Written by Mystery man

6 Dec 2010

I think the first thing is to show you the post from her husband of what actually happened to this beautiful lady and what we did to her. It really happened and ever since I get hard just thinking about her. A mate told me the husband had put the events on here so read what he said and how excited he was !

At last My Pretty, Petite Wife Is Taken by 4 Men

29th Oct 2009

Fact story by D







The most i could get from F was to dress up in her short, black skirt,undone blouse, hold up stockings and leather knee length boots...she is so pretty, 36-24-34 figure ( really!) and she knows i love men looking at her whilst dressed like this.

However what happened yesterday lunch time will always be in my mind, please read on and you will see why. We went to a large market in Dorset did some shopping and as we walked around, I loved to see the men looking at her, we then went to a pub there, after 2 drinks, she took off her short jacket and was showing herself for me to 4 men who must have been builders at a table close to ours this is all that happens and I take her home and strip her, make her stand by the window and rub and play with her as she tells me what a group of men are doing to her with their cocks and hands...tease!

She just won't let other men enjoy her, so what happened is truly amazing !! I went to the loo and one of the guys came in and said, "is she your wife" "yes, she is really sexy don't you think".....I loved talking about her in this way to this complete stranger...i said to him, if I could, I would love to see you older guys play with her.

I told him to buy some condoms and I will really try to get her to agree to letting her be had....I went back and told her and this time (with the help of drink!) she said "OK, just for you I will but only this time"..... I nodded to the guy and they finished their pints, got up and went outside....we followed them for a few minutes until we came to some some small woods and along a path into a little clearing that thank God, was away from the road.

I started to kiss her and they all came over and put their hands all over her lovely body, I stood back and told them she loves her clit to be rubbed through her tiny, white g-string, by now they had taken her tight blouse off and pulled up her skirt..they really could not believe, nor me as well, how lucky they where, she came from the rubbing of her clit and she was pushed down onto some of their coats they had placed on the ground then the oldest man(60 ish ?) said " I have got to fuck this beauty first" He put on his condom and pushed his large cock into my lovely young wife..as he started to fuck her the other's licked and sucked her till she screamed with delight. They covered her mouth with their hands to stop her screaming as I know, she can be quite loud!. They pulled her legs apart for the old guy to pound away at her as he grunted and fucked her as the others edged him on to " give it to her"

I just stood there as they made her take turns in sucking their cocks. Things was getting a bit too hot for me to watch as they got more rough with her by almost making her gag on their cocks as they took turns in forcing their cocks into her small mouth and biting her large, soft breasts so I asked them to please not frighten or hurt her as I

After about 5 minutes the old guy shot his load into her and thank God he was wearing a condom. She was then pulled up onto her knees and the next man took her from behind while her mouth was also being fucked by a man and her full tits sucked by the other men. Their hands and mouths all over her, some tried to kiss her on the lips but she and me, did not want this.

this went on for 45 minutes as they all fucked her sweet pussy and small mouth. I went over and fucked her as they held her up for me and I shoot loads of cum into her....they would not stop and all the men had her a second time, shooting loads of hot spunk over her lovely, little body.I'm sure they would have gone at her again but I could see she could not take any more so I made them stop.

They just zipped up and said thanks and left us there!

I cleaned her as best I could but it was obvious she had been well and truly fucked as her stockings was torn,was really flushed, had dried spunk in her hair and was un-steady on her feet.

I had to more or less, carry her back to our car her ...when I got her home I stripped her and shoot another big load of my spunk into her now used body and then helped her into the bathroom where she stayed for over an hour.She came out worried what I would now think of her but I fully reassured her and told her I now respect her even more for agreeing to this just to please me.

This is all very genuine, and you never know, if she agrees again? it could be your lucky day as you fuck her till she screams with delight!

I really don't know why a man would let his lovely wife be used like this......but it turned me on so much, I just hope you understand.

She was so fucking hot none of us could believe a woman so lovely, young and sexy would allow 4 older men to shag her brains out then finally leave her covered in our spunk!

The other thing about her was how soft her skin was. To give you a mental picture I'd say she was about the same size as Kyle. As slim as her but she had the fantastic tits that made you want to suck and lick. Her pussy was lovely and tight and we loved the way she had trimmed her hair around there. I was the second man to fuck her as the guys held her for me. Big ***** was next and when he started to fuck her hard with his big cock her eyes was rolling around her pretty face ! It was a truly erotic site.

She also had the most lovely firm arse and I tryed to finger her there but the husband stopped me...what a shame !

We took it in turns pushing our cocks into her mouth and she looked like she was enjoying it but she refused to swallow. After we all had fucked her senseless we spunked over her lovely little body. To you to thanks so much and please can we have her again?!!