Written by Virginia

7 Feb 2016

John and I are in our early 50s, married for 31 years, and both of us are tall and still slim. We were each other's first and only lovers, but we quickly learned together in those early days how to use our bodies to pleasure each other. It happily turned out that I love sex and his hefty penis still drives me wild during our frequent love making. I thought I had it all until Jan, my childhood friend, moved back after her divorce a few years ago and we became very close friends.

She is very active in the dating scene and tells me her tales of conquest, especially when she has a new man, which happens two or three times a year since she is not interested in marriage, only having sex. Her tales of larger than average penises and varied male sexual techniques awakened in me a curiosity of what I may have missed by not dating around before marriage. A little over a year ago it hit me that I wanted some of that experience for myself.

I love my husband very much and value our sexual life together, and didn't want to jeopardize either, so I cautiously raised the issue one night after a particularly satisfying session in bed by asking if he had any sexual fantasies about me. He looked a bit embarrassed and denied it, but I gently pressed him until he reluctantly admitted he had this naughty desire to see me with another man. I told him how my discussions with Jan had raised the same thought in me. He asked if I wanted to make it a reality and, after I said 'yes', we became so turned on we made mad passionate love again.

My husband suggested Ben, a much younger married man from his weekly handball game, who was known to be a well endowed and discrete 'player'. I was a nervous wreck all morning and early afternoon of the day selected for our encounter. I was beset by feelings that alternated between extreme horniness with me bringing myself off for relief, and reluctance to go through with it. I thought what if he finds my slim body and small breasts unattractive, or if I freeze up when naked before him and can't go through with it.

Late afternoon finally arrived and, at my husband's specific request, I was wearing only a short robe over the thigh length black negligee and matching panties he calls my 'I want some' outfit. They had showered at the club and were dressed in casual clothing when I greeted them at the front door and led them into our lounge. While John made us drinks, Ben and I sat together on the same sofa and become acquainted since we had never met before.

He was tall, broad shouldered, and handsome with an engaging smile and a charming manner. John brought in the drinks and Ben and I were soon talking like old friends. A few minutes more and a lot of my nervousness disappeared and I became comfortable enough to respond to his flirting as John eagerly watched us from where he sat opposite on the other sofa. Ben was having quite an effect on me. I soon felt a yearning in my tummy and moisture between my legs, and realized I was squeezing my thighs together seeking relief. I knew I would have no trouble going through with it.

My husband noticed the growing sexual desire in my face and body language and said it was time. I led Ben by the hand down the hall and into the master bedroom, ending up with us standing next to our oversize bed facing each other as John sat in the chair in the corner to watch. I was still a bit nervous, especially with my husband watching, but Ben we would go as slow as I wanted and to be sure to tell him what I wanted as we proceeded. I nodded as I removed my robe. His eyes moved approvingly up and down my body partially revealed through my negligee.

He slowly reached for me putting his hands on each side of my waist and drew us closer together as he leaned in. I closed my eyes and waited for that first contact. I felt his lips cover mine and we kissed closed mouth for a few seconds. I then felt the tip of his tongue brush across my closed lips. I was heating up from my image of him laying between my legs and taking me in front of my husband. I reached up threading my fingers through his hair. I opened my lips and felt the tip of his tongue widen them as he gently invaded my mouth. I pressed my tongue against his and we were soon tasting each other with our tongue.

As his mouth passionately devoured me, which I love, his hands moved upward from my waist and stopped at the level of my breasts. They may be small but, as compensation for their lack of size, my nipples are long and become hard with my slightest touch, especially when I'm aroused. His thumbs quickly found my nipples and caressed them until they were as hard as pebbles. He then flicked them roughly several times and electric shocks traveled straight to my center. I gasped with pleasure and thrust my hips forward against his groin, feeling his erection straining beneath his trousers.

He responded with thrusts of his hips into my groin as he continued kissing me deeply and with passion. When he finally broke our kiss, he backed away and quickly shed his clothes. This released his impressive erection. I stared at it, mentally comparing it to my husband's, and noted it was about two inches longer and also quite thicker. I wanted to wrap my fingers around it and feel its hardness and strength, but was embarrassed to be so forward.

He recognized my dilemma, probably from the lustful gaze I was giving it and, as he moved back to me, he brought my hand to it. I gave a small moan as I wrapped my fingers around it and satisfied my curiosity until he pushed his hips forward as he raised the hem of my negligee and ran his erection into the 'V' at the top of my thighs. He slowly dry humped me as he resumed our deep, wet kisses.

After several minutes of this foreplay, I was totally aroused, so much so that my residual nervousness and embarrassment melted away to be replaced by outright lust. I was so consumed with need I no longer was aware of husband John watching us. My belly was trembling with desire and my sex was awash with wetness and heat. Ben lowered me onto the bed. As I lay back, I rucked the negligee up around my waist to give him access to my panty clad womanly charms.

He stared at me with outright lust as he climbed between my outspread legs. I raised my knees as he reached forward under my bum, grasped the waistband at the back of my panties, and pulled them past my cheeks, then down my legs and off. As he tossed them aside, I re-opened my legs to reveal to his hot gaze the lightly haired and neatly trimmed hair covering my mound of Venus and surrounding the opening to my womanly core. I could feel the folds of skin were swollen, and wet and hot.

Slipping his hands again under my bum cheeks, he lowered his head and breathed in my musky scent before sliding his tongue several times over my sex. My hips arched upward with the contact, urging him for more. I threaded my fingers through the hair on the back of his head and pulled his head closer. His raspy tongue was inflaming me as it separated the folds of skin and ravaged my groove. The lapping of his tongue up and down my slit soon included him flicking the hard nub at the top.

By this time I was moaning with intense desire, involuntarily rolling my hips upward as my arousal became almost unbearable. A climax was building rapidly and I needed relief. I begged him to make me come and he responded by concentrating his talented tongue on that hard nub, rotating it with the tip of his tongue. I was just at the point of screaming for release when he suddenly sucked it with his lips as he thrust two fingers deep inside, rapidly fingering me.

My climax crashed around me like a tidal wave and I screamed out as the waves of orgasm rolled over me. My hips jerked against his mouth as he continued sucking my clit and fingering my convulsing pussy. My screaming gasps slowly released the intense pressure of my orgasm. John later told me my orgasm lasted well over a minute and was so intense to watch that he furiously wanked his cock seeking his own relief, but stopped at the last moment to save himself for me later on.

When it was finally over, I felt my body sag against the mattress and turn rubbery. He raised his head from my quivering groin and gave me a minute or so to partially recover. He then raised my legs and pushed my knees back toward my chest as he moved his hips forward. Placing my ankles on his shoulders, he rubbed the head of his cock against my opening, then slowly pushed inside. I felt the first couple of inches penetrate my sopping wet cavern and felt myself being stretched laterally more than I was used to with John, but I was so sexually aroused it felt good rather than uncomfortable.

He paused and asked if he was hurting me. I snaked my arms around his neck and pulled his face down for a kiss as I told him it felt wonderful and to fill me up. As we kissed, he slid the rest of the way in by short stages until he was fully imbedded. My pussy pulsed around his cock. He asked if I was ready and I eagerly responded by saying for the first time in my life to a man the words 'fuck me'. The instant I said it, I was astounded that phrase had left my lips and knew it marked some kind of watershed for me as a woman.

He started with long, deep strokes that filled me completely. I held him with my arms around his upper back. I pulled my knees back on each side of his torso with my lower legs straight up in the air. This gave him maximum penetration of my pussy and I could feel his cock all the way up inside. As he proceeded to push me slowly toward another climax, my brain shorted out and pure lust took over. His size stimulated nerve endings I didn't know I had. I cried out a steady stream of moans and gasps of rising passion. I felt him repeatedly withdraw his cock almost all the way, then thrust back inside hard and deep. My head soon started flailing from side to side as I lost all control and begged him to make me come. Through the sexual fog surrounding me I finally heard him panting as he began pounding his cock into my core and knew we both were close.

With a few violent thrusts he loudly grunted out his climax and I felt the spurts of hot cum fill me. I wailed out my own climax at that moment and we fucked against each other for what seemed like an eternity before slowly coming down and collapsing our bodies into each other. He lay on me and his residual slow thrusting continued for awhile as we kissed. When our mutual passion finally subsided, he withdrew his cock and got off the bed. He nodded to my husband as he went into the ensuite.

John got on the bed and, as I felt him move toward me, I opened my legs for him. He had a rock hard erection and quickly got between my legs. As he entered me, we wrapped our arms around each other. He was so horny from watching us go at it, he started off thrusting hard and fast and quickly got to the pounding stage. I got caught up with his passion and told him I wanted to feel him come in me. I very quickly noticed the difference in the feel of his cock inside me and the difference in technique between him and Ben. Jan was right when she told me one lover is not necessarily better than another, that a lot of it for a woman is the difference in the feel of one man's cock and the technique he uses versus another man.

John naturally didn't last long since he had just endured watching another man having me. He soon pounded into me and came. I had a little come myself and my body shuddered against him. He later told me that made all the difference in his pleasure, knowing he had been able to give me an orgasm even if it was only a small one.

We were cuddling after our mutual comes when Ben returned. As he stood to one side watching us, he slowly stroked his rejuvenated cock. John sensed his presence and asked if I wanted him again. I was a bit embarrassed when I said I did, John kissed me and told me to 'go for it', and went back to his chair to watch. Ben rejoined me on the bed and had me get on my hands and knees, my favorite position for a second session. He nudged my legs apart and rubbed the head of his cock against the entrance to me pussy. I suddenly realized I no longer had any hesitation to thinking of aspects of sex like 'pussy' and 'fuck' in crude terms instead of nice terms. For the first time in my life, I felt myself feeling a bit like a slut and it felt liberating.

Ben was still teasing me with the head of his cock against my opening. I felt wanton and sluttish. Before I knew it, I moaned and said to him, "Fuck me. Fuck me deep! Make me come again!" He immediately thrust his cock in with a single thrust that made me gasp and snap my head back. At the end of his stroke, his hips remained butted up against my bum as he kept his cock all the way in, grinding it in an attempt to penetrate me further. The head of it was nipping at my cervix, which I surprisingly found to be pleasurable. I pushed back trying to keep his cock deep, but he soon was vigorously fucking me with long, deep strokes.

I don't know how long we fucked like that, but it was wonderful and I soon became lost in the intense pleasure he was giving me. At some point, he transitioned into the short, rapid strokes preparatory to a man coming. I had held off my own climax so as to prolong the pleasure of our fuck for as long as possible, but now eagerly fucked him back so we could come together. I felt mine approaching and gasped out something like, "I'm close. Make me come with you. I need to come with you!'

He pounded me even harder, then bellowed out his climax as his cock gave me several long, deep strokes. I felt with each one the splash of hot cum deep inside. Feeling his cum seemed to do the trick and my orgasm swept over me, not as powerful as the ones he had given me before, but certainly intense enough that my tummy trembled and my hips quivered in sexual release. I panted and groaned out my pleasure, and urged him to continue fucking me, which he did. When the remnants of my orgasm finally subsided, I collapsed forward onto my tummy and he lay on my back as we regained out breath.

After a few minutes, Ben rolled off onto his side and lay facing me. I moved into him and we kissed and cuddled like honeymooners, and whispering words of satisfaction and gratitude to each other. The one phrase I distinctly remember was when he looked deeply into my eyes and said "You're amazement in bed - I can't get enough of you." And he didn't. After John had me again, Ben and I fucked for almost another hour, sometimes passionately and sometimes almost leisurely. He brought me off twice more before coming in me one more time at the end.

I felt extremely sexually used and satisfied by my new lover, but strongly needed to feel John inside having me in the loving way I was so used to after so many years. I felt strongly this would be the perfect way to end. Ben dressed and let himself out as John took final possession of me, reclaiming me for himself.

I immediately lost myself in his love making. He had me on my back with extreme urgency resulting from watching Ben give me orgasms for almost an hour and pounded me as he added his cum to cesspool of Ben's cum inside me. Being still extremely horny, he then fucked me slowly and deliberately for another 20 minutes. I became so lost in the love I felt from him that I suddenly came when he increased speed to come again. We came together, then cuddled and finally fell asleep in each other's arms.

The frequency of our love making increased markedly after that first three-some and we had each other every night, and sometimes also in the morning, the following week until our next session with Ben after their next weekly handball game, This went on for two more weeks until Ben startled us with a very interesting revelation.