all morning and kept trying to feel her pussy.

My son went off to sleep at about 2.0pm and we leapt at each other. We stripped off and lay on the bed. She started to wank me and said that she thought I was really turned on by the story and asked how I would feel if she had another cock. I nearly came in her hand. She said you are a randy bastard, put your cock in me and I want to talk to you. She asked me not to fuck her yet just lay still with my cock in her cunt.

She then told me she had fucked over 50 guys and when I was at sea was seeing four other guys who were fucking her. I almost came there and then. She then went into graphic detail telling me how big their cocks were and how hard they fucked her. She confessed to being a cum slut of the first order. She also told me she was bi and loved to eat pussy as she sometimes saw couples.

I could not hold back any longer and came in her cunt with such force it nearly blew my balls off.

After we lay together talking. She said she had always wanted to tell me and always wished I would agree to watch. It was at that point I went down on her and tasted my own cum. She went wild. She said she could fix a guy that night who was married and very discreet. She said I had nothing to worry about and that if I agreed I could eat his cum from her pussy as my reward. I was so turned on we fucked again whist she told me how much bigger this guys cock was and how she had to have it. I was hooked. That was the day I became a cuckold.

That night the guy turned up at around 11pm. He and Pat got straight down to it. I was told to strip, sit in the chair and wank. They fucked for about 30 minutes before he filled her with cum. He rolled off and she told me to get down on his cock, clean him up and then eat her pussy. I sucked his cock for about 5 minutes and she was getting impatient. She told me to lay on the bed. She then sat on my face rubbing her cunt all over my mouth. All the time she was telling me what a big cock had just fucked her and how good his spunk felt. In the next 20 years I saw her fuck at least 100 different guys from all over the country. She had lorry drivers, solicitors, doctors, labourers you name it. The one thing they all had in common was their cocks were a lot bigger than my 5 inches. I must have eaten gallons of cum.

Sadly we split up and I remarried. I now hook up with couples who like to fuck for me so I can clean up and suck cock. I love it.