Written by Dave

28 Aug 2014

Last Friday my wife went out with her work colleagues as one of them was leaving the firm. They were going for a meal then on to a club.

When she was showered,made-up and dressed, I couldn't help but notice a slight indent under her skirt which was confirmation that she was wearing stockings and suspenders.

She sometimes does this when we go out together but I'd never known her wear them when she was not with me. I didn't comment at all thinking she just wanted to feel nice when out.

She got in pretty late, early hours really. I had long gone to bed but although she came in quietly, it still woke me up.

She crept into the bedroom and undressed. I pretended to be asleep but kept glancing over at her. When she had taken off her skirt and blouse, she had on her black bra, suspender belt and stockings but no panties! Now I really was suspicious but figured maybe she had taken them off in the bathroom and I was just being paranoid.

However, I certainly didn't hear her go into the bathroom. When she slid into bed after completely undressing and putting her underwear away, I really thought I detected a slight sense of a small she gave off which was different.

I was up first the next day and immediately went to the washing basket to see if her black panties were there (assuming she would have worn them to match) and there was no panties in there at all.

She hasn't said anything about the night out, only that she had a great time and hoped she hadn't woken me up when she got in.

Does anyone think I'm just being over suspicious or that she really is getting another cock.

You see, while I enjoy reading about guys who like their women being fucked by someone else, it's not something I want to happen.