Written by Kim_

3 Nov 2017

I have never had any bi thoughts but last week me and girls went out on the lash some on the pull, great catch up , dancing , drinking , laughing anyway we all ended up in a bit rough and ready night club but we were to pissed and merry to care . It was my turn to get the drinks in , waiting my turn i felt a hand and an excuse me , in front of me was a stunning woman , long hair, red lipstick lip , smelt lovely, she said hi , then some normal chit chat , then she said to me you are gorgeous, i blushed the queue for the bar was backed we were pushed up to each other our boobs were touching , i got spooked and changed position i ordered the drinks dropped the first lot off then came back for the last 2 , i saw my new friend who pointed up stairs and then she was gone , i dropped the drinks off and i went looking for my friend , i went up the stairs she was standing in the shadows , i said what are you doing up here , she said waiting for you , i walk towards her and put her hands on my waist and then she kissed me with her red lips , soft and sensual, wow , her tounge darting into my mouth , then her hand went to my groin , gentle touch through my dress , following the line of my thong and pubes , she stopped kissing and was rubbing my pussy , she said can i put my fingers in you, i couldnt answer she reached under my dress and her finger found my thong , i was so wet , she said open you legs for me , my heart was pumping , she expertly moved my thong to one side and her touch found the spot , she knew what she was doing , circular movement with her finger

tips on her clitty, she pushed 3 fingers in my pussy then we kissed again , them i came on her fingers , she pulled them from under my dress then she licked them , i was red , i had just been finger fucked by a beautiful lady , then she gently kissed me and she was gone . I went to the loo to freshed up trying to get my head around what had just happed , since that day my rabbit toy has been working overtime on my pussy , what a experiance i even had a look a lady porn , what a night , great memory , an amazing experience