Written by Harry

27 Apr 2014

Married nearly 50 years and getting towards the end of our sex life, imagine my joy when I walked in on my wife sitting on the edge of the bed with her head buried deep in my best friends crotch and , with his 6 " deep into her mouth.

We had come to stay for a few days with our best friends. Both couples married a long time with missionary sex having become the norm over the last 10 years or so. Oral sex was not on the menu for me because my wife didnt like it and my friends wife was off sex totally.

They live in a flat with their bedroom door next to the bedroom we were useing and my wife was unpacking. Jim my friend had gone to the loo and Wendy and I were in the kitchen catching up on gossip. Jim seemed to be taking his time and when I heard a moaning sound which Wendy didnt hear I decided to have a look and indicating for Wendy to follow me and be quiet we looked in on them who were oblivious of everything and totally caught up in the moment. Jim was standing in front of my wife whos legs were wide apart and as we watched he knelt on the bed and pushed my wife down and got astride her his cock being worked on the whole time.

Initially Wendy and I both froze but when Wendy noticied I was starting to get my cock out to wank it she smiled and crept forward into the room licked her index finger and started to work my wifes clit.

So there we were wife on the bed with her legs well apart over the side. Jim was astride her and bent over her face with him deepthroating her. Wendy was on her knees massaging my wifes clit and me standing there pulling my rock hard cock furiously.

Jims body started to tense up as he got ready to come, Wendy started to speed up on the now large red clit which had the desired effect and within 30 seconds the two of them exploded and as they finished coming we crept back to the kitchen where Wendy expertly ins erted a finger up my arse and wanked me into seventh heaven.

As we cleaned up in the kitchen we heard the bathroom door go . A short while later as Jim went to clean up we heard him being thanked for not being selfish and looking after her which she said was the best clit cum she'd had.

As he started to say he hadn't done that I walked out and changed the conversation.

That night in bed I mentioned in a light hearted way that the chat she had with Jim that afternoon had gone on a long time and with noises I thought there was an orgy taking place. After a moment she started to kiss me and reached down to bring Johnnny back to life. I quickly went down on her and commented that it tasted different and what had she been doing for it to be so red..Very embarrasingly she said that she had played with herself because she had felt so horny. A very good fuck followed