Written by Linda

8 Mar 2018

A few years back times were really hard and my husband Pete and I didn’t have enough money to make ends meet. We just had enough to pay the bills and food but not for any treats.

My husband still had enough to go to the pub each Fruday though and come home drunk. His pub mates weren’t our normal friends. I did occasionally go with him and they were ok, just very flirty with me.

My husband never cared that they were flirty and suggestive. I guess I am attractive and have a good figure, and Pete loved showing me off. He wanted me to wear short skirts and low cut tops to the pub and no bra. I resisted but often gave wearing short skirts and low cut tops as I did secretly love the attention. I did go bra less on one hot day which resulted in loads of lewd comments.

I knew Pete had told them lots about our sex life, as things were let slip in the pub conversation when they were drunk. I was angry with him and he felt my wrath for some time for telling them. For example they knew that i swallow, am very noisy in bed and completely shave my pussy. Again secretly I didn’t mind that they knew and guess that is why they were so flirty and complimentary to me. Part of my revenge was to tell them about Pete having a fairly small cock and not being the best.

Apparently they all talked about their wives/girlfriends and Pete told me all about each of their sex lives. There are between 6 and 8 in their Friday group. One guy Mike (who they called horse due to his supposedly really big cock) was actually quite good looking and was the main flirt with me. He was married, but I knew he did sleep around. I did have quite a few thoughts about his cock and discretely always checked out his large package. He was a builder and a really rough big muscly build type.

Anyway I’d got fed up with their letching and their conversation was always the same and boring about football so went less and less.

Then with a big car bill we really did struggle and Pete told the guys. Again I was angry with this as he was discussing our private business. He did say though that Mike had offered to lend us the money and he had accepted.

We paid him back weekly, which was even more of a financial struggle, and we still owed him £200. That week we couldn’t afford to pay him so Pete went and saw him to ask if we could miss a repayment.

When he returned he said Mike was fine with it but had made us an offer. That was to write the debt off if i slept with him. Then Pete hinted that I should do it and I was mad at him, especially saying that I was worth far more than that. As I calmed down the thought became more appealing as Pete really wasn’t satisfying my needs. I remembered that in the past Pete had said he would love to see me with another guy.

We really needed the money as well and Pete kept suggesting it over the next few days. I eventually said said I would consider doing something but would never fuck him.

Although I didn’t make any promises I could tell it really turned him on and he was on heat wanting sex. I suspected he and Mike planned this.

He asked what I had in mind and I said that I would go topless and wank him off only. Pete, the dirty bastard was suggesting I go further, but I said no and for him to tell Mike my offer. Pete suggested that if he agreed we could invite him over for drinks and do it then. I knew by the way he was talking that he intended watching, which I didn’t want.

Mike agreed as long as I was just in sexy knickers and I agreed. So Pete invited him around and we had a few drinks. It was a bit awkward.

I was nervous but excited at the thought of getting my hands on his big cock. I knew he would want to go further than I agreed and I knew inside I would let him but only if Pete wasn’t there.

I was dressed in one of my short skirts and a tight top with no bra with my nipples proudly sticking out. Mike paid me load of compliments. He kissed me on the lips as he came in. It wasn’t a French kiss but more than he had done before.

Mike took the lead after nothing natural seemed to be happening and suggested we go to a bedroom. At that I told Pete to make himself scarce and that I’d call him when we had finished. He looked shell shocked and just looked at me and suggested he stayed. I told him that there was no way I’d do this in front of him or even with him in the same house.

He started to suggest this shouldn’t happen and Mike stepped in and said that it had all been agreed so was up to me. Mike was quite forceful in the way he spoke and Pete backed down. I was horny and really wanted this so just said to Pete privately that we needed the debt written off and it was only a bit of harmless fun. He couldn’t argue as he had persuaded me to do this, although his plan to watch had backfired. So he left and I locked the door. We watched him drive off and then Mike turned to me and kissed me fill on with his tongue probing my mouth.

Kissing was ever negotiated but I didn’t refuse and enjoyed his roughness. The plan was to use the spare room but he asked in a dominant way, which room was our bedroom. Obediently I led him by the hand into our marital bedroom.

Inside he lay on our bed and told me to strip for him. Again this wasn’t negotiated, but I loved him taking control and just did as I was told. I felt like a whore, and guess I was one as doing this to write off our debt. Off came my skirt revealing my red satin thong, followed by my top revealing my large breasts.

I felt really vulnerable as standing almost naked in front of my husbands friend in my own bedroom. He asked me to turn around and as I did he got up and groped my arse commenting that it was lovely.

He kissed me again, continually groping my bum and then my breasts and caressed my nipples. I love this and can orgasm having my nipped played with. He knew from Pete that I am noisy in bed and was probably not surprised that i started to moan in his mouth.

He lay back on the bed and told me to take my thong off. This time I told him that this wasn’t part of my deal. He just looked at me and said, “how much I do what ever i want with you?”

He was so direct and blunt and I really now felt like a whore. But I also wanted him and at that point needed him. I just replied asking how much he was offering. He said the £200 would be paid off and he would give me £200 more to do anything he wanted. I found myself agreeing on the condition that it was our secret. He promised not to tell anyone and Pete would only know the we went as far as agreed. He then took £200 and put it on the side and said, “now the knickers”.

Still standing i pulled them down. I still remember the feeling and humiliation of standing completely naked in front of this brute of a man. My fanny was completely exposed as i’ve no hair, having shaved for him earlier. I wasn’t scared and in fact the opposite and wanted him like crazy. I didn’t try and hide it and had my hands by my side. He told me he loved my bald fanny and that Pete was right about me shaving it all.

He then ordered me to play with my breasts and I did. I couldn’t help moaning as the pleasure aroused me.

He then told me to finger my cunt. I hate that word but it sounded natural coming from him. I did as I was told. I’d never masturbated in front of Pete but gave my fancy a good going over.

As I started he undid his shoes and his cock came out. It was huge in length and width with a massive red helmet. He then stripped naked and stroked his cock watching me. I wanted to climb on him but he hadn’t asked me so I carried on.

I was reaching a climax and moaning loudly when he called me over and I lay with him. Instinctively I placed my hand on his cock and started playing. He told me to suck it and I did the best I could.

I was paid by him as his whore and sucked him like one, far more enthusiastically than I did with Pete. He wanted to know how much bigger his cock was than Pete’s and I showed he was half his length.

I’d put out of my mind that he was married. He told me I was going to swallow his cum as his wife never did. I wanted to give him pleasure

That he had missed out on so carried on eagerly sucking and wanking. Before long he shuddered and pump after pump of spunk shot in my mouth. I didn’t realise a guy could produce that much. I swallowed his first load and gagged on the second so moved my mouth away. Still more cum over my face.

He said I was the best and told me to lay there and not move. He took out his phone and took pictures of my face. I know I shouldn’t have let him but didn’t consider the consequences at the time. He then told me to part my legs and took more pictures. He even told me to hold my fanny sort and he took close ups.

Then he told me to get my rampant rabbit out. Obviously Pete had told him about that as well. I had started to feel guilty about what I had done but knowing Pete had told him, and no doubt others, about my rabbit made me happy that I was also getting revenge.

On his orders I was using my rabbit with him watching and videoing me. It was so stupid of me letting him but I was under his spell. I moan so much the neighbours often complain and my moaning like a whore was now on video.

He then licked me out bringing me to an awesome orgasm. Whilst doing so he fingered my really wet pussy. He then turned me over onto all fours and did something I would never let Pete do and pulled my bum apart and licked out my bum hole. He then fingered my bum using my fanny juice to lubricate. I am sure he again videod and photo’d me.

Putting me in my back he gave me the best fuck I’ve ever had. He filled me like only a cucumber has done before stretching me to the limit. I was moaning and telling him he was the best and so fucking big. He loved this. He turned me over and done me doggy, whilst also fingering my bum again.

He then cum in me after a long fuck but not before I had multiple orgasms. Still semi hard I sucked him clean. Probably as a controlling thing he also made me suck his balls and lick and finger his hairy bum hole. He was hard again after that and fucked me again, this time me riding him. He cum in me again and we both lay together in exhaustion.

We had been at it for a couple of hours. The bed was wet and stained and I was a cum filled mess. Mike announced he would be fucking me again and that made me happy.

Mike left and I changed the sheets, hid my money and showered before calling Pete. He questioned why we were so long and what happened. I lied and told him all went to plan and that i kept my thong on and just wanked him off. To explain the long time I said we had a drink after. Pete loved hearing about it and wanted to fuck. I was too sore and he was happy with a blow job. He did love hearing about how big Mike really was and told me that he would love to see Mike or another endowed guy fucking me. I shocked him by saying that I might be persuaded.