Written by Samantha

16 Jul 2012

Bored with my husband, bored with his version of sex, in and out, wiggle it around, cum, roll off go to sleep. Bored with the house we've been trying to sell for over two years. Ripe for a bit of excitement or an affair. I'm 45 years old, I think I'm attractive and look younger than I am. Slim, 5' 7” tall, a natural redhead and seeing as it's always mentioned in these posts I may as well tell you my tits are a firm 34d, tipped by highly sensitive small pink nipples. Unusually it seems, I don't shave my pussy, just keep it neatly trimmed, leaving a triangle of soft red hair on my mons.

I've had opportunities to have affairs with work colleagues and clients, but have always turned them down, tempting as some of them were. Sex hadn't always been boring with my husband, just the previous year or 18 months. I was certain he wasn't playing away, he had little more opportunity than me. I few months ago I read an article about dating sites for extramarital sex, even had a look, but it would almost certainly mean being available to meet in the evenings which I couldn't do. The fantasy was nice, masturbating imagining being fucked properly. I started secretly watching online porn, reading stories, including many on here and other sites. Having found these sites I could hardly be unaware of swapping, not applicable in my case, meeting for NSA sex, much the same problem as dating sites and dogging.

I wouldn't have given dogging any more thought had I not noticed, a place only about two miles from my office, mentioned on one site, as somewhere that was known for watching or joining in. What really got my attention was the claim that it was sometimes used during the day. Now and again over the next few months I recalled what I'd read, one lunch time I decided to drive there and have a look. It was the end of January and deserted. I sat in my car for about twenty minutes, didn't see a sole. Seeing as it was so quiet and I suppose feeling a little disappointed, I pushed my seat back, parted my legs, rubbing my pussy through my trousers. After a few minutes I decided to risk undoing my trousers, pushing them and my panties down to my knees. No one about, I opened my legs and sat masturbating in my car for about ten minutes until I climaxed. The thought of someone watching had given me an intense much needed orgasm. All very tame, but I felt incredibly naughty and excited by what I'd just done.

I went again the next week, spending twenty minutes or so masturbating. I continued visiting once or twice a week over the next few weeks, always masturbating, never seeing anyone. I started wearing skirts or dresses instead of trouser suits, hold up stockings instead of tights underneath. I became braver, unbuttoning my blouse so I could slip my hand inside my bra and play with my nipples, while masturbating. I chose clothes which, whilst still smart business wear, also gave me easier access. It was about the end of March, that unseasonably warm spell. I'd bought a half cup, front opening, balcony bra, with matching suspenders and panties. I was feeling rather sexy wearing them at work, sitting in meetings all morning, looking forward to going for a play at lunchtime. The meetings were interminable, ran over time and by the time we finished I took my lunch later than usual.

I almost didn't bother going to what I by then considered my own private place, but I'd dressed for it, I'd had a busy morning and a half an hour masturbating was just what I needed to unwind and relax. I hurried out to my car drove to my spot, parked up next to a derelict building, lowered the drivers window 4 or 5 inches and half reclined the seat. I undid my blouse, unfastened the front of my bra releasing my tits. The warmth of the sun on my body felt wonderful as I caressed my breasts, tweaking my nipples erect. I could feel my pussy moistening, needing attention. I lifted my bum off the seat, to pull my skirt up, then remembered I had more meetings in the afternoon, hitching my skirt up would crease it to much. I decided to risk it, opened the door, swung my legs out and stood next to the car. I unzipped the skirt, lowered and stepped out of it, carefully folded it and put it on the seat. I slipped my panties off and having gone that far, took off my blouse and bra, putting them with the rest of my clothing on the seat.

I felt wonderfully free, naked except for my stockings, suspenders and court shoes, very daring. I stretched some of the tension leaving my body. I walked to the rear of my car until I could see beyond the corner of the derelict building across the potholed parking area towards the overgrown entrance track fifty yards away. In the distance I could hear traffic speeding passed on the main road. There was no one about, there never was, I stepped from behind the car, walking slowly across the car park towards the track. Nervous as I got further from the safety of the car, then with increasing confidence. I reached the track, the traffic louder, I felt more relaxed, glanced back at my car, it seemed an awful long way away. Impulsively instead of turning back I continued down the track for 60 or 70 yards until I reached a curve. I edged forward only stopping when I could see the vehicles passing. Though there was virtually no chance of being noticed I felt excited. Reaching for my pussy, I traced a finger along my gash, surprised at how wet I was. I did it again, this time with two fingers, slipping them inside my hole. Suddenly a white van appeared, stopping across the turn in, 50 or 60 yards away. I could see the driver, looking away from me. In a panic I turned and rushed back around the curve out of sight, slowing when I heard the van pulling off. My heart beat slowed, but I decided to go back to the car.

Panic over, I actually felt turned on by my narrow escape. I checked the time, I still had 35 minutes of my lunch break left. It was a lovely warm day, the heat of the sun on my naked skin, a soft breeze, teasing my nipples. I touched the bonnet of the car, warm from the sun. I rested my bum on it, relaxing again after my fright. I closed my eyes and dreamily began to play with my breasts, stroking the nipples. I lightly ran my hand down my body, over my tummy, running my fingers through my pubes, I touched my clitoris, pulling back the hood, felt my hard little button with my fingertips. It felt naughty and nice being naked outside the car. I parted my legs, and began to masturbate, my fingers sliding in and out of my wet pussy. I shuffled my bum, further onto the bonnet, spread my legs wider, pushing a third finger into my saturated cunt.

I could feel my heart thumping, hear my blood rushing in my ears, breathing quickening, little gasps and sighs, passing my lips. That's why I probably didn't realise that I was being watched until I heard a foot crunch on some loose stones. My eyes flew open, leaning against the building was a guy of about thirty, his cock in his hand wanking. I screamed, more in surprise than fear. “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you” he apologised, “I assumed you wanted to be watched” I realised I still had my fingers in my pussy, managed to pull my eyes away from his cock. “I thought I was alone. I didn’t hear you” I stammered, “I better go” I mumbled, finally moving my hand to cover, my sex. God knows why, he'd just been watching me masturbate, possibly for several minutes. I stood up with as much dignity as I could muster, but couldn't help taking another look at his cock. Much bigger than my husbands, about 7 inches, very thick and heavily veined. He spoke again, “Don't go. Finish what you were doing. You looked so horny. I'd like to watch you cum” I hesitated, he was softly spoken, polite, clean. I looked his cock, at his face, he gave me an encouraging smile. I'd fantasised being watched, that was the reason I'd first gone there. I decided, “I will if you will”

In reply he started moving his hand, slowly wanking, pre cum oozing from the bulbous tip of his cock. I'd made the offer and wanted to do it. Really, really wanted to do it. I settled back against the bonnet, nervously opened my legs, displaying my cunt to a complete stranger. I touched myself, gasped, a shiver of excitement, spreading from my pussy. I slid a couple of fingers in my hole, my initial embarrassment quickly fading, replaced by a feeling of boldness, brazenly masturbating with this guy whose name I didn't even know. I had never felt so sexually aroused, all the feelings of pent up frustration seemed to dissipate, replaced with a sensation of sexual freedom. A first small step towards throwing of the chains restraining and inhibiting me.

I could hardly take my eyes of his hard cock, encouraging me to masturbate harder, faster, push my fingers as far as I could in my pussy. I looked at his face, his eyes locked on mine. “You can come closer if you want” I invited. My eyes were still on his, my fingering slowing as he got closer. He was within touching distance, I glanced down at his cock, “Can I touch it? I asked quietly. Instead of a reply he took my hand, my fingers slipped from my pussy, sticky with my sex juices, and placed it on his cock. I wrapped my fingers around it, not quite able to encircle its girth. I moved my hand, smearing my juices on his shaft, and began to toss him off. I felt his fingers brush my pubes, “Yes” was all I said, giving him permission to finger me, spreading my legs wider.

I felt two soft fingers enter me, then a third as he began to finger fuck me. I knew it wasn't going to take long for me to climax, I'd been simmering close. I wanked his prick, feeling the veins pulsing in my hand. He fingered me harder, delving deep inside me, rubbing my clitoris at the same time. I gave an involuntary moan, my pussy responding, my hips thrusting onto his fingers. I was so wet I could hear my pussy juices squelch as he slid his fourth finger inside me. I felt the first spasm of orgasm, my legs felt weak, my body flushed pink, nipples so hard it almost hurt. I stroked his cock faster, wanting him to cum with me. I heard him groan, we were both close. He rotated his fingers, twisting his fingers into my cunt. I climaxed on his fingers, almost sobbing as I came, still wanking him. He warned me he was going to cum, I slowed, squeezing his prick, he ejaculated. The first hard spurt, hit my tummy, running down, soaking into my suspender belt. Two weaker, but still heavy spurts followed, one hitting hitting just above my pussy, the next a direct hit on my pubes. His cum trickled down towards my gaping hole. I released his prick and though it wasn't something I'd ever normally do, moved my hand, collected his spunk on my fingers and massaged it into my cunt. It felt so good, rubbing his spunk into my sex, using my fingers to push some inside.

I finally calmed down enough to check the time, surprised to see only 15 minutes had passed. Time to get back to my office, though I could really have done with a shower. While I dressed, I found out that his name was Paul, that his business had gone bust a few months previously. He visited the site, about the same time occasionally hoping to see some action, telling me it had been quiet recently. I realised that we'd probably just must each other more than once. I offered him a lift back into town which he declined preferring to walk. I wanted to see him again. I was thinking how to ask, when he asked if I'd be there again the next day. The look on my face probably gave him the answer before I replied without hesitation that I would. I couldn't help myself, but was still unsure how far I would be prepared to go.

I spent the afternoon at meetings, my wet, spunk soaked panties, a constant distracting reminder of Paul. During a coffee break I went to the ladies and masturbated, wishing I'd asked him fuck me. There's always tomorrow I reminded myself, certain that I would be going again. If you want to know what happened then and since I'll post another day.