Written by Dave

9 Oct 2013

My wife Lynne was at a parents Evening at her school and had told me she would probably stop for a drink with some of the staff on her way home. Lynne is about 5'5'' tall with auburn hair and a pert little body with decent sized firm breasts.

I deliberately went to another pub a little way from her school and as I drove into the car park I thought I saw her car at the top end of the car park in a dark area and alongside a short wall close to the gate. I parked and went back in the shadows to investigate when a movement inside the car caught my attention.

Working around behind the wall which was just high enough to mask me but still give me a good view I could see that she was in the back seat with someone.

As I watched I saw more bare skin reflected in the weak lighting. I moved closer and saw that she was with a much younger guy and had her hand between his legs. Her blouse was open and her black bra was unclipped as his hands explored her. I

As my eyes got used to the darkness I could see that her nipples were erect and receiving his full attention. The window was slightly open and I could hear her moan with pleasure. His hands had moved down and he was easing down her tiny black panties to allow himself full access to her shaved smooth pussy.

Lynne moved to the floor of the car and I could see that she was pulling his pants and shorts down both hands exploring his cock and balls. She released them for a moment and I could see that he was quite long and very thick with heavy balls. Her mouth went forward to take his tip and I heard him ask her to suck it all. She seemed to need no urging and her head began to bob back and forth as she got into the motion.

Then she stopped him and pulled his head down. Eagerly he dropped his head between her legs and I could hear her encouraging him telling him how nice it felt.

They broke apart for a minute and he knelt between her spread legs reaching down to guide himself in. She asked him to go gently as her pussy lips stretched around his girth. Then he was moving slowly back and forth each thrust making her grunt. His speed increased and she began to call out as she approached climax. at this stage I doubt either of then cared if anyone heard them.

He grasped her tight little bum as he shot his hot load deep into her grunting as he pumped it in. Then they lay still. I heard her say to him that he was huge and she hoped he wouldn't have stretched her so that her husband would notice. Lynne gently played with his softening cock and then she said ' Its getting hard again'.

He suggested they leave the car and go behind the wall as he picked up the blanket from the back seat.

I moved back into the bush line as they left the car and came round the gate where he put the blanket on the grass. My wife dropped onto the blanked and I heard her say 'Come on then big boy Give it me hard'.

Lynne got onto her hands and knees as he moved behind her entering her fully with his first thrust. They were sideways on to me and I could see everything as one hand held her bouncing boobs while the other pulled her thighs to meet each hard thrust. Lynne was on form as I could hear the wet squelchy noises as he pleasured her. He seemed to last a long time and then I could hear the faster wet noises as he came into her again.

Lynnes's knees gave way and she pitched forward with him still in. They lay for a while and then he slowly pulled out. I could see his long thick shaft glistening with her juices. She used her panties to clean up her pussy. They got dressed and he walked to his car after seeing her drive off safely.

When they had gone I went back to my car and made the short journey home. Her car was in the drive and she was in the shower.

Later she came down dressed in her gown ready for bed. I followed her up and slid in beside her. I had a raging hard and moved closer to her as she feigned sleep. I began to run my hands over her breasts feeling her nipples erect and then down to her pussy which was soaking wet. I commented that she must really want it and eased a finger in. It felt very big and stretched but I made no comment letting her think she had got away with it. Slowly I moved into her and although she tried to tighten up it felt loose. I was so excited by the thought of what she had been doing that I came very quickly flooding her .

I commented on how good it was and she agreed before rolling over and dropping asleep.

Eventually I dropped off too, thinking of next time perhaps.