Written by Paul

11 Sep 2013

As I said I should of been suspicious a long time before I was, there was no signs hints or any thing every thing was comply normal, we a married couple I work for myself I am a carpenter Claire works as a office manager we have two grown up kids both flown the nest so jest the two of us life should be good and I thought it was okay lately I not had as much work on and had to travel to find it quite a lot but even so I keep going where a lot didn't and went under

Clare a good looking woman of forty now I am older, there always been a difference between people we know friend based on our work mine being more manual workers and hers more office types I have not always been comfortable mixing with them, odd times it can seem one or two may look down on me when they find out what I do but not that often all the same I do tend to get out of social things she some times go to

Claire has a grope of friends she work with most was female they go out from time to time

Its been a regular thing for some time some once a month or every couple of weeks depending if they get the time

Claire is hard working after we had the kids she got back to work and managed a family as well she moved up the ranks in time to where she is today and thee could be promotion on the horsing she tells me, so she spent longer at work I have been dragged off to a couple of dinners all suited up best behavior and all that

So six months ago about then this all started, a short time later I got the offer of work down south in the London area a long run which I needed as my old van on its last legs and need to get a newer one, I don't like staying away but needs are I said to myself well I get out them dinners and things that's a plus

Well as the weeks ticked by I would phone home we say how much we missed each other and so on, then a few times Claire said she not be home tomorrow night out with the girls or a meeting things like that really I didn't take to much notice there was one funny thing she said some times you not get me on my mobile that started happening a lot some times she tell me other times it jest ring and ring and go to messaging or it be off, I did ask and she say flat battery or bad area okay no worries

It was a weekend home and Claire is always very willing in bed you can't take that away from her she likes to fuck dress up the lot, this weekend it wasn't quite the same a hint of reluctance and when we did, it wasn't her normal go for it girl approach more lay back and think of England, the next night she was more her old self I was working every other weekend, it was mid week after going back she called me to tell me she got promoted she got the general manages job she was over the moon I said I will pop home for the night and take her out the coming weekend she was very reluctant saying no we go out the next weekend what I was to find out much later was that weekend she wasn't at home for two nights the Friday and Saturday each afternoon I was called and give an excuse not phone them evening she was infarct in a hotel finding out jest how stiff and hard her new job can be when pleasing higher management and I am sure her prospects must of looked very good, I had no idea about any of this at the time

It was a good two months later my neighbor a grumpy old sod said to me blood car doors banging in the night its not like that when your home I wondered what the daft old sod was on about his always moaning I said to Claire what is he on about a little flushed she said he thinks nine o- clock is the middle of the night so once more I missed the sigh some thing was going on,I was in pub some time later with the lads and one said you got a new car not thinking I said no no more was said one more hint gone by me

It wasn't till I had a week off at home even then I didn't get suspicious till the end of the week, Clair seemed edgy with me at home not relaxed quite unusual I had jobs to do about the house and in the garden it was then my neighbor spoke to he said a lot quieter with you here no coming and go this time I asked what he meant he said your friend coming and going all night some times, I said oh yes sorry about that which car makes the nose he said not the cars its doors that BMW, well we don't any friends with a BMW then the penny started to drop what he said before and being asked if I had a new car who's car was at mine when I away

So what next was wondering, I didn't want to say any thing to Claire in case I got it all wrong, she went out that night with her mate she picked her up I looked for her lap top it wasn't in doors so I looked in her car she put in the boot under other things so it was hidden, I took it in and silly cow she still got the same pass word she always used

There was work stuff emails from girlfriends but in them a lo from some called Simon there was work ones from him as well so they work together, there was arranging times in the evening but some in the deleted box was the ones she put them in there thinking they had gone silly cow , bloody hell he fucked here loads of time he got her to go out with some called James it seemed she was now seeing him and Simon want her to see both of them together that wasn't a no it was maybe it seemed both came to my house and stayed so that the cars I felt sick she had to be fucking them both and they knew about each other what the fuck was going on, I put the lap top back, when she got home it was like butter wouldn't melt on her mouth, she asked me if I was okay I told her yes a bit under the weather that's all

Next day I wet threw the house from top to bottom I got a shock in the bedroom hidden in her makeup was a box of pills conservatives the pill I had a snip after we had out family

I had prof she was fucking about what to do I was at a lose but little did I know what was in store for me us