Written by Suzie

24 Jan 2010

I was going on a night out round the bars over in Liverpool with a few of the girls and before I left home, my husband had got in a twist about the dress I was wearing. It’s bright red, lovely and tight and made of very thin fabric. To avoid lines showing through, I usually wear it without underwear. Well, when I say without underwear, I go braless and I wear tights without knickers. I love wearing this dress, and although I’ve worn it lots of times, he was upset about me wearing it to go out with the girls. To make him feel better, I tried the dress with a bra but it just didn’t look or feel right. So in the end, although he wasn’t at all happy, I left home braless wearing the red dress.

At about midnight, we were in a bar called the Living Room and we bumped in to my husband’s friend with a group of his mates. They bought us drinks, we bought them drinks and then all moved on to the next pub together and later that night we ended up back in the flat of one of the lads in the group. We were all a little drunk and I ended up snogging my husband’s mate. He asked me if I wanted to go to a bedroom. I thought for a few seconds and then said yes. Realising tights aren’t exactly the sexiest of clothes, I went to the loo and took off and then went to the bedroom where he was waiting for me.

We started snogging again and his hands were all over me. Up and down my back, on to my tits and over my arse. I pushed him away slightly and undid hit belt and trousers. We kissed again as I pushed my hand inside and grabbed his lovely hard dick. Then I pushed his trousers down off his hips, sat him down on the edge of the bed and pushed him back so he lay down. I sucked him for a few seconds before I told him to get his trousers off completely and get on to the bed so I could get on top of him. He did as I asked and I hitched my tight dress up my thighs and up round my waist. I climbed on the bed and straddled him with my smoothly shaven fanny just over his face. I lowered myself on to him and he parted my lips with his tongue and sucked hard on my clitoris. He tongue fucked me as I wriggled myself against him. Just as I could feel the start of an orgasm I moved down the bed and kissed him. The taste of my own juices on his lips was a big turn on for me.

Making sure my dress was well up round my waist, and kneeling with his hips between my thighs, I grabbed his dick and aimed it between the lips of my sensitive, wet fanny. The feeling was lovely as I pushed myself down on his bell-end and impaled myself up to his balls with the first stroke. Almost as soon as he was inside me, the orgasm that he’d started with his tongue was upon me and I instinctively fucked myself harder on him. He held on to my hips and I could feel my braless tits bouncing under my dress as I pounded myself against him

I came again and then it became apparent to me that he was getting close to off loading in to me. Just as I was getting close to my third orgasm, he pumped his spunk deep inside me with three or four jerking movements as he forced his dick as far inside me as it would go.

For a few minutes I remained on top of him with his dick still inside me, while I thought about what I’d done. Here I was sitting on top of my husband’s mate with his dick inside me. But before I had too much time to think about it, there was a knock on the bedroom door and we jumped up, sorted our clothes out and went back down stairs. I was feeling pretty uncomfortable as I didn’t have time to find my tights so I was now completely commando under my dress and I could feel his spunk starting to run out of me and on to the tops of my thighs. At this point I was almost beginning to regret what I’d done; but not quite.