Written by Paulrcouple

4 Jan 2011

This is a true story believe it or not.

It was new years day 1989 we had been out drinking all afternoon it was tea time and very quiet round elland town center Jane is always very horny after a few drinks we are both bi and i have told her what went on in the toilets when we are in bed having fun she would give me a blow job and play with herself as i told my experiences.

We had just left a pub called the Travellers on our way to one called the Town Hall we had to walk through the town center car park were there was a toilet i used to go in i had told her about happy times i had in there many times she was drunk but not pissed just enough to horny and up for any thing.

She said take me in there i went in first it was empty the hole was still in the door it had poor lighting like all toilets had i went out side and brought in.

We went in the cubicle i told her to stand to one side of the hole i pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet we herd footsteps somebody had come in the came straight up to the end cubicle and stud there i started stroking my cock his fingers to the hole i put my cock through the hole he wanked for a bit then sucked me i had to pull out or i would have cum.

His cock came through i wanked it Jane bent down and got it in her mouth i saw Jane gag he had cum cock out and away Jane said that was fast yes it is like i told her sex in toilets is over very quickly.

Footsteps again same thing finger to the hole my cock through his cock through the hole

Then more footsteps he pulled his cock out back in his pants and zip up the next cubicle door slammed shut his cock back through the hole i wanked it Jane got it in her mouth.

I looked up and there was a guy looking over the top Jane stud up and spat a load of cum on the floor she saw the guy looking at her his head went then he is out side he asked if he could see Jane's pussy she lifted her skirt up pulled her knickers and tights down and stud there with her legs open i felt her lips and pushed a finger in she was soaking it all ran through my fingers and down the back of my hand his cock came through the hole it was a big one Jane went to the hole put her pussy there but it was hard for him to get into her.

Jane turned round bent over got hold of his cock from in between her legs he was in her i could ear her gasp then a sigh she had cum within a few seconds another head looking over the the top we could ear people whispering out side they were lining up to fuck her.

In half an hour we don't know to this day how many cocks she had had she was getting fucked giving me a blow job somebody watching over the top.

Then it all went quiet somebody said police out side we could ear is radio people went we tidied our selves up and went out side the police car was still there we set off to the Town Hall pub he pulled up at the side of us and asked us what we were doing in the same toilet i said Jane wanted wee and she would not go in the ladies on her own he said that toilet was a place were perverts go and told us not to do it again cheeky bastard perverts indeed.

We got a drink in the Town Hall there was a lad at the bar who was the last lad who looked over the top he smiled at us then looked away Jane said she was going to clean her self up a bit and went to the toilet she had been gone for about 10 minuets when i noticed that lad was not stud at the bar 5 minuets later Jane came back she smiled and sad well do you want me to tell you yes i said.

She said when i was coming back from the toilet he said hi he said he was the lad looking over but missed out he got my hand took me in the gents and fucked me but it was good he kissed me sucked my nipples it was really nice.

We saw him one Saturday night in the Town Hall in the summer but that's another story.

People who live in that area will know the pubs and the toilets if any body reads this and was there that new years day please in touch