Written by Xxx1couple

30 Sep 2007

In 1998 I wasn’t married, and was living at my best friend’s house who I\'ve known since school. Her son was only 18 at that time and one of his mates who played rugby was always coming round, I noticed him looking me up and down, have always dressed to show my ample charms and know that most men love big tits, so I let my cleavage with tight tops do my teasing, while still wearing short skirts and heels etc. I deliberately led him on with smutty talk and flashes of tits/thigh, and I just loved how his eyes lit up and seemed so excited. I eventually moved into my own flat and lived alone quite happily.

Then one Friday night, my friend and I went out drinking when the \"lads\" found us and came to talk to us and before I knew it, Carl had talked me into a taxi and we headed for my flat. In the cab he kissed me passionately and I immediately responded and felt for his young cock, which was hard and very impressive, as I stroked him, it jerked in my hand, god it felt so sexy. He quickly groped my boobs and was groaning as I wanked him, which made me so hot and wet, making my pussy tingle. Once in my flat I stripped him and sank to my knees and stroked his lovely hard on, looking up at him as I licked his bell end, before sucking it all in my mouth. I wanked and sucked as best I could and he stated to fuck my mouth and suddenly said he was cumming, so I slowed and sucked very deliberately still wanking with one hand and squeezing his balls with the other all the time watching his face until he moaned and shot jet after jet of hot spunk down my throat. He tasted so nice and I kept sucking till he looked down and smiled at me, his cock still quite stiff, he pulled me up and removed my clothes before laying me down and kneeling between my spread-eagled legs, then he leant forward and sucked my nipples as he eased his cock in my dripping pussy and pushed hard to the hilt. It felt so good as he pulled back and did it again still nibbling my nipples, I put my hands on his tight, hard bum, and told him to fuck me as hard as he could. As he pounded me he told me he had always wanted to fuck the arse off me since the first time he saw me as I was such a sexy bitch, I told him to use me and pleasure himself any way he wanted. After 20 minutes of good hard fucking I felt his hard young body tighten up as his lovely cock began pulsing inside me, shooting his hot load deep in my pussy. This made me come and he slipped out after I lay still feeling so contented, his spunk running out of me, then he was up knelt astride my tits as he said to suck him clean, so I did just that, cleaning all our sticky juices from his cock and balls. He dressed and left saying that he\'d be back for more if I wanted and I just couldn\'t help smiling back at him.

As young men do he told all his mates of which some of them were very tasty, so over the next few months I was kept very busy attending to some very insatiable young studs.