Written by Sweetandsticky

14 Oct 2010

Hello to you all,my name is Liz and my hubby asked me to share this true story with you.Im now 49 and the story was when i was 18.I always liked boys from a very early age and by the time i was 18 had quite a bit of experience.

Anyway David was my mothers boyfriend and was 43 and would spend most weekends at our house and i would occasionally hear them making love(my mother was very loud during sex).

I began to picture David fucking my mother and began thinking of him in a sexual manner,he was still very fit after spending 20 years in the army.So every oppertunity i got when my mother wasnt looking i would openly flirt with him.I remember hearing David ask my mother to wear nylons when they went out,so i bought some and would wear them when he was around.His eyes never left my legs.The next time we were alone i made sure i was wearing the nylons and said in a very casual manner that i had fallen asleep in my tights the night before.His ears immediatly picked up and he asked me how that happened and if it was a regular thing.I said most times i simply fall asleep wearing them.

I knew something had clicked in his mind and that night as i went to bed my heart was racing and my pussy was slick with my sexual juices(i was on heat)i knew my mother was at work until at least 3am,and i had awoken something in Davids mind and i was shaking with excitment wondering if he would follow up his desires.

Around 12 o clock i heard David coming up the stairs,and then my door opening slightly,i pretended to be fast asleep and heard him walk over to my bed and lift my duvet,revealing my nylon clad legs.I then heard fumbling and the unmistakable sound of his belt buckle being undone,my pussy was so wet i could feel it running down the crack of my bum,i was frozen with excitment/fear and remained "asleep" i felt him touch my legs and then a groan and felt 3 warm blobbs of his spunk on my leg.He then walked out and back downstairs.I sat up and switched on my light and i could see the 3 sticky bloobs still warm on my nylon leg,i scopped them up smelt them and then licked it off my fingers,this is what my mothers boyfriends spunk tasted like,i only had to touch myself and i came in seconds.

This happened on about 4 other occasions and David would also call me names under his breath as he masterbated over me.I always pretended to be asleep and it was never mentioned between us.