Written by first time cockold

25 Apr 2009

I was still lying on the bed sniffing her wet knickers, when she said 'I have picture of his cock on my phone, do you want to see it?'. I just nodded. Bearing in mind she was only wearing a tiny t-shirt she reached for her phone and passed in to me. She watched as I looked at the pictures. I could see that it was her hand at the base of a very impressive, thick cock with a massive end. She asked if I was still horny (I guess she already knew). At this point she lifted her t-shirt up to reveal the numerous love bite all over her tits! 'Now that I know you're ok with this I might as well tell you that when he shaved me in the shower, I let him lick me, and finger fuck me, no more lies'. She carried on 'He took me into the bedroom and made me lie down and open wide to make sure there was no stray hairs. After he'd made sure there were no more hairs, he could tell I was aroused because i was soaking so he started teasing me with his tongue. As he continued and I became even wetter, he used my pussy juice to lube my arse with his finger. He only kept putting his finger in and out slightly, but along with his tongue I had the biggest orgasm ever and came all over his face.'

She felt very confident by now. She took the panties off me and put them between her legs again. 'A treat for being a good boy..' and passed them back to me. As she did she picked up the phone...

'Hiya darling, he knows everything and its's ok, when can we meet up, you know I can't wait for you inside me. I can make the most of slutty gear you bought me'.

I couldn't believe it, not even a text, straight on the phone.

He obviously said something dirty back as she reached between her legs again and giggled.

She said to me 'you can watch him fuck me, but the first time is just us alone.' His wife is away on a hen party in a week so I'll probably stop over at his house, is that ok?'

Did I have a choice?

'If your lucky, I'll not have a shower in the morning.. at worst I'll put my knickers back up after he's come inside me and you can clean them,' she smirked.'

This was all a few months back, lots more to follow!! Part three soon