Written by Jan

8 Sep 2016

My husband had gone away for two weeks business he left early in the morning and rang me in the evening, he had arrived safely, he had forgotten his iPad and asked me to look for an important address and phone number, which I did I was a little disappointed as when he was away we often had sexy times on Skype.

As the evening wore on I picked the pad up and looked through the history, we shared the pad so I wasn't prying, I'd never done this before and came across swingers heaven. I clicked on and was surprised that the sites were on cinema, I started reading through.I couldn't believe some of the things people got up to in public, after a couple of pages I realised that some were total fantasy but some rang true, we had been to the cinema on many occasions and on one occasion I had let someone watch while my husband fingered me with my skirt up and my knickers moved over.

He had come very quickly but I thought nothing of it at the time as this our first experience of doing this in public. I had enjoyed the experience knowing the man was probably wanking looking in between my legs, after some time my husband seemed want to go to public places for any kind of sex and for me to flash my knickers at anyone close by. I agreed and after a while I looked forward to our outings as much as he did, we went to parks, pub gardens, and it became a way of keeping our sex life alive.

He always wanted me to keep my knickers on as he had a bit of a fetish for white knickers, back to the ipad, it took me about 3 days to reach the end as there are 20 pages. I must admit I wanked myself a few times at some of the stories, why had he not told me of this cinema fetish I would have been happy to go along with it but maybe not to the extreme of some of the tales.

He rang me the next evening we chatted, I asked him what he was d after work he said not much I've been to the cinema a couple of times, did you watch the film or other couples, what do you mean I explained I had found the cinema site. Yes I went to a couple of porno places, any luck watching, no just men wanking. Did you of course, he said he wished I had been there with him, why what would have happened you know last time we were out and you let someone watch, I told him I had wanked over some of the stories, he wished he was there to watch me. He told me he was wanking while we were talking, he had brought a pair of my knickers with he for lonely nights, would you like to watch me being fingered in the cinema when you get back, oh yes. He said he was coming and I could hear his breathing and a sigh, are my knickers wet, yes.

They will be when your at home and someone is wanking me, I told him I would arrange the day.

What had I said who was I to find to go along with this I racked my brains and then went back to swingers cinema page, I could remember someone in the same position, eventually I found the story I was looking for, I asked a work college who had been asking me out and knew I was married if he fancied a drink after work, why after all this time he said, I've been at home a while alone and just wanted to go out but not on my own, we went to a local pub and sat chatting about work and general things.He went to the bar for another round when he returned I crossed my legs a couple of times knowing he would see my stocking tops and knickers, he said could we do this again I said ok as my husband was still away, we left and he dropped me off at home, he leaned over and kissed me I put up no resistance he put his ha n d on my leg and moved it up my skirt he got passed my stocking tops and to my knickers, I let him finger me for a while but said I had to go.

My husband returned and I made a nice meal and dressed in one of his favorite dresses and knickers we finished our meal and sat drinking in the lounge, I told him about my night out and he was so excited he pulled my dress up and started to finger me I wanked him telling him how I was so turned on with someone else's fingers inside me.

Do you still want to go to the cinema and watch me with him, he said the cinemas he went to weren't like the old ones they were small and there would be many people around he asked me if that would bother me, I said if we picked the right movie and time I would give it a try. If I was uncomfortable I could leave, I was still wanking him he was close to coming, I told him I would dress up for him in a loose dress black stockings and his favorite white knickers he came more than I'd seen before.

I arranged with my friend from work for another night out and sugar we went to a film, I knew he would have as he had already fingered in the car.

We decided on one of the oldest cinemas as it was larger than most my husband went in first and we followed after, I could see him and I suggested were we sat, not to close but enough that he could watch. We sat and waisted no time he kissed me and unbuttoned my blouse to move my bra down and play with my nipples, I looked around the cinema and could see my husband watching, also another man had moved close we hadn't expected this but we had gone this far it was no time to stop.

My friends hand went up my skirt and felt me through my knickers I was getting more excited than I thought, I opened my legs to give him more access his fingers slipped in as I was now very wet, I looked over to my husband and he was wanking his trousers were open and his cock was on show, I knew he wanted to see more so I moved forward in the seat so he could see my stocking tops and knickers, my friend was inside my knickers and his fingers were working at full speed, I was wanking his co ck. The other man that had moved closer had his cock out and was wanking while watching, I was so turned on I pulled my skirt up to my waist and got my friend to pull my knickers to my knees, he took them off and sat me on his cock and fucked me till I came,I couldn't care by then who was watching. We carried on till he came and left. When I got home my husband was waiting for me, he said it was the most exciting time he had ever had I asked him if had come, of course and so did the other man he told me he needed to come again wank me into your knickers and tell me how it felt being fucked in public I did and he said this was the start of something new, I agreed our next adventure was another story.