12 Sep 2016

Wow thousands of reads on my first post, if you read I pad you would know that after reading my husband's cinema pages we decided to live out his fantasy, I commented that when I first read them that most were fantasy, but after being fucked in public with not only my husband watching but a stranger wanking off as well I had put myself in that catogry.

One comment was from a guy called Larry, how much further can you go, I gave this some thought and decided he could be right. I let a couple of days go by and one evening after a boozy night out I told him that I had posted our experience on swingers heaven, he wan to read it and for me to wank I him in my knickers, I got one of his favorite pairs and slowly wanked him, as he got towards the end he let out a gasp and came. We must do this again he said he meant the cinema, perhaps I have fantasies, tell me , why don't we go back and I can watch you fucking another woman.

Where would I find another woman who liked to be fucked in a public place knowing she was being watched, I told ,him I had a divorced friend and we often spoke about sex, you know her well because when she's here you always look up her dress and sex after is always Moe rampant, I'll make arrangements for lunch and see how it goes, he said he would pick her up and drop us both at the wine bar, we arrived at her house and she came out dressed in a light summer dress, I told him to open the back door and he might get a glimpse of her knickers, if you do you can go home and wank off.

He did this and sat back in the car and nodded, I could see he had an erection and I wanted touch it but couldn't. He dropped us off and again opened her door for another view.

We sat and drank and the conversation got around to sex, she said she had missed a man but not easy to find, I showed her my I pad and she couldn't believe what we had done, she wanted to read it again which she did and said it was turning her on and her knickers were getting wet, would you like to try it with my husband, she looked shocked, you know he takes every opportunity to look up your dress to see your knickers, no she hadn't realized, well when you come to us he always sits opposite you and when you've left our sex is a lot stronger.

My friend asked if I had lesbian tendency, no just watching him, she said she would think about it and give me a call, I told her I would ring him to pick us up,x and when you get in the car see if you can see him looking, he arrived and opened the door she got in and made an effort to show more of her knickers than usual, we dropped her off and she whispered you could be in for a good night.

We got home and be said he had enjoyed the view yes , do you want to fuck her while I watch, yes of course then I want to go back to the cinema he said why can't we do it here, because I found it more exciting in a public place, with that I opened my legs and showed him my stockings and knickers, I knew this would turn him on,imagine she's here your fingers are in her knickers and she's wanking you,I told him to wait and I returned with a petticoat that he loved I wanked him into it that t look little time.

I waited a while and my friend to get back and she agreed to my suggestion, she told me she had also read the stories on swingers heaven, and thought mine seemed quite tame to others but loved every minute. I suggested she came for a drink to us before our night out she agreed and the three of us sat in the lounge, my husband sat next to her and I asked them to feel each other, they kissed and he put his hand up her dress I could see his bulge and her legs were apart her knickers were being pulled aside, I told them this is what happens when we go out, you can wank him off while I watch but know more, I had to know weather this was going to work, he came within seconds, we all said goodbye and made arrangements for our adventure .

He told me it was up to me to make the details, which I did, we arrived at the same cinema, they went in first and I followed. They were kissing when I sat down he unbuttoned her blouse and played with her nipples, I looked around and there where more people about than last time, this excited me, what they didn't know I asked my friend from last time to join me he crept in and waited as my husband's hand went up her skirt, my friend was inside my knickers and wanking me, my husband looked over and realized what was happening.she looked over and stopped everything, she pushed her skirt down and moved away from my husband.

We stopped and I gesturing we went to the loo, what's the matter I asked her, she said who is the man with you she didn't realize someone else would be so close, it's the man that fucked me last time, did your husband know he would be here, no I hadn't told him but he won't mind, and she thought that we we're attracting some attention from other people.that what public sex is about, she explained she and her husband had never done anything like this would you like to leave, she said she wasn't sure, go back and carry on and if you're uncomfortable we can leave.

We sat back and my husband undid her blouse again and played with her nipples, my friend was already wanking me through the side of my knickers as I turned and watched them. He pulled her forward and knelt in front of her and started fucking her.

I watched them both shudder a thought they had both come, he sat back and they both watched me suck my friend off.

We left and stopped at a local pub, a bit embarrassing at first but after a couple of drinks we all enjoyed each other's company , my husband said I suppose we are swingers now, he suggested we have a night at home, my friend said we must sound like naughty school children whispering, my husband suggested that the girls could in school uniforms we all laughed but agreed, we met at our house, what a night.