Written by Tina

21 Nov 2011

It was just over a week ago I told you on here about how I slept with a black guy from work,I finished by saying we had agreed to do it again but made no firm plans.

I was not going to write anymore about it,But reading your comments I just thought it fair to keep you up to date.

Going to work on the Friday was one of the hardest things I have ever done,Partly because no matter how you looked at it I was married yet had let him fuck me,And could make no excuses,such as being drunk.In my mind blokes being blokes I guessed he had told all who would listen,All I can say is if he had,Then they kept it well hidden,The worst part for me was apart from hello he completely ignored me.Although this is what I had wanted it did hurt a little,But as soon as we were as alone as we could be he said I want to see you again,I just found myself saying yes.

I cant say why,but I spent all weekend thinking of him,and the more I thought the more I wanted him,The problem was although that first time was spent in a hotel,It was not something we could afford to do on a regular basis,plus there was the problem of me getting away,My husband does have to spend the odd night away but probaly only 3/4 nights a year,I then made a decision that if went wrong could ruin a lot of lives,I decided we would have to meet in my flat,When I told him,he agreed it was risky but added to be with me was worth the risk,again words I wanted to hear.I booked the Friday off using the lie I had the gas people coming and they could not give me a time.He said he would call in sick.

When Friday came I was a bundle of nerves in fact I was surprised my husband never tumbled,Then it all nearly went wrong when he said,shall I take the day off as well,I think I said something like,oh yeah as if we can really afford that.That seemed to appease him and off he went to work,Then my nerves really went into overdrive,mainly because this was different from the previous wednesday,As that was a date,but this was going to be purely sex,not only that it was going to be in my marital bed.I then began to question if I was only doing it because he was black,And to my horror the only answer I could come up with was yes,I was just about to call the whole thing off when suddenly the intercom went,

I buzzed to let him up,and as soon as he got in,any doubts I had dissapeared,I made us coffee and he went into the living room and sat on the sofa,I came in and went to sit on the chair,but he motioned for me to sit next to him,As soon as I did our lips met,our kisses got deeper and I could feel his hand moving up to my breast,I removed my top and bra,and let my skirt fall to the floor,He stood up to remove his clothes,I saw his erect black penis,and moved to take him in my mouth,but he pulled away and moved between my legs,and began to kiss and gently nobble me below,My head was spinning and I found myself begging him to enter me,he stood up and we moved to the bedroom,where we began kissing again,and parting me he slid himself into me,Its hard to describe the pleasure I was feeling with each of his thrusts,All I could think of was yes give me your baby,and I really dont know where those thoughts were coming from,All I do know is at that moment it was what I really wanted,suddenly I felt him tense as he emptied himself into me.

As we laid back regaining our breath,He said me saying that was the best thing he had ever had said to him,and did I mean it,All I could say was at that moment yes,we were just laying there kissing and cuddling,He moved up so I was looking into his black face,and stroking my hair,said what if he has,would I keep it,It was not something I had thought about,but I found myself honestly answering yes,He laid back and I could feel him hard again,I moved so as to straddle him,and guided him into me,I cant believe how hard I was pushing down on him trying to get him deeper into me,and when he cum into me I pushed down trying to get his cum deep into me,willing it to beat the pill,something I have never felt in lovemaking,we were exhausted and just collapsed really into each others arms,Although we could not sleep,we were both to drained to do anything.We just lay there in each others arms,just having an occasional kiss,Obviously we made love one more time that day,And again he came in me,and again I felt myself wanting it to beat my pill,

I have spent the whole weekend thinking about what happened,and what was said,and what could be happening inside me right now,Obviously that would be the worst thing possible.But inwardly a big part of me is wanting it to be the case,Its a mixed emotion,As if I was really honest with myself,It was only happening because he was black,Of that I have no dount.