Written by sqwsmith

4 Dec 2010

It was the 19th of Nov, I last told you what was happing, Jean (my wife) had taken the bate, after a long talk we had, I already knew she had started a lesbian relationship, with Ann a friend she had got to know from the Internet, even though she not admitted it to me, she had been very open about the men she sleep with, and that had involved me. I had encouraged that,so was quite happy with the situation

To date there had been three different ones, all black, Tony 19, student seems to be her favorite one, and is now a regular visitor, and the only one to stay the night, she found a older guy that was hung like a horse, she only had him the ones,I have put that down to curiosity as much as any thing, she has admitted the size of there manhood really mater to her and her enjoyment, she is in contacted we a West Indian feller at the moment, we will see what comes of that

After discussing our situation, and I bought the subject of her sexuality, and I had given the green light for her to be more open about sleeping with another woman, she had left it a day before bring the subject up again, now she admitted she quite fancied the idea, which I knew she would in the end, it seems we have to play this little game, as if any thing gos wrong she could blame me

I am getting as sneaky as her looking at her emails and if I can looking on her phone to see who she talks to, she is on the phone half a dozen times a day to Ann, I don't know how many times Ann calls her, there are always a few emails as well

Jean has told Ann lots of things about us, not all true, like she has to sleep with other men to please me, Ann had told her not to mention to me about there affair, Jean had said she thought I had guessed, we the information I was picking up,it was easier for me to push Jean on

I still had to get in a positions they would lit me me watch them, and that was not going to be easy

Luck came into play a few days later, in a email Ann said she be over at midday the next day, that morning I left a folder on the table as I left for work, at twelve thirty I was in our road and phoned home to say, I need the folder and would be home to pick it up, Jean seemed very much on edge

and very much uneasy about me coming home, with in minutes I was in our drive, parked next to Ann's car, and went straight in to fined them both in the lounge, Jean was dressed up, more that you would

thing to have a coffee and a chat with a friend, she also look flushed, and was stuck for words at seeing me there so quick, Ann was the cram one,and said nice to see you again, and made conversation

I put presser on Jean by saying I got time for a coffee as well, poor Jean she was uneasy, she had a black skirt on thats short, a white almost see though blouse, it was plain she had no bra on, when she

sat down the skirt rode up, and I spotted stockings, it looked like she was going to have a very friendly chat, she was dressed more like she was seeing a stud, I hung it out as long as I could, as I

left I told them I had a meeting to go to and I be late getting home, Jean looked revealed I was going

I drove off and parked in the next street, and walked back, the lounge certain where closed,I slipped round the back and in the kitchen door,ones I was into the hallway, I could hear they where still in the lounge, I moved along so I could see in, they where on the sofa in a very passionate clench, Ann had her jacket off,her top almost unbuttoned, Jean's blouse was completely open, her skirt was almost round her waist,they where into a very deep kiss, Ann was playing with jean's breasts at the same time

They parted and Ann lifted one of her large saggy breasts up and offered it to Jean, she took in her mouth and suckled on it, Ann clearly enjoyed that, she held her head in both hands, after what seemed

a long time Jean was moved to the other one, the first tit dropped down, the nipple looked long and rubbery sicking out from a dark circle well over two inches across, Ann pulled Jean off the other nipple, with a pop, she was sucking so hard, as I watched Ann stuffed two fingers right inside my wife

after a vigorous fingering, she pulled them out and offered them to Jean to lick, say I think my little bitch need bedding

I then ran upstairs into the spear bedroom, and waited, I had the door ajar, I got sight of them on the landing, Ann had her handbag and the large shoulder bag, she had last time, I creep onto the landing, luck would have it the left the door open, by the time I looked in both where naked to the waist in a tight embrace, Ann has a grip on Jeans bum pulling her in,one thigh pushed out so it parted Jeans legs and pushed her skirt up, they brook off the kiss,Ann pulled on Jeans skirt it feel

to the floor, she kicked it away, Ann had both hands on my wifes shoulders pushing her to her knees

Jean knelt there undoing her skirt, that fell away,she had stockings and suspenders, she quite a sight

a large woman very muscular, big tits that hang down, Jean is licking and kissing her thigh, Ann says

lower,lower, Jean is at her knees,and is told further, she gets down to the ankle, ones more Ann says

lower, lick them, I watch in shock as Jean licks her shoes, Jean is pulled up by the hair and her face

is forced into the Ann's crouch, and held there,I am more surprised by what happens next, Ann turned round ans bend over, and parts her bum cheeks, saying now there, Jean leans in and licks away,being told you are my girl now

The thing that gets me is Jean is willing to do that, more than that she seems to enjoy it, it really please Ann, when she had a nuff she lifts Jean to her feet,taken her to our bed, and making her stand near to it, it seems as if Ann is inspecting Jeans body, she has a grin on her face, Jean freally looks as if she had submitted to her, this is all new to me, Ann starts to run her hands all over her body, she then picks a blindfold from her bag, Jean seems a little unsure, but its put on,she is then bent over so her hands are on the bed, Ann seems attracted to Jeans tits, hanging down, she cups one then the other, squeezing them, Jean winch, but her nipples are erect, Ann takes one in each hand, push up then jerk down, making Jean cry out, they are pulled down, the nipples as squeezed really hard

It hurt, she is asked do you like that bitch, it is repeated a number of times, then she lets go, and slap each on twice

Ann is now in her bag, taken out a very large strap-on and puts it on, it looks massive strapped to her, she then picks out a belt and raps round her hand, she is standing to one one side rubbing Jeans

ass, she ask questions, do you like being made to fuck men for our husband to watch, I heard her say yes sorry, Ann lifts her arm with two foot of belt hanging down, there is swish then a crack as it lands, Jean jumps forward and scream, she is told up, and she gets another stroke, there two very red marks on her bum, she gets maybe six more, her body is shacking she is crying, I am god smacked watching this, Jeans bum looks red and sore, Ann feels between her legs and say, I thought that turn

you on, she gets behind her, lifts her higher, then push the strap-on in, Jean says NO that one is to big, but Ann jerks her hips, and force more latex into her, she had hold of Jeans hips, a few more pushes and she get most up her, with Jean crying out and screaming stop, An is to strong and big she hold her and force it in, she want to heart her I think, Ann starts to fuck her,Jean is forced onto her knees on the bed with force of the thrust, she is held there by Ann, as the fucking gos on Jean changes from pain to pleaser, she is made to climax, then another, they come one after the other

Till its over, the monster id pulled out, Jean claps on the bed, Ann undo the straps and drop the thing, she flips Jean onto her back and sit on her face, forcing her to lick and suck her pussy, they carry on with lots more oral and used a hand dildo on each other, I had shot my lot in my pants watching them, I had to slip away