Written by Taffy.

8 Nov 2017

Like Harris in his memories of the Stargazer Club, I too had often parked there, sadly it has been closed down for many years, I heard that the farmer who owned the barns took exception to what was going on there and would turn up and chase the doggers away and even tried to block the entrance with his tractor to lock the doggers in one night and I believe he even got the police involved.

As you would expect Saturday and Sunday nights were usually the most productive and there were often up to twenty cars parked waiting and hoping for the couples to arrive. I was outside my car chatting to a few other doggers one night when suddenly a car door opened and a slim naked girl stepped out and ran a lap around in front of the parked cars. When she returned to her car she picked up a blanket and put it on the ground next to her car then got on her knees and began to give the man who had driven her there a blowjob. Very quickly the couple were surrounded by men trying to feel her tits or reaching between her legs and fingering her cunt, the girl appeared to be enjoying the attention and took any erect cocks that were close in both of her hands. There were men jerking off all around her, she stopped sucking the cock and lay on her back on the blanket with her fingers inside herself while the assembled men squirted cum over her small tits and face.

At least a dozen men had jerked off over her, I admit that I was one of them and she was soon covered in cum which stood out in the moonlight. She stood up and faced the car, bent over and her partner stood behind her and fucked her. After he had cum inside her she wrapped the blanket around herself and got back into the car and they drove away.

I must have witnessed another seven or eight group meetings in the three years that I was a regular Stargazer, including the time that there were three couples who discovered that a door into the large barn was open. When I stepped inside it took a few minutes to adjust to the darkness but quite a few men had brought small torches which gave enough light to see the three women. One was fully dressed on her knees sucking off two men, another was bent over with her skirt pulled up to her waist sucking on a cock while another man was fucking her from behind. The third woman was naked on her back on a coat with a man with his head between her legs licking her out. The three women remained in the barn for about an hour, in that time they all had sex of one sort or another with any man who was there or arrived later. I know that I managed to cum twice that night, once into the mouth of one of the women and then later when I got a durex from a fellow dogger I fucked another against the wall of the barn. One by one, men left and the three women finally left with their partners.

That night was the only time that I saw such a large group of women together, usually it would be a single couple who would put on a show in their cars and if we were lucky invite a few men closer to get a blowjob or even a quick fuck on the back seat.

It is very rare that I am in the area these days but I still have a nostalgic drive around the lanes but the only sightings I have seen lately is some gay action. But I still have my memories